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11th feb: if someone sees that tattoo ... then she/he might perhaps think "what a wonderful, beautiful person" ... the same feelings which I had, when I met Brian the first time ... watching him from my balcony on the other side of the street. ... "what a wonderful beautiful person" he was ... for about seven years in my life. Brian left that planet in 2015 ... but a special place in my heart ... my soul ... on my skin ... will belong to him forever <3 I´m very thankful for every moment with Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 and I´m very thankful too, that Brian´s lovely friend Jose Vigers created this very special, awesome, fierce, glamorous, glitzy tattoo* THANK YOU :* <3

12th feb: see you later at ArtCharity2017* at 2.30 p.m. in Schwules Museum*

12th feb: Vienna means to me, when: fabulous piano player Peter Galsai <3 plays on his piano in the Grand Hotel Vienna* ... OOOOOH I listened to him <3 for about three years when I was working in the bar of the Grand Hotel <3 and our guests have been fabulous people such as Pavarotti, Domingo, the Spice Girls, the Flicks, Harald Juhnke, Oleg Popov, Thomas Gottschalk, and and and

12th feb: .... aaaaaand tonite some <3 L <3 O <3 V <3 E <3 with glaaaam SMOOCHIE at ICKY :* <3 see you later :* <3 l´amour ... l´amour ... l´amour ... :* <3

12th feb: (about an Alfie Sheard video) Warum muß talentierter Nachwuchs in Deutschland bei Kälte auf der Straße spielen, während meist untalentierter Nachwuchs in Deutschland sämtliche Vorzüge (warmes Studio, Buffet, ernstzunehmende Honorare, usw.) von deutsch-typisch laaaaaangweiligen Newcomershows genießt?

so kann das nix werden, daß Deutschland eeeendlich wieder mal ganz weit vorne auf der gaaaanz großen Weltbühne mitspielt ... *ggrrmmmlllhmmmpppffff*

13th feb: *THANK YOU* yesterday it has been the first time, that one of my paintings in oil on canvas has been part of an auction* ArtCharity for Elledorado e.V. ... which supports queer art projects ... and this year 50 % go to refugee projects in Germany. Senator of Culture Mr. Klaus Lederer has been the auctioneer. ... and someone bought my painting for 70 euro* ... I´m veeeery happy about it ... the auction and the use of the money* THANK YOU* LOVE YOU :* <3

13th feb: since I have the new glitzy tattoo of Brian ... THIS happens most ... when people see it:

you: "oh cool* this is beautiful* do you have other tattoos?"
me: "yes, an native american style eagle on my ass."
you: "OH can I see it?"
me: "yes, ... sure."

I mean: THIS wasn´t the reason of the tattoo of Brian ... to show eeeeeeveryone MY ASS =D :* <3 :*

13th feb: ... and YES! I´m working on my abs too ... almost eeeevery day* ... but my chocolate&cake loving belly is still BIIIIIG * now in the 19th week doing workout at home*

15th feb: this years spring-clean is going to be B I G :

* couch cleaning: already done today
* curtains cleaning: already done today
* NEW color on my walls: something between "Vienna emperor style yellow" and "gold"
* NEW color on the floor: I´m not sure yet, but peeeerhaps RUBY :* <3
* new white color on the ceiling
* ... and of course a veeeeery proper windows cleaning ... so I´m able to see the world clear again :) <3

caaaaaan´t wait for spriiiiiiiing 2017 =D <3 :* <3

hope to see <3 YOU <3 then soooon in "MY N E W WORLD" <3

15th feb: (about a Xanadu video) when I was a little kid ... I believed in magic ... aaaaalways <3 ... and this was part of my life soundtrack ... and one of my aaaaallll time most favorite movies <3 ... and this year ... Olivia <3 is part again ... of my trip ... to prepare my flat for a <3 BRANDNEW M A G I C LIFE <3

OMG I listened to her the whoooooole f*cking day today* :*

16th feb: * the night I kissed Wolfgang Tillmans *

it happened some months ago in a club* ... he wanted to kiss me. I said to him: "I know who you are! and I know your phantastic art! ... and when I kiss you, then I expect, that your kissing is as much good as your art is!"

... and when we kissed ... then it was one of the beeeest tongue kissing ever :* <3 ... of my whole life!* :* <3

LOOOOVE HIM <3 as artist and kisser :* <3 :*

18th feb: pls let´s talk about GOLD:

most of the gold got brought in the shape of boooooring gold bars. THIS wouldn´t have happened in other great civilisations such as Inkas, Mayas, old Egypt, old Greece, ... <= THEY would have used it for the reason to create ART out of it! ... beautiful art! ... AAAMAZING ART! ... they would have used it for sculptures, buildings, ceremonies,...
but TODAY "we" ... or pls let´s say better: "some of us" ... prefer to keep it stored in dark BIIIIG safes. <= THAT´S BOOOOORING!!!

it simply shows in which direction our cultures went ... in the past hundreds of years. This shows: GREED in the most ultimative way possible. ... a kind of greed which is useless for eeeeeveryone involved in it.

19th feb: did I mention already, that I LOOOOVE ROMY HAAG <3 what a stunning amazing singer, artist, human* I`m veeeeery glad that I could see her on stage on friday at "ROMY HAAG Blind Dates" in Wühlmäuse* what a PHANTASTIC evening :* <3 Thank You to eeeeveryone <3 Frank Wilde, Justine Turbine, ... ... and wonderful Jens Schommer for that GREAT photography* THANK YOU* <3 Love you <3

19th feb: I was 9 years young when I met FALCO at a tv show in Austria. I asked him for an autograph, but he denied to give me one ... with saying "while working I don´t give autographs". he said it in his typical arrogant way. he said it to a child ... and I was veeeeery mad about him for many years.
12 years later one of Falco´s friends became my mentor and one of the most important persons in my life: Gunther who teached me everything about life, society, ... and he explained Falco to me.
Falco was an HUUUGE IDOL to me ... today would be his 60th birthday <3 HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY <3 miss you :* <3

20th feb: <3 Next step into a New Life <3

... to eeeeeveryone who joined one of my "wild" parties in my "old" flat ... I would like to write: THANK YOU <3 it was SUUUUPERFUN =D <3 ... but it´s not going to happen anymore in my "new" flat. beeeeecause: now I have a new life and some BIIIIIG plans: I plan to paint thousands of paintings in oil on canvas ... for the whole world <3 <= and for that I need a clear mind ... a clean flat ... and I need it quite here :* <3 I mean: I had ... and did EEEEENOUGH out of control action here ... in the past 14 !!! years ... since living in Berlin* <3

life goes on ... and I enjoy it: being sober ... doing workout ... working on my painting dreams ... and now: renovate my flat* see you soon <3

... aaaaand for everyone who wants to join me ... how I´m taking the next step into a new life ... with the renovation of my flat. ... pls follow me on instagram ... I will post pictures there* :) :* <3

21st feb: ^^* purple ... saffron ... ivory-white *^^

this is how my flat&studio will look like for the next couple of years:

the most expensive color for centuries: PURPLE for the floor* OMG I LOOOVE IT <3
the most expensive spice: SAFFRON for the walls* OMG I LOOOOVE SAFFRON RICE <3
one of my most favorite colors eeeever: but only on living elephants: IVORY-WHITE for doors and wardrobe* OMG I LOVE IIIIIIIT <3

21st feb: listening to Rossini, Dillon, Tchaikovsky, Empire of the sun, Beethoven, Lykke Li, Mozart, The Bangles, Rachmaninov, David Bowie, ... while renovating my flat/studio and doing workouts* now in the 20th week*

21st feb: that moment when you put fresh color on the floor ... and you realize, ... that the light switch is on the other side of the room ... *hmmmpfff* XoP

22nd feb: *DAMN* one of THE BEST male voices I´ve heared since yeeeaaaars* some of his videos got more than 50 !!! mio views within some weeks. WHAT A VOICE ^^ <3 ... aaaaand he is part of "my family" <3 THE MASK SINGER <3 WHAT A VOICE <3 DAMN :* <3

22dn feb: * Patrick Bartsch mini me * ... colors eeeverywhere ... my life as painter started in the age of two years ... in 1976. my very first memory have been rainbow colors ... created by rays of the sun ... which broke through little gaps of shutters made of wood.

22nd feb: * Patrick Bartsch mini me * ... *good night eeeeveryone <3 ... the renovation of my flat is veeeery exhausting ... but it feels good* ... somehow I feel NEWBORN <3

23rd feb: * Patrick Bartsch mini me * ... never forget where you come from ... wearing the traditional carneval outfit of the 2500 people village in the deepest black forest ... the village named <3 Schluchsee <3

23rd feb: WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? it´s written, that Michelangelo´s "Risen Christ" comes to Berlin ... but they forgot to write the date *AAARRGHHHSSS* ... I NEEEED TO SEE IT! PLEEEAASE I NEEEEED THE DATE!

