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14th dec: diaries

did you ever wonder why I write thaaaat much here on fb!?

it´s because I write here my diary. already as teenager I wrote diaries sometimes, but stopped it in the age of 19 because I didn´t expect something exciting happening in my life.
Here on facebook it is a loooot of fun to write my diary. of course I save it all extra (for example on my website www.thisismyartlife.com ) . I write it because I love to write it ... and why not publishing it ... in real time ... while writing it. of course I will use parts of it for my new book "the story of Master Patrick", but perhaps there will exist ... one day ... an own book of my diaries. and if you belong to my followers here, then you read it already before :)
and yes! I also like the fact that other famous artists wrote diaries too which got published, such as: Virgina Woolf, Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Jack Kerouac, ...

14th dec: ** * *** pls get your for free Patrick Bartsch christmas present painting * *** **

this is for eeeeveryone ... doesn´t matter if we never met before ... or we know eachother just a little bit ... or when you have already 5 of my paintings*

and right! this special offer doesn´t last forever* it ends on 24th december*

pls don´t be shy* about 50 paintings I gave away already ... and about 150 are still here for you <3 aaaaaaaalllllllll <3

see you

14th dec: *Tratsch&Klatsch Schönebergmäsisch*

hier im Krawallkiez Schöneberg ... genau: Eisenacher Str./Fuggerstraße ... wird zur zeit Polizeimäsisch ordentlich aufgeräumt. es wurden Flyer über Taschendiebe an ansässige Lokalitäten verteilt. Sogar beim U-Bahnhof Nollendorfplatz kleben große "Achtung Taschendiebe"-Aufkleber auf dem Boden. und bei meinem Balkon fährt zur Zeit etwa 40 mal pro Tag/Nacht die Polizei vorbei und dabei wohl etwa 5 mal mit Sirene und Blaulicht. Früher waren es maximal ein- bis zweimal pro Tag/Nacht.
Da hat der Aufschrei von Nelly und Sally Morell doch etwas gebracht*

15th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 15 * <3 MICHAEL <3 two wonderful in my family, about five awesome in my whole life and of course magic Michael Jackson* without pointing out one special ... pls let me just write FOREVER <3 MICHAEL <3

15th dec: actually I talk about everything ...
... but never about my life ...
... because this is a secret.

16th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 16 * <3 ISA <3 she gave me that inner strength for going on with my way ... with my art ... by saying, while looking at my art in my studio: "I like that and I don´t say many times that I like something!". to meet an icon and genius such as Isa Genzken for about 10 years has been one of the greatest things happening to me while living and working in Berlin <3 ISA <3

16th dec: ^^ YEEEAAAAAHHHHH ^^ my BIIIIGGGGEST WISH for christmas became true today already <3 pls see it on my instagram* ... all others can see it here on monday =D <3 THAAAAANK YOU <3 Rogger <3 LOOOOVE IT <3 <3 <3 thaaaat stuff makes me HAAAAPPPPYYYY =D <3 :*

17th dec: "yes, I killed 3 people" says mr. Philippines President !!! <= AND HE DARES TO NAME O T H E R PEOPLE AS CRIMINALS !!!

17th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 17 * <3 KIM & JOE <3 "I like the maskman!" shouted Joe in my direction when he saw me the first time. I adore Joe since I know about his existence. When icons, superstars such as Tilda Swinton, Nina Hagen, R.E.M.´s Michael Stipe, ... and Joe Dallesandro gave me the feeling that they like my creativity, ... then ... things happened inside of me ... which I´m not able to describe in words right now. With Joe´s wonderful wife Kim Dallesandro even a friendship grew up during the past years. they are wonderful and teach me every day that the most important thing is having a good heart, being able to share and love <3 Thank You for that <3 KIM & JOE <3

17th dec: question: "what is with your book!?"
answer: "at the end of the year I stop working. I do it every year that way, because I´m very sensitive for those christmas days/nights and I´m not able to concentrate in december. I will finish some minimalistic paintings this year and that´s it. new portaits paintings, other paintings, book work, ... all is planed to happen again in 2017*