24th feb: * Patrick Bartsch mini me * ... obviously it was neeeeever a secret that I´m gay :* <3

24th feb: * Patrick Bartsch mini me * ... and as decent little girl ... of cooooourse I played passionately the magic B IIII G flute =D :* <3

24th feb: some words to those "Patrick Bartsch mini me" photos: okokok I stop posting more baby pictures of myself. I was just happy when I found them while renovating my flat. It´s very important to look at baby pictures of yourself (if they exist). if you don´t have them next to you ... then pls ask your parents to send them to you! those pictures are very important ... especially in hard times of life.
those pictures I posted haven´t been made by my mother or father. Brigitte ... a friend of our family ... loved me a lot ... travelled with me around ... and took those pictures.
my mother was unable to cope (überfordert) with the fact that her child was born gay ... she ignored it and refused to see every sign of it ... especially when strangers told her, that they think, that I might be gay. having me as gay son has been a nightmare for my mother. the more important is it for myself to accept myself ... the way I was born. and watching those "Patrick Bartsch mini me" photos helps me ...

25th feb: okokok ... pls here one last "Patrick Bartsch mini me" picture <3 Happy Weekend to eeeeeveryone <3 ... and if you want to see all of my baby pictures ... then pls join one of my Open Studios Wednesdays* :* <3

25th feb: " already 20 years after Vermeers death ... his paintings started to increase the value " <= from a Vermeer documentary ... and especially I like the word "ALREADY"
<= phrases like those make me realize, that perhaps I will never get "celebrated" as painter and artist ... as long I´m alive.

so my solution is: I decided: to celebrate myself*


:* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3

25th feb: *sold* *sold* *sold* ... I looove it when someone comes here on a saturday afternoon and buys three big paintings ... all at once* *sold* *sold* *sold*

:) :* <3

26th feb: something I learned in the past months:

People believe in you, when ... you believe in life itself ... in yourself.
Don´t expect ... people believing in you, when you don´t believe in them ... in life ... in their lives ... in your life.
Believe in that planet! ... and the humans living on it!
Believe in yourself ... in life itself ... and everyone will believe in you.

But YOU have to make the first step ... by yourself.


sunday preach over :* <3

27th feb: *wwwooouuiiiiii* sunshine in Berlin opens my heart ... and fiiiiinally I got the perfect emotions to continue to work on "100 portraits" :* <3

27th feb: THAT HUUUURTS :( putting decades old cassettes in the trash ... as part of the spring cleaning 2017* those cassettes have been part of my life ... in good and especially in bad times. but now: I decided, that there will no bad times happening anymore in my life ... and because of that I don´t need those cassettes anymore ... <3 GOOOD BYYYYYYEEEEE :* <3

28th feb: last day ... workout next to my old brown walls* tomorrow they will get the color "emperor yellow" ... caaaaan´t wait* ... and YES! for some exercises I still use washing powder bottles =D ... now in the 21st week doing workout at home*

1st march: when does someone becomes "an adult":

I became an adult in the age of 43. Because there is no piece of puzzle left, which is needed to create that human being, which one I always wanted to be. Right now I live the life which I want to life ... and to get that far ... I needed endless help ... especially from older, experienced people but of course from younger people too. Now it´s my turn to spend my energy to people, who are looking for their lives: younger people ... and older people, who didn´t have the chance so far to find their lives.
I think this is the moment when someone becomes "an adult". That moment: when you realize that you have created your life 100 percent and from now on you are able to help other people to find theirs.

<3 THX to eeeveryone who did help me to find&create myself <3

1st march: *going new ways!* ... WHAT A DAY: kitchen paint done. half of living room paint done (ceiling, walls, floor). baked a cake. welcomed an lovely open studio guest. ... and now I need a shower* ^^ new colors new life ^^ see you soon :* <3

3rd march: *Haus am Waldsee*

today it happened: my first time as guest at an opening in legendary Berlin art space *Haus am Waldsee*.
I heard a lot of stories about it since 2003 ... since I live in Berlin. especially during the deep friendship with Salomé. He told me about the exhibition "Heftige Malerei" in the year 1980 ... which brought the international breakthrough for the artist group "Junge Wilde".
the place *Haus am Waldsee* became very special in my imagination and I didn´t want to destroy those with a "fast" visit. I was waiting for the "right" moment: One week ago I met Andrej Dubravsky and for the first time Norbert Bisky. I appreciate both artists and their phantastic work.
Today was the opening of "VERMISST DER TURM DER BLAUEN PFERDE VON FRANZ MARC". A show about a painting which got missed during the German Nazi regime. several artists present works related to that missing painting. Norbert Bisky has been one of those artists and his work has been my favorite one: a painting which got burned and destroyed <= this one stood for all those thousands of paintings which got destroyed during World War II.
my first time in "Haus am Waldsee" has been veeeery special ... and it was worth it to wait for it almost 14 years! BIIIIG THANK YOU to wonderful young artist David Garbo who took me there today* love you :* <3

... and YES! AWESOME show! worth it to experience! <3

6th march: knows his life changes, when: I start to use toilet air flush* :) :* <3

6th march: renovation chaos can´t stop me from doing workout at home* :* <3 today farmer look =D :* <3 22nd week*

8th march: Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio Wednesdays *^^X ULTiMAtIVe ReNOvATIoN cHaOS SpECiAl Z^^* is open now* :* <3

8th march: aaaaand meanwhile in Bangkok: my stunning awesome loooovely friend <3 Gene Kasidit Sirivat <3 LOOOOVE IT :* <3

8th march: (being a kids photo model) my pocket money job between age 8 till 13*

... today to renovate my flat means doing journeys into the past ...

9th march: ^^^ my veeeery first art collection ^^^ glamorous colorful glittering PACKING MATERIAL ^^* <= THAT was more exciting to me than the chocolate itself* I collected packing material on my walls in my child´s room* (and on the pic: kissing my grandma <3 ... the only one I had ... and she died when I was nine :( and never I met one of my grandfathers neither :( )

9th march: TBT* ... aaaand in the age of 18 ... I was part of the WILD ONES in one of Europe´s best private schools (Tourismusschulen Bad Gleichenberg ) . We lived there the whole week ... and Tom & Tina have been my most loooooved friends <3 :* love them foreeeeeever :* <3

10th march: okokok* one last picture of my past ... when I ended up in model agencies in Milan, Paris and Vienna* ... but I was too lazy going to annoying castings* ... and at that time I had my friends with castles, private boats, Rolls Royce, ... and in legendary clubs such as "Le Queen" in Paris <3

11th march: I think, that this terrible video is important to share: the pressure on politics should become that much high that they punish those people who murdered.
" ... one LGBT person was killed every 25 hours in Brazil throughout 2016."

12th march: a long story ... short: model life ... Paris ... rape ... Le Queen ... and escape:

at age 19, when I finished school ... those people who gave me those jobs for being a kids model ... said to me, that I have to go to Milan. they gave me addresses of the best model agencies and names of people who have been working there. So I went with five luggages to Milan. the first model agency where I went was Elite. the guy to whom I talked to wanted to get me know "better". I didn´t want that and never went there again. Instead I took a smaller model agency. they have been nice but didn´t have jobs to offer. At castings and on the streets of Milan I became friends with older successful male models. one day they told me, that they all go to Paris now and I should join them. I had no idea what they have been talking about, but when I arrived in Paris I realized that the fashion week has started. I took a small flat directly in Montmartre (YES! always I was interessted in places for creative people and just wanted to live there) ... and I found a model agency in Paris and I went to the most fancy clubs of Paris. At that time the club on the Champs-Elysée named "Le Queen" did belong to the best clubs in the world. There I met a sexy, athletic, blond guy. He offered me to stay with him. I liked him and of course it was cheaper to live with him, then renting an own flat. He planed everything for both of us: for example he said: this weekend we will spend at a friends place ... and we ended up in a castle in the middle of France. or he said: we will spend one week on a boat of one of his friends and I just need to pay the flight by myself. or he said: that he will come with a friend and pic me up. then they came with a Rolls Royce. and so on. (many years later I realized that he was an high class escort, which he didn´t tell me when we lived together in Paris). After some months he said "I do everything for you and I want to f*ck you!". I haven´t been a bottom, but I did let it happen, when he raped me in the kitchen. I didn´t like that and on the next possible moment I went by myself to the club "Le Queen" again. there I met a nice guy in a darker corner of the club. I told him my story and he offered me to stay with him. It turned out that he did and organized shows in that club and in other clubs all over France. At those shows he was wearing for example: huge Pharao costumes, Devil costumes for Halloween, ... and he had also GoGoDancers at those shows. I loved my new live with being backstage at clubs and going on tour to other clubs all over France. But that guy was very jealous about me and one evening, backstage ... when I had some fun with one of his GoGoDancers he took a chair and wanted to throw it in my direction. I didn´t like that too and back in Paris I was looking for a regular job. But Austria wasn´t part of the European Union at that time and for that reason I was illegal there and even I didn´t get a dish washer job in a Pizzeria. (at age 8, when my parents got divorced and my mother took me to Austria, she said to me: sign that! And I got my Austrian passport. I thought that I lost my German passport at that moment. many years later at age 26, when I wanted to get my German passport back, they told me, that I never lost it. I had always 2 citizenships. <= that was weired, because in Paris I lived the life of an illegal citizen.). Ok, I got no jobs in Paris ... and some months before I finished one of the best private schools in Euorpe and had 7 professions with my Diploma. In my despair I called one of the best hotels in the winter resort Lech am Arlberg in Austria. The first hotel I reached there answered me, that I could start to work there next week. So I left Paris immediatly and went to that ski region. I worked in a hotel where people such as Princess Lady Di came there, because the hotel had a small supermarket included and she could use the back door entrance, because next to the main entrance it was always packed with paparazzis. I missed her visit, because I felt like a hard working slave in that hotel and quite my job there after some months and went to Vienna, where my aunt helped me to find a room in a flat share. I stayed for five years in Vienna <= but this is another story. and about those years I wrote a book which one is in my archive too. it´s named "GREEN" ... because it´s the color of hope.