18th dec: ^^Home^^ is the name of a new masterpiece by Matt Lambert <3 ... aaaand right! almost never I use the word "masterpiece" ... but this one is one! pls find it and check it out by yourself* just STUNNING that fabulous new book* loooove it <3

18th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 18 * <3 MARIA <3 one grandmother and one grandfather died before I was born. the other grandfather was an unknown french soldier ... who entered to Germany ... in the black forrest in 1945 ... where he met my grandmother Maria. I know nothing about him and have only a handful of memories of her, because she died when I was 9 y.o. . All my live I was attracted to older people, because I missed it to have grandparents to touch and to talk to. in the age of 10 and 11 ... I built myself up ... up to five "grandmothers" at the same time. the one who loved me most ... perhaps because she had no children and grand children by her own ... was the foster-mother of my mother. her name was Maria too* she did everything for me and gave me all her love. she died some years ago too. her favorite color was orange. <3 MARIA <3

18th dec: *dädä dädä bäbä* Judy Garland is much better than Marilyn Monroe! *dädä dädä bäbä* Judy Garland is the real number one!

how could America and the world ... dare NOT to celebrate Judy Garland as the REAL QUEEN <3 I mean look the views on youtube <= it´s a shame!

it was because of Judy Garland´s birthday why Christopher Streetday started. It was on HER´s birthday when the queers in the Stoneball didn´t want get interupted by police ... celebrating JUDY GARLAND´s birthday :*

in this century we should put the crown on the head where it belongs to ... and put Judy Garland on that Queen chair which always did belong to her <3 :*

19th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 19 * <3 ROSA <3 we met eachother when I needed someone like him the most in my living years in Berlin* Rosa von Praunheim believed in me and worked with me together while my beginner years in Berlin* always in my heart <3 ROSA <3

19th dec: what a terrible tragedy in Berlin :( it´s so sad :(

19th dec: to hear non-stop the sirens of police and ambulance cars pasing the street close to my flat and to know where they drive ... is very sad and brings tears in my eyes. this terrible tragedy happened very close to the place where I live. almost everyone of my neighbours go to that christmas market and some of my friends live literaly next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
In some minutes I will go to my nightjob in a hotel ... which is located here around the corner. it looks like that I will talk the whole night with tourists who stay in that hotel and came here to Berlin to have a good time and are now confronted with that terrible tragedy :(
in deep mourning to all people who died there. R.I.P.

19th dec: at least one of my friends has been directly there during that terrible tragedy and saw people without legs and a severed head. this all is that much terrible that I don´t know how to handle it right now ... I was never in my life confronted with something like that.

once I came to Berlin for the reason to live here in peace.

in deep mourning to all people who died there R.I.P.

20th dec: Patrick´s inner thoughts:
it´s tuesday night 2.10 a.m. ... some hours ago a terrible tragedy happened in Berlin. I´m not able to sleep, because I´m at work right now. in a hotel close to the place where the truck dashed into a christmas market. I listen to guests who talk about their fears. they asked me if the airport is open. another guest told me, that he leaves Berlin tomorrow, because he was close to the tragedy and saw "people with open wounds" ... how he described it with his own words.
people around me are in shock ... and so am I too. I´m not able to realize that tragedy which happened that much close to me.
right now I´m not interessted to watch something else in television here in the hotel. I can´t think about it to watch a movie, a serie, or something else. I watch non-stop n-tv and the latest news about the tragedy. now they said that the number of dead people grew from nine to 12.

it´s in the middle of the night. the internet doesn´t sleep. I read your postings and your stories about Berlin and that tragedy. even someone posted a video which shows those dead people laying on the street. a video which hasn´t been shown in television. I watched it, because it helps me to understand a little bit and to react, when I have to talk with people in shock right now who are coming directly from there.

It´s terrible what happened in the city of love and I have the feeling that the german politics sleeps right now ... and that gives me a bad feeling, because "they" give space to let rumours grow. I have the feeling that german politicans haven´t realized, that we live in the 21st century and that sometimes it needs more ... than just to wait till the next day ... to react.

20th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 20 * my todays painting stands for all victims of yesterday evening´s terrible tragedy. R.I.P. "BERLIN written ... in the fading dark color prussian blue."

20th dec: Life goes on ... in Berlin <3 ... and in four days there will be christmas* ... which needs christmas presents <3 ... in one hour starts fab Matt Lambert´s book signing :* see you there <3

20th dec: street scenes of Berlin <3

me: "good evening Mr. Ai Weiwei <3 very wonderful to meet you here*"
Ai (smiles): "hello"
^^ very friendly handshake follows ^^
me: "I´m a Berlin based painter ... with oil on canvas. pls may I take a picture of you and paint it?"
Ai: "yes, sure*"
^^ me taking two pictures ^^
me: "thank you a lot* pls may I give you my card. so you know who just photographed you."
^^ giving him my flyer which shows some of my paintings ^^

THANK YOU Mr. Ai Weiwei <3 T H A T was exactly what I needed ... after yesterdays terrible tragedy happening in Berlin.
... and YES* Matt <3 of course my body and hands have been shaking for 15 minutes after that meeting* :* and THANK YOU for your wonderful invitation to your book signing* loooved it there* <3

21st dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 21 * <3 SVEN <3 my family <3 my cousin <3 those people I grew up together with <3 they mean eeeeeverything to me* ... even when I haven´t seen them and talk to them ... for about 25 years* I love all of them <3

21st dec: two days after that terrible terror attack in Berlin:

perhaps I´m wrong ... but I have the feeling that this attack brought us all closer together. yesterday and today ... looking in faces of strangers in the underground, on the street, in shops, ... we all know that it could have been eachone of us who could have been killed by that black tons of weight heavy truck.
perhaps I´m wrong ... but I have the feeling that we realized after that terror attack, that it makes no sense to fight against eachother.
perhaps I´m wrong ... but we all sit in the same boot ... share the same city: old&young, believers&unbelievers, Berlin born people&refugees, straights&queers, men&women, ...
perhaps I´m wrong ... but I have the feeling that we all realized, that ... better than to hate eachother ... is to love eachother.

those words are just my feelings ... and I think they are not wrong ... they are right.


21st dec: so far 493 of my facebook friends marked themselves as "safe during the attack in Berlin" ... and I´m happy about <3 eachone <3 who has been able to use that facebook function*

love you <3

22nd dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 22 * <3 ROBERT <3 my stepfather <3 he was/is a very good stepfather. he supported the dreams of my mother for me and he supported my freedom* THANK YOU <3 ROBERT <3

23rd dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 23 * <3 PETER <3 my father <3 ... without him I wouldn´t even exist! ... and this is my full name: Patrick Peter Bartsch* I LOVE MY DAD <3 PETER <3

23rd dec: today when I woke up ... I found CHOCOLATE IN MY BED XoP ... okokok evidence enough ... that I go to eat chocolate eeeevery night ... while sleeping *mmmaaaammmppfffff*

23rd dec: day four after the terror attack in Berlin.

(<= a sweet speciality which people eat a lot on christmas markets.)
today I met with a friend inside of KaDeWe. after I walked alone to the Breitscheitplatz. I go there almost every week, because I life close to it since about 12 years. and that much long I go to that christmas market. Each year ... at least one time I eat some Quarkbällchen ... always at the same stall. This one in the corner next to the street. but this year three huge cement blocks stood there instead. the stall with my most delicious Quarkbällchen must have been the first target which got hit by that black tons heavy truck.