13th march: can you see it already!? can you feel it already!? ... my NEW LIFE <3 ... and of course I keep the "FROM THE STREET INTO THE FLAT" graffiti* ... thaaaat many people love it ... and also GLAM Isa Genzken <3 stood in front of it and screamed "I LIKE THAT! ... AAAAAND I DON´T SAY MANY TIMES THAT I LIKE SOMETHING!" :* <3 ... see you aaaaaalllll soon in my NEW LIFE STUDIO :* <3 <3 <3

16th march: PHANTASTIC artist David Garbo <3 catched my feelings while the phase of renovation* ... my whole life feels upside down* :* THX David <3

16th march: ^^whooouuuuiiii^^ one of my "secret" erotic paintings as background ... in a photoshooting by glamorous Matt Lambert aka dielamb (on instagram) :* <3

16th march: sick :( ... inbetween all my renovation chaos ... I got sick a little bit this week ... and need to do a workout break in my 23rd week :(

17th march: I just imagine ... how my whole life would have been different, if ... my mother would have defended her son for being gay ... they way she defended her religion mormon to eeeeveryone.

right: my mother never accepted her son (me) being gay.

17th march: ^^ the renovation ^^

the renovation ...
... of my body ... isn´t easy
... of my minds ... isn´t easy
... of my flat ... isn´t easy
... of my soul ... isn´t easy
... of my heart ... isn´t easy
... of my life ... isn´t easy
but it´s necessary

17th march: HAHAHAHA =D ... SCHULE =D ... "..., ist ein positiver Abschluß der folgenden Klasse nicht zu erwarten." <= ich meine: neben Schule mußte ich mich natürlich auch um die Natur ... um Tiere und Pflanzen kümmern ... und um Wolken am Himmel ... und Sterne und Sternschnuppen ... meine Zeichnungen ... und natürlich hatte ich auch eine eigene Bande ("Gang") welche meine volle Aufmerksamkeit verlangte* :) :* <3 (da war ich 13 Jahre jung*)

17th march: Patrick´s Inner Monolgues: "dear Patrick* not everything of your past was bad. Since you life in Berlin ... you have neeeeever been on a BIG concert! ... but remember, when you have been a teenager, then you loooved to go to BIG concerts ... you saw them all: Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Guns n´ Roses, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Cher, David Copperfield, David Hasselhoff =D , New Model Army, Aerosmith, Metallica, ACDC, ...
you should start again ... or at least "plan" it ... to join HUGE CONCERTS in Berlin :* <3 sincerely your inner voice* "

18th march: started a new serie: ^^ Dead Icons in oil on canvas - Patrick Bartsch style ^^ ... and started with the legendary nude portrait of Yves Saint Laurent from the year 1971*

19th march: (about a Kate Moss video) we were born on the same day in the same year* <= OMG I LOOOOVE THAT FACT THAAAT MUCH :* <3 ... we live such a different life ... and have at the same time that much in common. ... I mean: I just understand her! everything she did and does! ... I do it similar ... but just my way* <3

19th march: the renovation of my "new" flat is totally inspired by the teachings of my loooved glamorous mentor Gunther Hofmeister. ... he was friend with Luchino Visconti ... and when he lived for about 25 years in one of the most beautiful city castles of Salzburg ... even guests such as Liz Taylor joined his private parties while the Salzburg Festivals. Gunther teached eeeeeeverything to me. ... and TODAY ... I try to remind eeeeevery word he told me about how to create a flat. on the pic above: his last flat in Vienna. on the pic below: Gunther joined my dinner invitation in a garden. when I lived together with my first big love Roman (the fab guy right) <3 in a house in Vienna. ... I was 21 years old ... and lost ... when Gunther picked me up from the streets of Vienna and literally created "SOMEONE" out of me* <= I´m veeeery thankful for that ... for eeeeever <3

19th march: my new serie " Dead Icons in oil on canvas - Patrick Bartsch style" <3 Jim Morrison <3 I know I know I know: perhaps it seems veeeeery kitschy to paint him/them ... but I was on his grave ... when I was 15 y.o. ... so why should I not paint him ... :* <3

20th march: THIS is my very FIRST PAINTING in oil on canvas* I created HILLS ... MOUNTAINS with oil on canvas ... because I wanted to feeeeeel that element* this happened in 2011* ... Patrick Bartsch paintings oil on canvas and photography (with Romy Haag <3 & Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 ) 40 x 50

20th march: my new serie ^^ Dead Icons in oil on canvas ... Patrick Bartsch style ^^ <3 Arthur Rimbaud <3 ... and as eeeeeevery painting ... it´s about to see in REAL, because they look just different here in the internet ... especially when it is about silver and light green* pls see you sooooon in my new studio :* <3

20th march: of course painters like me will become CRAZY INSANE ... sooner or later^^

I mean what do you expect: I have/do inner monolgues (similar like my writings here on fb) with eeeeevery painting which I create ... every portrait, nature paintings, abstract paintings, ... and now with my new serie ^^ Dead Icons in oil on canvas ... Patrick Bartsch style ^^ ... I have those inner monolgues too. ... yesterday with Jim Morrison ... today with Arthur Rimbaud (which one was actually quite interesting and good) ... and tomorrow it´s planed to have an inner monolgue with Notorious B.I.G., when I plan to paint him*

caaaaan´t wait :* <3

21st march: <3 Geschenk meiner Mutter zum 30. Geburtstag: "du bist frei" ... und auf der Rückseite des Buches geht es weiter mit "... denn wer seine Freiheit nutzt, hat mehr vom Leben."
In das Büchlein schrieb sie weiters per Hand:
"Das Geschenk der LIEBE
kann man nicht geben.
Es wartet darauf,
angenommen zu werden."
Rabinadranath Tagore

"Erkenne, wo du stehst,
wo du hin willst.
Mach deinen Plan.
Und dann geh!"
Ken Cadigan

"Die Jugend ist die Zeit,
WEISHEIT zu lernen.
Das Alter ist die Zeit
sie aus zu üben."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Alles Liebe Patrick
zu Deinem 30. Geburtstag
Gottes segen
Deine Mama die Dich sehr

jajaja, Mama <3 ich liebe Dich auch <3 ... und ich mach ja auch alles ... okokok "fast" alles ... was du mir sagst und lehrst* <3
Dein Sohn Patrick*

21st march: renovation fact number 1: I can´t find anything I need!* ... WHERE IS MY CELLAR KEY!? ^^aaaarghhhhsssss^^

renovation fact number 2: when this renovation is done, I don´t want to hear the word "RENOVATION" for the next 10 !!! years !!! ^^hmmmmppfffff^^

21st march: THIS is how my journey with oil on canvas started in 2011 ... when I wanted to FEEEEEEL IT* only 6 of those paintings do exist. Patrick Bartsch paintings oil on canvas and photography 40 x 50

22nd march: my friends know how much I LOOOOOOOVE <3 Americans in Berlin <3 ... and THIS sunday night ICKYparty <3 is going to be SUUUUUPERSPECIALFIIIEEEERCE with <3 KHARY @ ICKY <3 caaaaan´t wait* :* <3 see you aaaaaaallllll :* <3

22nd march: pls did I mention already, that my great uncle was a street painter in Barcelona* yes, standing with his easel (Staffelei) on the streets of Barcelona and creating paintings in oil on canvas* here you see the backside of the cathedrale of Barcelona* <3

23rd march: early bird back workout in my <3 new life flat <3 ... now in the 24th week* <3

24th march: ^^WHOOUUUIIII^^ just found some drawings which I did in 2002 ... when I lived in Cologne and planed to become a tattoo artist. I had already the full equipment ... and the reason why I didn´t start to work <= this will be written in my book "the story of Master Patrick". when I did those drawings as an exercise ... I signed them with "TrickAp" ... an hiphop version of the name "Patrick" ...

25th march: ^^^ my fashion jewellery ^^^ I made hundreds of them ... FIMO brooches & hand painted mask brooches. I created them in the age 14 till 17. as I mentioned already: I have been on one of the best private schools in Europe. Almost all of those kids there came from rich families. but not me. I´m the son of a tailor and a car mechanic. my whole family needed all the money to pay the school fee, but had no money left to give me pocket money. during the week I lived in the college of the school and on weekend I created that fashion jewellery. YES! while my schoolfellows had time to relax on weekend ... I was working. Every weekend ... the whole day ... till late at saturday nights. I made hundreds of them. my mother sold them during the week and together we made a volume of sales more than 5000 euro. <= that was a lot of money for a kid ... about 27 years ago. on the pic you see the last ones I kept till today ... as memory ...

25th march: whhhooouuuuiiii^^^ look what I found just right now: almost all my life ... I write every thought ... everything I plan to do ... every idea ... just everything ... on little slips of paper (btw Goethe did that too*). ... and today I found the note which should remind me to create paintings in oil on canvas* ... since that little note I created about 600 paintings in oil on canvas till today ... and don´t plan to stop* <3



some postings which I created on facebook 25th january - 11th february 2017
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stories mix posted on facebook:

25th jan: just some thoughts about: what I would do if I would live in America right now:

first I want to point out that I´m writing those words from Berlin right now. I was born in Germany and all my life it was shown to me what happened in Germany when the dictator Adolf Hitler ruled the country. this made me veeeeeery sensitive for everything which goes in a similar direction. those informations about Germany during that time, have been much more important for me, because I´m gay and I´m completly aware of it that I belong to the first victims in a dictator ruled country. It reached me that far inside of me, that I never thought about it to become really settled in Germany. I have always in my minds to take one luggage and leave the country, if it would be necessary. Germany was in my minds never a real safe place for me, because I was and am always prepared for it, that "it" could happen again. the big jewish memorial and the memorial for gay victims of the Hitler regime are located in and next to the Tiergarten ... in the center of Berlin close to the Brandenburg Gate. which means every time when I pass there, then I get reminded of it what happened to people who waited too long or didn´t have the possiblitiy to leave Germany during the Hitler regime.
In my life I moved several times ... from Paris to Vienna ... to Cologne ... to Berlin. It has been a kind of excercise to me for ´how to leave a place´. And I know that I would leave Berlin immediatly if signs are coming again, that it could be dangerous for me ... my health and life. a country in South America ... perhaps Brazil would be a destination which I have in my minds since years.
what I want to tell my friends in America is: and especially those who are "famous" for their queerness and/or political activities: pls think about it what you would put in one luggage and in which direction the escape should go. pls just be prepared ... and don´t wait too long.
because it is possible that Mr. Trump is as much dangerous as Hitler was it in Germany.

25th jan: OOOH what does that mean when fb suggests the group "REPUBLICANS SUCK!!!" to me!?? and YES! I´m against Mr. Trump as president.

26th jan: about America today ... I said everything what I wanted to say ... and now I´m back with that what I can do better than politics: working on new veeeeery bright blue sky backgrounds for new paintings* :* <3

27th jan: my wonderful artist friend Andrej Dubravsky is looking for a room to rent in Berlin: pls write him, when you have something: "Hello hello humans, do you know about a room or small apartment for rent in berlin for next 5-7-8 weeks? ????thaaanks"

27th jan: SHIA LABEOUF, MADONNA, ... there is nothing ... NOTHING ... to complain about them! they do something ... they do it their way ... and this is GREAT !!!
EVERYONE who does something against Mr. Trump as president has my full respect!

28th jan: HEEEERE IT IS <3 Brian-Tennessee Claflin singing and shaking his loooved gliiiiitzy CANDY BRA :* <3 in a video* (title "Don´t get all upset")

29th jan: btw: the most important moment of every revolution ... and the revolution against Mr. Trump as president, is: the moment when the army and the police change their position. <= this is veeeery important to know!
In that moment when the army and the police stop to work for the dictator and decide to work for us ... the revolution has succeeded.
till that moment ... every peaceful protest is needed. it´s important to see the army and the police as our friends. friends we need to get on our side. for that reason it´s better to blow a kiss in their direction than to scream at them. because: ONLY LOVE WINS <3

29th jan: tonite I feel veeeeery similar <3 I <3 Marc Bolan <3
"I drive a Rolls Royce
'Cos its good for my voice
But you won't fool the children of the revolution"

=D :* <3

30th jan: *hmmmm* ... and if I want to have a more defined body ... then ... then ... THEEEEN I HAVE TO STOP EATING CHOCOLATE AND CAKE EEEEVERY DAY :( :( :( *hmmmmpppffff* now in the 17th week of doing workout at home* (OH and of course colors eeeeverywhere on my trousers :) )

30th jan: "pls may I see your muscles?" "pls may I touch them?"

OMFG I looooove those questions <3 they feel soooo gooood :* pls neeeeever stop asking them <3
... and YES! I love to show you my new muscles* ... and YES! you may touch them* (but pls gentle* they are still veeeery new ... just 17 weeks young beginner muscles*)

More and more .... people ask me such questions. All my life I was skinny and I thought, that my body is not "created" for muscles, but I was wrong. Muscles requests workout! <= that´s it!

Never people asked me to see my "muscles" and to "touch" them. I´m 43 years old now ... since two weeks. and those wonderful lovely questions about my new muscles ... make it easy for me to become older.

Thank You :* Love you <3

30th jan: those Trump supporting police men have no idea what they do to their children and grand children and grand grand children.

I met tons of people in Germany who felt and still feel guilty for their parents/grand parents/grand grand parents who supported Hitler.

that way of suffering belongs to the worst things ever ... because it is a feeling which is not possible to change.

31st jan: just a liiiittle homevideo ... and how I have in one room: bedroom, living room, office, fitness studio and kitchen* (pls find my videos on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/masterpatrick

1st feb: that moment when ... after yeeeaaars ... I listen again to a best of Whitney Houston album ... and I realize, that I´m able to sing with her almost every word in every song <3 WHITNEY 4EVER <3 :*

1st feb: (zu Attacke von Candy Crash in Berliner U-Bahn) es tut mir aufrichtig leid was mit Dir passiert ist :(
Ich finde es gut, daß Du damit an die Öffentlichkeit gehst und hoffe, daß es Dir hilft.
Bei solchen Geschichten muß ich auch immer wieder an meinen wunderbaren Freund Brian-Tennessee Claflin denken, welcher einige Wochen vor seinem Selbstmord in einem U-Bahnabteil von vier jungen Kerlen (er hat sie als "Türken" beschrieben <= für diejenigen welche eine Beschreibung benötigen) zusammengeschlagen. Er hat dieses furchtbare Erlebnis nur wenigen erzählt und auch seine blauen Flecken im Gesicht und am Körper hat er nur wenigen gezeigt. Er hat diesen Albtraum in sich "hineingefressen" und war seitdem auch verändert.
Was ich damit meine ist: Solche Geschichten gibt es zu Hauf in Berlin und sie sollten nicht zu Berlin gehören. Es muß sich hinsichtlich etwas ... sehr viel ... ändern. Meiner Meinung nach müssen mehr Dialoge und Gespräche und Aufklärung stattfinden ... und zwar gezielt ... auf allen Ebenen: In Schulen beginnend über Internetaktionen bis hin zu Plakataktionen. ... und für diejenigen welche meinen, daß es dies bereits gibt: Offensichtlich noch immer zu wenig und nicht intensiv genug!

1st feb: using those cold days for some background work* ... aaaaand my favorite background color of the season is: <3 YELLOW <3 ... I plan to use one for a Jim Morrison portrait and one for some wise words about art and and and ... I will see where they will lead me*

2nd feb: bis später :* <3 ... und bittttte aaaaaalllllleeeee für meinen Mottovorschlag "LIEBE" stimmen*
zur Begründung: Es ist mir wichtig in der Botschaft einfach verständlich zu sein, alle anzusprechen und insbesondere in turbulenten Zeiten wie dieser Tage ein Motto darzustellen, welches nicht viel weiters an Erklärung braucht. Besonders soll es auch unsere neuen Flüchtlingsfreunde ansprechen und für sie verständlich sein. Durfte ich doch vor einiger Zeit mit etwa 40 von Ihnen gemeinsam im Schwuz feiern. Viele können zwar bereits gut Deutsch, aber manche eben noch nicht. "LIEBE" als Motto ist für alle verständlich und gibt eine kurze Antwort darauf, worum es beim CSD Berlin geht.

2nd feb: Berlin: my today´s contact with an older muslim woman:

at first look we had almost nothing in common: she´s a woman ... I´m a man. she´s religious ... I´m not. she´s straight ... I´m gay. and and and .... till that moment when she asked me what I do and I answered, that I paint. first she asked me what. then I explained: oil on canvas ... and the Brandenburg Gate (to keep the conversation simple). I was surprised about her questions, till she told me how much she loved to paint as child in school and that she would like to start to paint again. I explained her, that she can find on youtube videos about how to start to paint. ... finally we talked about 20 minutes ... and have been completly happy about it ... to talk about something which phascinates us both in a similar intense way ... and forgetting everything what made us "different" on the first look.

love wins

3rd feb: a message to everyone who has the feeling, that her/his life is full of darkness:

I know that feeling and want to tell you something which did help me in years full of darkness. almost everyone knows the world famous Cafe del Mar compilation. their success has a reason, which lays in Volumen 1. that music ... especially on that cd ... is that much powerfull, that it literally takes you out of the darkness and pushes you into the light. and there are some very special pearls to find there. I don´t need to tell you where they are, because you will find them by yourself.
especially within the years 1997 till 2006 ... I listened to it about estimated 2000 ! times ... minimum.
this music ... this cd ... helps! trust me. pls give it a try!