I went to the stall some meters away and ordered there five Quarkbällchen. while ordering I said to her "I come here every year to eat my Quarkbällchen" and pointed with my finger to other side. Almost I started to cry. I´m sure that this woman saw a lot of people crying during the past days and perhaps she was even there when the truck crashed into that beauiful christmas market.
I went around the corner, because I didn´t want other people see me with tears in my eyes. When I started to eat ... I realized that she put seven Quarkbällchen in my little paper bag.

24th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 24 * <3 EDITH <3 my mother <3 she would have given up her own life for me. during the very complicated pregnancy .... several doctors advised her to take the unborn baby (me) away ... to save her own life. but she took every risk to give that birth a try. and several doctors at the university clinic in Freiburg i. Breisgau managed that birth. LOVE MY MOM <3 ... and yes! that veeeeery bright blue is my moms most favorite color <3 EDITH <3



some postings which I created on facebook 24th october 2016 - 14th december 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

24th oct: <3 my mom <3 should find a STRONG BOY in Berlin when she is coming soon* I haven´t seen her since more than 2 1/2 years* ... now I´m in the 4th week doing exercises on a daily basis at home* my trainings weights are 4.745 kilogramm fabric coniditioner bottles =D

25th oct: who is Pete Burns ? who is *Dead or Alive* ?

it happens that someone lives in a different world. not everyone knows everyone and everything. Never in my life I heard or realized the name *Dead or Alive*. and also the name *Pete Burns* is a name which ... perhaps I heard before, but not more.
And now Pete Burns died. And almost eeeeeveryone is posting how great he was. WHY PEOPLE DIDN´T POST THAT WHEN HE WAS ALIVE !?
then I would have realized him before ... before he died.

26th oct: ^^ swag ^^ life is a journey* ... 42 paintings for each different year of my life* ... and "1997" is already in L.A. ... as I said before "life is a journey" :) :* <3

27th oct: about my technique of creating my paintings:
I found it by myself. no one teached it to me. I worked it out and meanwhile I mix up several techniques. and also that mix up is unique. and because no one did it that way before, there is no "how to do it". everything I create with my technique is done the first time that way. with my style: portraits, landscapes, abstract, ... everything happens the first time. I feel like swimming in a BIIIIG OCEAN where there is no end in sight.
this is why I produce and produce and produce ...

meanwhile I discovered, that there are painters in that world, which paintings looks similar to mine. but no one of them is using the technique which I am using.
this is why I keep my technique(s) as secret. a secret like an italian pizza baker is keeping his receipt as secret*

29th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I have chosen some pictures, when I photographed about 100 ... yes! ONE HUNDRED metal and hardcore bands ... in almost every live club in Berlin* AMAZING YEARS <3 and I did wear the mask on stage while photographing those great bands*

30th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... watching about 150 000 !!! photographies ... means getting reminded on 150 000 !!! memories* ... thaaaaat book is muuuuch more work ... then I thought it would be. but I love it, because I love <3 each one <3 who will be part of that book <3

30th oct: <3 Wish You Were Here <3 ... my life after Brian´s death ... a life without Brian.

yesterday it was halloween and I decided to go to a party of Brians´s loved friend Parker. Jared, one of Brians closest and longest friends invited me to come there. Jared did DJ that night and told me that it would also be a night dedicated to Fleetwood Mac´s singer Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac has been one of Brian´s moooost favorite bands. he loved them and many times, when I think about Brian, then I listen at home to Fleetwood Mac.
I wasn´t sure about it ... to wear my golden mask, because I stopped wearing the mask with Brians death. only for very special moments (it were about a handful of them in the past 2 1/2 years) I wear it. on that halloween night I decided to wear it, because I was sure that Brian would have loved that party and somehow I had the feeling that ... on a way ... from veeery far away ... he also "organized" that party.
When I came there I found a place in a quiet corner and it didn´t last long, when someone next to me almost "whispered" in my direction "are you Patrick?". I answered "yes", but it needed a while till I recognized him, because he did wear a very wonderful extravagant halloween outfit. I was very happy to meet him, because we shared many beautiful moments together ... together with Brian. he continued talking ... with a slow, sad voice "good to see you again with mask. ... it has been a long time ago."

today I realized that for other people it feels like it happened a long time ago. but for me it feels like as if it was yesterday. I wasn´t able to find any distance ... from my years with Brian ... till now. I know that I have to learn to live without Brian, but it is very painful.