4th feb: Als Mitglied der schwulen Fetischszene seit meinem 18. Lebensjahr (<= soviel zu "nur" Alte dort!) möchte ich Deinen MENSCHENVERACHTENDEN Bericht mit Deinen eigenenen Worten kommentieren und diese an Dich adressiert zurückschicken: "Es ist einfach wichtig zu erkennen, wann die Party vorbei ist. Wenn es am schönsten ist, soll man aufhören. Danach wird es peinlich." (Kommentar zu Nina Queer Artikel in BILD "Leder ist das Material der Verzweiflung!")

4th feb: JA! Ich war dabei!
Ich durfte einer von etwa 30 Personen sein, welche das diesjährige CSD Berlin Motto ERARBREITET haben. 30 meist vollkommen unterschiedlichste Menschen aus beinahe allen so unterschiedlichen Gruppierungen welche es im Queersein zu finden gibt ...*ACH* "queer" soll man nicht verwenden, da sich mit diesem Begriff viele ältere Lesben nicht angesprochen fühlen <= was ich vorher nicht wußte und erst bei diesem Forum lernte.
Jedenfalls hatte ich meinen Mottovorschlag "LIEBE" promotet und habe mich mit etwa 30 Menschen daran beteiligt das diesjährige Motto ... in einzelner Wortklauberei ... herauszuarbeiten.
Dieses Motto sprach letztendlich etwa 2/3 der dort Anwesenden an und JA! letztendlich auch mich ... und deshalb stehe ich zu 100 Prozent hinter dem diesjährigen CSD BERLIN Motto "Mehr von uns - jede Stimme gegen Rechts!"

4th feb: bis gleich* zur Vernissage für ArtCharity 2017 im Schwulen Museum* ab 18 Uhr* :* <3

5th feb: my guests today: my wonderful mom <3 and my wonderful stepfather <3 ... she couldn´t understand why the canvas is almost empty* it´s just her name "EDITH" written on it ... in veeeery bright blue (her favorite color). I told her this is art ... this is what her son does here in Berlin* I think that made her confused a little bit ... :* <3

6th feb: and there IT IS: NOW I´M DEFINATELY ADDICTED TO INSTAGRAM *AAAARGGGHHHSSSS* how else it is possible, that I follow there more than 2000 people already. I focus there more on the international art scene ... in general: BIG museums BIG collectors BIG art critics BIG art magazines ... <= just eeeeeveryone I think who could be interested in a FABULOUS PAINTER ... as I am =D :* :) <3 :* <3

6th feb: ^^ never skip leg day ^^ now in the18th week doing workout at home*

7th feb: Question: "how long do you need for your paintings?"
& Answer: "it depends. ... some are done in one day ... and others need longer ... such as Marlene Dietrich´s grave painting ... I´m working on it since more than two years already ..."



mix december 2016 january & february 2017
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my painting named "Mikey Woodbridge" for the charity auction "Artcharity" for Elledorado e.V.

meine Selbstbeschreibung in fünf Punkten für den Auktionator, welches diesmal der Kultursenator Klaus Lederer sein wird:

1.: 1974 geboren in Freiburg i. Breisgay* als Sohn einer Schneiderin und eines Automechanikers.
2.: all mein künstlerisches Wissen wurde mir in Berlin von Künstlerkollegen wie Isa Genzken, Henning von Berg, Salomé, Brian Tennessee-Claflin, u.v.a. beigebracht. Somit bin ich quasi eine Erschaffung der Berliner Kunstwelt.
3.: Seit etwa 5 Jahren konzentriere ich mich auf das Malen mit Öl auf Leinwand. Zuvor habe ich hauptsächlich fotografiert. In den glamourösen Nullerjahren Berlins sind dabei etwa 120 000 Fotografien entstanden. Berlinale, CSD, Besuchen von Queen, Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, ... Nachtleben wie PORKparties, ... Bandfotoshootings, usw. Diese Fotografien dienen mir heute als Vorlagen für meine Gemälde in Öl auf Leinwand.
4.: Internationale Bekanntheit erlangte ich zwischen 2006 und 2014 als ich öffentlich lediglich mit schwarzer Ledermaske präsent war und als authentischen Künstlernamen "Master Patrick" verwendete. Inspiration dazu war ein Kerl in Paris welcher nach einem Motorradunfall auf das Tragen einer Maske angewiesen war. Mit ihm hatte ich mich durch die öffentliche Präsenz mit der Maske, solidarisch verhalten.
5.: Nach dem tragischen Tod meines geliebten Freundes Brian Tennessee-Claflin durchlitt ich mehrere Phasen der Trauer. Um mich von der Trauer abzulenken arbeite ich im Jahr 2015 an einer Gemäldeserie "100 Gemälde in 100 Tagen". Aus dieser Serie entstammt auch das von mir zu Auktion bereitgestellte Gemälde "Mikey Woodbridge".

to promote my suggestion "LIEBE" ("LOVE") ... as title for the this years CSD BERLIN

JA! Ich war dabei!
Ich durfte einer von etwa 30 Personen sein, welche das diesjährige CSD Berlin Motto ERARBREITET haben. 30 meist vollkommen unterschiedlichste Menschen aus beinahe allen so unterschiedlichen Gruppierungen welche es im Queersein zu finden gibt ...*ACH* "queer" soll man nicht verwenden, da sich mit diesem Begriff viele ältere Lesben nicht angesprochen fühlen <= was ich vorher nicht wußte und erst bei diesem Forum lernte.
Jedenfalls hatte ich meinen Mottovorschlag "LIEBE" promotet und habe mich mit etwa 30 Menschen daran beteiligt das diesjährige Motto ... in einzelner Wortklauberei ... herauszuarbeiten.
Dieses Motto sprach letztendlich etwa 2/3 der dort Anwesenden an und JA! letztendlich auch mich ... und deshalb stehe ich zu 100 Prozent hinter dem diesjährigen CSD BERLIN Motto "Mehr von uns - jede Stimme gegen Rechts!"

PS: zur Begründung meines Mottos: Es ist mir wichtig in der Botschaft einfach verständlich zu sein, alle anzusprechen und insbesondere in turbulenten Zeiten wie dieser Tage ein Motto darzustellen, welches nicht viel weiters an Erklärung braucht. Besonders soll es auch unsere neuen Flüchtlingsfreunde ansprechen und für sie verständlich sein. Durfte ich doch vor einiger Zeit mit etwa 40 von Ihnen gemeinsam im Schwuz feiern. Viele können zwar bereits gut Deutsch, aber manche eben noch nicht. "LIEBE" als Motto ist für alle verständlich und gibt eine kurze Antwort darauf, worum es beim CSD Berlin geht.

veeeery wonderful birthday party with Christa <3 & friends <3

Thank You to eeeveryone <3 joining my little birthday party :* and making it to one of my beeeest birthdays of my whole life :* ... best because: today I didn´t feel any sorrows ... and pain ... I wasn´t in a hurry ... was able just to enjoy ... without any pressure ... it has been all of you who made me relaxed, having fun, simply said: a good time ... with love and laughter and joy <3 ... aaaaand OOOOH I MISS YOU ALREADY <3 see you soon again :* <3 And to everyone who sent messages today: I will answer them tomorrow* because: now I´m tired ... will fall in my bed ... and have woooonderful glamorous dreams ... aaaaallll night long :) :* <3

me at new year´s midnight*



my mom and step father in Berlin february 2017
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my guests today: my wonderful mom <3 and my wonderful stepfather <3 it was great to meet them again and spend some hours together <3

I gave them again paintings as presents ... she couldn´t understand why the canvas is almost empty* it´s just her name "EDITH" written on it ... in veeeery bright blue (her favorite color). I told her this is art ... this is what her son does here in Berlin* I think that made her confused a little bit ... :* <3 but I explained her, that her name was the 24th name of my advent calender paintings of 2016. the meaning of it was: to show that every person ... every name counts <3



some postings which I created on facebook 24th december 2016 - 25th january 2017
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stories mix posted on facebook:

24th dec: what a peeeeerfect day to work on my website* ... it shows me aaaallll those wonderful friends ... who made my year 2016 STUNNING GREAT <3 ... and this is the BIGGEST christmas present I could ever get <3 Jared for being with me together eeeevery glamorous sunday <3 Matt & Jannis for making my year STUNNING SPECIAL <3 Nathan & family for aaaaalllll the love <3 Rogger for those AMAZING weights christmas present <3 Katya & friends for eeeeeeverything love, fun & happiness <3 ... aaaaaaaand eeeeeveryone <3 THANK YOU <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you <3 LOVE YOU <3

24th dec: ^^BÄÄÄÄÄM^^ just got my BEEEEEST christmas present of the evening: ... a short chat with BelAmi SUUUUUPERSTAR Jack Harrer <3 now he knows that I exist :*

*lalalllalallalala* don´t be jealous =D

25th dec: *** Merry Christmas *** ... and OMG in 2007 I was against "murdering" trees for fun ... and OH! still I am* because: ^^ Christmas Tree without Tree is muuuch more fun =D ^^

25th dec: ^^ the ARMY OF ARTISTS ^^

question: "this should be art? everyone can do that!"

answer: "Thank You! you got it! THIS is exactly the meaning of it! a lot of my art is meant to show ´how easy it is to create art by yourself!´ ... it should inspire people to create art by themselves! EVERY handmade piece of art (photographies, sculptures, paintings,...) with a personal connection is muuuuuch stronger than any IKEA mass printed stuff. I want that people become stronger with positive energy! and because of that people have to surround themselves with positive energy! never underestimate the power of handmade art! there are about 20 millions ... perhaps 30 millions flats/houses ... just in Germany! ... and pls now imagine how ENORMOUS HUGE the ARMY OF ARTISTS needs to be ... to create artworks for eeeeevery room ... in every building!
everyone is able to create art ... and everyone ... who has the passion for it ... should create art!"

25th dec: question: "Patrick, how is your christmas 2016 so far?"
answer: "Oh GREAT^^ laying on my couch all day long, hanging around in gay chatrooms non-stops and chatting with gay p*rnstars <3 "

26th dec: dear <3 George Michael <3

tonite at ICKYparty ... while the dj started to play "last christmas" ... someone shouted "GEORGE MICHAEL DIED". everyone could hear it and I thought that it was a joke. not even one minute later someone came to me and showed me on his phone that you really died tonite. It´s hard to believe that it´s really true. You are only 11 years older than me. Which means that almost your whole career was part of my life. And your work has been incredible important for me. "Wake me up before you gogo" made me laugh ... "last christmas" became part of my every years christmas ... of course your video for "Freedom! ´90" with all my most favorite supermodels at that time ... and YES! in "outside" where two police men are kissing eachother ... OMG what an important video for me at that time ... when I was reaching out for any gay moments in television ... moments which gave me the feeling of not being alone with being gay on that planet. As gay man you became a superhero and icon to me ... I really needed you during those hard years of my own coming out in society. and as musician you have been a genius ... your album "Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1" shows your brilliancy in full size. I listened to that album about ... estimated 500 !!! times ... during my hardest years of my life ... between age 23 till 29. you saved my life with giving me power to survive.
actually here in Berlin I was waiting for you <3 ... it was always in my minds that you would love that city ... I was sure about it that you would find some freedom, peace and love for yourself in Berlin.
some days ago I discovered that you have been the very first guest in James Corden´s Carpool Karaoke. I was enormous happy to see you there <3 you made me smile and laugh again*.
In Berlin I had the possibilty to hug R.E.M.´s Michael Stipe and whisper in his ear "thank you". It was my dream to whisper the same words in your ear too. Now you are together with Freddie Mercury, Gianni Versace and all your other friends. and I will stay here on that planet for a little bit longer ... and I will miss you <3 I loved you and always will <3 THANK YOU <3 R.I.P. George <3

26th dec: don´t be jealous because of my suuuupermeeeegaseeeexyhooooot internet coach sunnycutexxl (<= his instagram name) <3 now in the 12th week of doing workouts at home*

27th dec: what to expect from Patrick Bartsch as painter in 2017:
x: of course to paint a looot of the serie "100 portraits"
x: some bigger size paintings ( > 120 cm ). I would like to paint much more bigger size paintings, but due to the size of my studio I´m able to paint only a handful of the bigger ones.
x: some of "my words in oil on canvas"
x: some surprise paintings, which I don´t know about now.
x: AAAAAND at the end of the year ... the advent calender 2017 shows 24 portraits of famous people who died already ... and I love a loooot <3 ... such as: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Bach, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Kurt Cobain, Amy <3 , ... and YES! of course George Michael :*

pls stay tuned* caaaan´t wait for 2017* love you all <3

29th dec: * since *

since I give my body more healthy food ... I feel better
since I work more ... I have more success
since I decided to feel good ... I´m happier
since I stopped my isolation ... I have more contacts to people
since I do workouts ... my body feels stronger
since I stopped spendind my money for stupid stuff ... I have more money
since I give my more peace to minds ... my brain feels easier
since I decided to accept my life ... I love my life


29th dec: Patrick´s resolution number 1 for 2017:

posting less on facebook =D

30th dec: <3 sometimes <3

sometimes my facebook friends are the only friends I have
sometimes my facebook friends are the only friends I´m able to reach
sometimes my facebook friends are the only friends I´m able to share my emotions with
sometimes my facebook friends make me laugh, sad, angry, thinking about, happy, ...
sometimes my facebook friends give me the feeling to be loved
sometimes I realize how much I need you ... aaaaaall of you <3

I know almost all your names and I love you aaaaallllll
^^ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 ^^

okokok I know it´s a little bit early to wish already a happy new year, buuuuuut more happy new year wishes will follow =D :* <3

<3 LOVE YOU <3

31st dec: list for: how to help in 2017 to get me a little bit closer to reach my life goal to become one of the most important artists of the 21st century:

first of all: I don´t care about money ... and any copyright bullsh*t. I have a message to bring to the world. and this message is about: loving eachother and bring the world to a point that humans are able to survive on that wonderful planet.

ok. and this is how it goes: first of all pls don´t be shy: talk to me ... visit me ... talk to friends about it ... bring friends to my studio ... share my photographies, paintings, postings, ... give me space in your magazines, photoshootings, movies, ...

and yes! I mean it that way*

I do that, because of one simple reason: because someone has to do it!


31st dec: I have that stubbern believe, that how I will go in the next year ... the whole year will be* ... last new years eve I spent the night with wonderful Frank & his friends <3 it was a great party ... and so almost my whole year 2016 was it too =D :* <3
this year I volunteered in the hotel, where I´m working. I will be there the whole night ... and at midnight ... will spent the New Years Eve night with wonderful guests together ... while I do my job ... because I plan to work a loooooot in 2017* "working on my dreams" will make me happy in 2017* caaaaan´t wait*

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to aaaaaaallllllllll my stunning awesome great wooooonderful glitzy loved facebook friends :* <3

<3 LOVE YOU <3

1st jan: also ich finde die Schweizerin Goss Ipa <3 voll sympathisch, lustig und es macht eeeeenormen Spaß sich ihre Videos anzusehen* <= das mußte jetzt doch auch mal gesagt werden :* <3

2nd jan: Patrick´s inner monologues:

if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again
if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again
if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again
if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again
if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again
if I want to create new paintings, then I have to start to paint again

okokok on thursday I will start with my first paintings in 2017


4th jan: I dreamt that I was surrounded only by beautiful people.
after some moments I realized that I didn´t sleep ... I was awake. My dream became reality already since a long time ago.

4th jan: ... never give up ... it´s such a wonderful life ... now in the 13th week* OMG I LOOOVE Hurts <3 (the band named "Hurts")

5th jan: paintings I plan to paint in 2017: just choose 40 photographies (which I took) and plan to paint in oil on canvas: such as THIIIIIIS ONE: Mr. LOVEPARADE himself Dr. Motte <3

5th jan: how a little bit of sunshine (right now in Berlin) ...
... miracles a smile in my face
... heats up my heart
... strengthens my body
... relaxes my soul
I love the power of sunshine

6th jan: R.I.P. Prinz Nicolai von Schaumburg-Lippe.
Seinen Vater Prinz York zu Schaumburg-Lippe durfte ich in Wien kennen lernen, als ich im Grand Hotel Wien arbeitete. Er war wohl einer der bezauberndsten Gäste, welche ich in diesen drei Jahren in diesem Hotel hatte. Umso mehr trifft auch mich sein Schicksal mit dem frühen tragischen Tod seines Sohnes.

6th jan: backgrounds for the next portraits for "100 portraits" in oil on canvas ... bright blue, petrol, red, ...

6th jan: photographies which I plan to paint in 2017* ... of course Berghain belongs to Berlin ... even when I don´t support their ridiculous door policy *hhmmmpffff* ... and I´m not frustrated ... they always let me in ... but I think about <3 EEEEVERYONE <3 living in Berlin ... and <3 EEEEEVERYONE <3 should have the possibility to feel their unique sound system^^

6th jan: TONITE my veeeeery FIRST TIME at "NEW" SCHWUZ :* .... okokok it´s not thaaaaat much "new" anymore. ... aaaaand why I haven´t been there so far: because ... because ... becaaaaaause it´s on the other side of the world ... I mean on the other side of Berlin* ... I live in Schöneberg and I´m veeeery "kiezfaul" (means being lazy about leaving the area where you live). ... aaaaand why I´m going there TONITE: because it´s going to be SUUUUPERSPECIALGLAMOROUS :* <3 caaaaan´t wait <3 see you later :* <3

6th jan: I have good memories of the "old" Schwuz* ... when I was one of the freaky wild ones there =D <3 ... tonite I´m going the first time in the "new" Schwuz <3 ... and I´m already veeeeeery excited =D :* (pic is from 2008)

6th jan: also ich bin für: "LIEBE" ganz einfach "LIEBE" ... das wäre mal ein Motto welches alle verstehen und alle anspricht <3 ganz einfach :* (CSD Berlin Motto)

7th jan: ^^ partying together with estimated 40 refugees <3 my dream became true ^^

as I wrote about it yesterday, I was veeeeery excited to go the first time in the "new" Schwuz :* I went there because my wonderful friend Jared Abbott did DJ there and I knew BEST American Style music possible to get in Berlin, would have been guaranteed. I had no idea what will happen in Schwuz and had no expectations. We came there quite early at around before midnight. OMFG HOW MUCH I was impressed by those HUUUUUUGE halls. I didn´t expect that after knowing the "old" Schwuz. the first person started to talk with me was a 19 y. o. lovely guy original from Pälästine, but came from Syria. his German was that much perfect, that I thought that he grew up in Berlin. I told him, that I was suuuuper excited about it for being here the first time. he introduced me to some of his friends. we did handshake and said our names to eachothers.

I enjoyed dancing on all of those three floors. Of course I started to dance in the room next to the toilets where Jared did DJ. I love his music and obviously others did it too.during the whole night I checked out different places to sit and to dance. and YES! the initiative for first contacts came from the refugees. and I know that they have been refugees, because they talked with me about it. I told them (in a good positive way) that now they stay here (in Berlin). someone looked at me and said "I have to!". I felt that much sorry for him, that I´m not able to discribe it in words right now. but he got right: he "has to"! ... and he and all of his friends deserve it that we welcome them with open arms in Berlin. this is what Berlin is and was always about. THIS is the original preussian soul! Berlin was always a city for people who needed to run away from their homes (because of different reasons). it was a survival tactic of Berlin to survive all those centuries during wars. with Berlin in the heart of Europe and no one wanted to live here, because everytime when there has been war in Europe, then it crossed through Berlin. and because of that no one wanted to live here. but jewish people, queers, other thinking people, refugees, ... they came here since centuries ... and took that fate of Berlin with non-stop running wars through it ... and they BUILT UP Berlin. ... and now our new refugees ... from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, ... are now our new friends to create a new Berlin <3

dancing and partying together in the "new" Schwuz has been a brand new experience to me. in other places people go there to feel "special". and where I have been yesterday ... no one felt "special" ... they just wanted to dance and party together ... and that fact made them SPECIAL :* ... all of them <3 ... love you <3 ... and see you next time :*

THANK YOU to the Schwuz team and I hope you will like the huge painting in oil on canvas which shows Romy Verbaarsschott & Brian-Tennessee Claflin hugging eachother. I would like to give that painting to you ... to say "THANK YOU" for all your great effort during all your years of existing in Berlin. <3 I <3 SCHWUZ <3

8th jan: ... aaaand OOOOH^^ btw *WANTED KATE MOSS*
we are born on the same day ... in the same year ... on 16th january 1974* we have a loooooot in common ... we love wild parties =D and beautiful things :* and sexy men <3
my dream is it to celebrate our birthdays together <3 ... if you know her pls tell her to come to Berlin next week :* <3

THX :*

9th jan: my new life starts N O W ^^ <3 ... aaaaand pleeeeeaaaase DON´T LOOK at my belly! THIS is a CHOCOLATE BELLY =D =D =D I have to work on it ... I´m only in the 14th week now with doing workouts at home :* <3

10th jan: ^^WHOOOUIIIIII^^ six more photos ... and I have my first 100 veeeery private photos uploaded on my instagram account* I love to take pictures with my phone ... to me it´s a new way of "camera" ... taking pictures since I´m 8 years old ... means since 34 years ... I worked with a loooooot of different cameras*.

10th jan: <3 new hug record wanted <3 ... on monday 16th jan will be my birthday* means on sunday night at glam ICKY ... I will celebrate into my birthday* ... aaaaaaand I would love to hug as maaaaaaany friends :* <3 as possible that night* pls help me to reach a new hug record thaaaaat night :* <3

11th jan: a short message to eeeveryone who knows me personal and IGNORES ME:

you had every reason to ignore me during my "out of control years", when I was high on dr*gs ... drinking too much alcohol ... talking too much bullsh*it ... being depressed every second day ... doing crazy non-sense stuff ... being annoying ... stubbern ...

BUT my life has changed. and I think that eeeveryone deserves a second chance. I stopped drinking alc and taking dr*gs in september 2016. it´s not that much long, but it´s a start already. further I started to life a healthy life with food, doing workouts, following invitations again, talking and listening on a relaxed level, keeping my crazy ideas under control, and and and

what I want to write, is: there is no reason anymore to ignore me. it would be nice ... if at least ... you´d say "hey" in return, when I say "hey" to you <3


11th jan: looooove her <3 Hungry is bringing it on a BRANDNEW LEVEL ^^SUPERFIERCE^^

12th jan: facebook limit: max 100 people to invite <= that means: PLS don´t care if you got an invitation or not: YOU & eeeeveryone is invited <3 ... and YES! I think I will make a BIG CHOCOLATE CAKE with FRESH VANILLA WHIPPED CREAM Vienna style =P <3

13th jan: * life & death ... on the internet *

that constant mix of life&death is perhaps the best thing which happens to us while using the internet.
when I was a kid/teenager ... I remember how seperat life was from death. people who lived owned the first part of the newspapers and people who died owned the last pages of the daily newspapers. I had always skipped those pages. I wasn´t interessted in them.
Today ... here on facebook ... there is no possibility to flip those "pages". when someone dies ... then people post about it. facebook is a completly mix-up of life&death. <= THIS IS A GREAT THING!
because it makes people aware of it ... what life means! ... that death belongs to life! ... and people become aware of it how "short" life can be. people learn to realize their own lives ... the value of their lifes ... and because of that: they will start to care about their lifes and not give themselves and others (and politics) the possibility to waste it.

life is worth living!

this is what the "new" generation grows up with ... and I can´t wait for it when THEY will start to lead that/our world ... in 20 ... 30 years!

... and I hope that I will live that long <3

13th jan: I love to think about another planet ... in another universe ... and what I would do there*

14th jan: after thinking about it ... for 42 years ... what THE REAL PROBLEM is ... what some straight people have ... when it´s about Gays ... I still couldn´t find an answer which sounds in any way logical to me.

14th jan: instead of ^^ top 10 albums I listened as teenager ^^ I would like to name ^^ my top 10 musicians I love to follow on fb and listen to how they grow and grow with their fabulous music ^^

1. Molly Nilsson
2. Sado Opera
3. Paul Bonomo aka SNAX
4. Jon Campbell with his band
5. Nikolaj Tange Lange
6. Mikey Woodbridge
7. Mary Ocher
8. Patrick Wolf
9. Simon Daniel Kaiser
and last but not least
10. Sarah Jane Morris <3


15th jan: tomorrow ... on my birthday* ... when you want to do a bday present to me ... pls then share one of your favorite paintings of mine* ... you find photos of my paintings everywhere in my profile* ... I really wish the world to know me as painter <3 Thank You <3

15th jan: morgen ... an meinem Geburtstag* ... wenn Du mir ein Geburtstagsgeschenk machen möchtest, dann teile bitte eines Deiner Favoriten Gemälde von mir* ... Du findest diese überall in meinem Profil* ... I wünsche mir wirklich, daß mich die Welt als Maler kennenlernt <3 Danke Sehr <3

16th jan: ^^ WOOOOOW ^^ THANK YOU already to eeeeeveryone who gave me THE BEST bday present ever with sharing my paintings <3 you make my day amazing <3

... and everyone else: if you want to make me a bday present too today, then I really wish that you would share one of your favorite paintings from my profile. My BIGGEST WISH is the world to get me know as painter <3 Thank You <3

16th jan: ^^ WOOOOOOW ^^ DANKE SEHR an alle welche mir heute schon DAS BESTE Geburtstagsgeschenk gemacht haben und meine Gemälde geteilt haben <3 Ihr bereitet mir einen grossartigen Tag <3

... und an alle anderen: wenn Du mir heute auch ein Geburtstagsgeschenk machen möchtest, dann wünsche ich mir wirklich, daß Du eines Deiner Favoriten Gemälde aus meinem Profil teilst. Mein ALLERGRÖSSTER WUNSCH ist es, daß mich die Welt als Maler kennenlernt <3 Danke Sehr <3

16th jan: my birthday today is one of the best of my whole life ^^ the whole day I´m with you together on facebook* to answer your lovely birthday wishes. my fingers hurt already a little bit =D ... and all your support with sharing my paintings is OVERWHELMING to me and brings tears of joy in my eyes* THANK YOU FOR THAT :* you make my wish come true* LOVE YOU <3

16th jan: mein heutiger Geburtstag ist wohl einer der Besten meines ganzen Lebens ^^ Den ganzen Tag verbringe ich mit euch zusammen auf Facebook und antworte auf eure liebevollen Geburtstagswünsche. Meine Finger schmerzen bereits etwas =D ... und eure Unterstützung mit dem Teilen meiner Gemälde ist ÜBERWÄLTIGEND für mich und bringt sogar Tränen der Freude in meine Augen* DANKE SEHR DAFÜR :* Ihr bringt meinen Wunsch in Erfüllung* LIEBE EUCH <3

16th jan: <3 my mom would have died for me at my birth <3

the BIGGEST THANK YOU <3 belongs to my mother. exactly now ... at 11 p.m. and some minutes I was born. in the university clinic of Freiburg i. Breisgau in the black forrest. several doctors and about 15 students joined my birth. a heavy snowstorm opened the window for some seconds <= a little memory which my mother had from that night full of endless pain.
Some months before she worked in the bakery of my grand aunt. She was jealous of the pregnancy of my mother and let her work a lot. when she was pregnant in the 5th month, she needed to lift a heavy box full of bread. in that moment something broke inside of her pregnant belly. Several doctors advised my mother to abort the unborn baby (me) to save her own life. my mother wanted to give that birth a try ... even when she could have died or the baby be heavily disabled. finally the university clinic gave that birth a try. my mother needed to lay in bed for several months ... till the birth happened.
She survived that birth, but had no possibilty to take the baby (me) in her arms after, because my blood was not good and they needed to give me new blood ... and needed to put me on machines for several days&nights ...

but at least ... my mother was alive ... and so was I.

19th jan: Thank You to eeeveryone <3 joining my little birthday party :* and making it to one of my beeeest birthdays of my whole life :* ... best because: today I didn´t feel any sorrows ... and pain ... I wasn´t in a hurry ... was able just to enjoy ... without any pressure ... it has been all of you who made me relaxed, having fun, simply said: a good time ... with love and laughter and joy <3 ... aaaaand OOOOH I MISS YOU ALREADY <3 see you soon again :* <3 And to everyone who sent messages today: I will answer them tomorrow* because: now I´m tired ... will fall in my bed ... and have woooonderful glamorous dreams ... aaaaallll night long :) :* <3

20th jan: I miss to paint :( because of the Balmterpentinoil used with the colors I have to paint with an open window ... and it´s faaar too cold to work with an open window ... I need at least 5 degree to work ...

20th jan: In 1990 there were the opening of Trump´s Casino Taj Mahal. I was 16 years old and a BIIIIIG fan of Michael Jackson. Jacko performed at the opening of Trump´s Taj Mahal. this was the first time that I realized the life of Donald Trump. later I followed Trump because of his lovely ex-wife Ivana Trump. at Lifeball Vienna I even had the chance to photograph her. I would have prefered it to have Ivana as new president ...

21st jan: MELANIA TRUMP <3 I just want to have mentioned it: it´s no one´s business to JUDGE over the love of a woman ... even when her husband is named Donald Trump.
In my life I met a loooot of young women and men they literally LOVE older men and women. sometimes it may look like that they felt in love "because of the money", BUT I know that those thoughts are mostly WRONG!
I see it that way: if Melania wouldn´t love Donald Trump, then she wouldn´t stay with him and wouldn´t have kept his back strong while all those past months/years.
What I want to say is: pls respect her as a woman ... as a woman who loves <3

... and yes! I´m sure that she can take some jokes about herself ... as long they are created with some RESPECT!

21st jan: since the age of about 12 years ... I believe in more than life. I believe in infinity.

21st jan: Patrick knows that life goes on, when: I started to work on new backgrounds ... one for a painting with a frog ... and two for portraits of someone I promised to paint him*

21st jan: I´m against Donald Trump as president because: I´ve the opinion, that the president of a country needs to be IN LOVE with EEEEEVERYONE living in it:
old and young
every color of skin
male and female
straights and queers
legals and illegals
saints and criminals
healthy and sick ones
poor and rich
in one word: EVERYONE <3
that this is possible was to see with Barack Obama as president. and now we don´t want to move backwards again. we want to continue to have presidents who are full of love. Those people exist and we need to bring someone like that back in power again.

21st jan: 15th week of doing workout at home* what a buuuusy fab week ... with bday,.... but I found always time to do some workout. okokok I need to work moooooore on my back*

23rd jan: OOOOH Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 eeeeverytime when I go through my photo archive ... then I find pictures of you :* <3 I miss you <3 I would looooove to know your answer to the situation in America right now! ... what would be your answer!? ... revolution? ... love? ... or what?

24th jan: no one lives in Berlin ... because of the weather ^^* grey, dark, cold, ... <= just wanted to have mentioned it *gggrmmmmlllmmmppppffff*

24th jan: ^^^WHHHOUUUUIIIIIII^^^ I´m very happy =D that my 100th instagram photo is about YOU <3 <3 <3 ... showing me in front of 16 new backgrounds for 100 portraits in oil on canvas*
... plan to paint them as soooon it gets a liiiiiittle bit warmer outside*
caaaaan´t wait :* <3

24th jan: no pain no gain ... 16th week ... and yes! those are ultralight beginner weights =D

25th jan: if Socrates got right ... and America is facing years of TYRANNY, then we should be prepared for it, what tyranny means:

thousands of people flee the country
thousands of people end up in prison
thousands of people murdered

... and all that because of POLITICAL REASONS!

we better should be prepared, what the word "tyranny" means in reality!

Save America! and all my wonderful friends who are living there!



terror attack Berlin 19th december 2016
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to hear non-stop the sirens of police and ambulance cars pasing the street close to my flat and to know where they drive ... is very sad and brings tears in my eyes. this terrible tragedy happened very close to the place where I live. almost everyone of my neighbours go to that christmas market and some of my friends live literaly next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
In some minutes I will go to my nightjob in a hotel ... which is located here around the corner. it looks like that I will talk the whole night with tourists who stay in that hotel and came here to Berlin to have a good time and are now confronted with that terrible tragedy :(
in deep mourning to all people who died there. R.I.P.

day four after the terror attack in Berlin:

(<= a sweet speciality which people eat a lot on christmas markets.)

today I met with a friend inside of KaDeWe. after I walked alone to the Breitscheitplatz. I go there almost every week, because I life close to it since about 12 years. and that much long I go to that christmas market. Each year ... at least one time I eat some Quarkbällchen ... always at the same stall. This one in the corner next to the street. but this year three huge cement blocks stood there instead. the stall with my most delicious Quarkbällchen must have been the first target which got hit by that black tons heavy truck.

I went to the stall some meters away and ordered there five Quarkbällchen. while ordering I said to her "I come here every year to eat my Quarkbällchen" and pointed with my finger to other side. Almost I started to cry. I´m sure that this woman saw a lot of people crying during the past days and perhaps she was even there when the truck crashed into that beauiful christmas market.
I went around the corner, because I didn´t want other people see me with tears in my eyes. When I started to eat ... I realized that she put seven Quarkbällchen in my little paper bag.



Matt Lambert´s new book "HOME" december 2016
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the presentation of Matt Lambert´s new book "HOME"
was veeeeeeery special.
THAT NIGHT in that Dracula look a like castle
became one of my hightlights of the year 2016

the arrow points on me :)

some days later the presentation continued with a book signing: WHAT stunning places do exist in Berlin^^* I have never been there before ... in that "THE STORES" (<= the name of that glam place*)

and then ... right after leaving that event ... I met on the street:

me: "good evening Mr. Ai Weiwei <3 very wonderful to meet you here*"
Ai (smiles): "hello"
^^ very friendly handshake follows ^^
me: "I´m a Berlin based painter ... with oil on canvas. pls may I take a picture of you and paint it?"
Ai: "yes, sure*"
^^ me taking two pictures ^^
me: "thank you a lot* pls may I give you my card. so you know who just photographed you."
^^ giving him my flyer which shows some of my paintings ^^

THANK YOU Mr. Ai Weiwei <3 T H A T was exactly what I needed ... after yesterdays terrible tragedy happening in Berlin.
... and YES* Matt <3 of course my body and hands have been shaking for 15 minutes after that meeting* :* and THANK YOU for your wonderful invitation to your book signing* loooved it there*



invitations&presentations november/december 2016
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P H A N T A S T I C evening with the German State Ballet* at Schiller Theatre
THANK YOU Ty <3 and Christa <3

presentation of the new issue of "Mein Schwules Auge" at Prinz Eisenherz

one of my HIGHTLIGHTS of the year 2016:
an evening with Albrecht Menzel and his Stradivari violin from 1704
plays Bach
THANK YOU to everyone and especially the family Koestlin <3

and last but not least:
the presentation of the new EP
PRIX aka Brian-Tennessee Claflin
created by SNAX & friends

and lovely videos by Mario Dzurlia

above on the pic:
GLITZY GREAT show by Smeeta Narang & friend



my hood ... november/december 2016
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Love My Hood <3



Nina Hagen at Berliner Ensemble 18th december 2016
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I loved that view <3

OMG what a glamurous night^^ Nina Hagen sings Bertold Brecht at Berliner Ensemble. what a wonderful christmas present by some very wonderful friends <3

LOOOOOVED it there <3 we sat literally in the very last row possible* and it was thaaaat much fun =D I felt being a teenager and sitting in the last row in the bus. those are the places where the real party goes on =D THANK YOU for that evening <3 :* <3

with very wonderful friends <3


with Bertold Brecht


my mom and step father in Berlin november 2016
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my mom and my step father have been in Berlin*

we haven´t seen eachother for more than 2 1/2 years. It was very beautful to meet them again <3 ... and of course I gave my mom a painting. "1974" has been a veeeery special year* ... for both of us <3



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