31st oct: okokok ... still faaaaar away from a muscle six-pack =P buuuut I´m working on it* ... now in the 5th week doing exercises on a daily basis*

31st oct: there is the NEW category "openings/presentations" on my blog. since I stopped going for hard partying to BULLbar up to 4times a week between october 2015 - september 2016 ... I have time now *YEAHS* ... and I´m completely sober too since about 8 weeks. after yeeeeaaaars I started again following invitations to openings/presentations. ... and I can say, that I LOOOOVE IT <3

pls find some news on my blog:

31st oct: ^^ HALLOWEEN KIDS ^^

always I give them something when they ring at my door. actually ... kind of I wait for them to ring at my door. because I did something similar too when I was little kid (what exactly it was, I will explain at the end of that story). the problem is, that I wait for them to ring, but always I miss it to buy something special for helloween before. that means that I give them what I have here in my flat: normally a big chocolate and five euro. but I tell them that they have to share it. last year there were four kids who stood in front of me and one of them was the older bigger sister. she took the chocolate and the money and took care of it, that everyone gets something of it later.
THIS YEAR there were about seven little kids between the age three to five with two adults taking care for them, but they stood some meters away. I came late to the door, and when I opened, they have been gone already. So I screamed and waged with the chocolate in the one hand and the five euro in the other hand. then they started to run in my direction. when they all stood in front of me with holding their plastic bags open, then I said (as I do it always), that they should share it later. but somehow they ignored it, what I said. one of them grabbed the five euro and ran away while screaming "I´VE GOT A FIVE EURO BANKNOTE!" (and the operative word was "I"). in that moment the other kids looked in the direction of the chocolate, and I did hold it closer to that kid who ran first to my door but didn´t give it to him. he looked uncertain in my direction and then finally grabbed the chocolate. then they all ran away and followed that kid which didn´t stop screaming, that "HE" got money.
I thought later about it and realized, that they will perhaps later discuss and fight about what to do with the money, but that kid with the chocolate will perhaps have the whole chocolate just for himself, without anyone takes something away from it ...

when I was a kid I lived after the divorce of my parents from age eight in Graz in Styria (yes, there where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from). there exists a custom which is named "Frisch und G´sund" (fresh and healthy). this happens every year on 28th december and little kids beat adults on a soft way on their asses (of course while they have their trousers on) with a self-made rod. while doing that the kids say "Frisch und G´sund, Frisch und G´sund. Lang leb´n und G´sund bleiben" (fresh and healthy, fresh and healthy. have a long life and stay healthy). then the kids give the adults a piece of the birch (I don´t know the name of it, but it is that piece of the birch blossoms, when they get hard) and the adults give a little money to the kids. the good thing about it is, that the kids have to do something before for it, when they look for the birch pieces. and the adults get something which gives them luck and they can put it in their cars or whereever. I did that (between the age of eight till twelve) mostly on parking places of a big shopping center and earned about 150 euro with that. that was a looooot of money ... 30 years ago for a little kid and I came from a kind of poor family. my parents gave me love, but they had not the possibility to give me really money. with those 150 euro I bought within the following weeks: sweets, chocolate, also magazines for kids and perhaps I bought even with that money my first LP ... which was Madonna´s brandnew album "True Blue" when I was 12

1st nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I´ve chosen some more pictures, which I took ... such as this one of Ivana Trump during her speech at Lifeball 2009*

1st nov: *about Berlin*

the book "the story of Master Patrick" will not fit in any genre.
the book will be about glamour and trash ...
about hardcore bands and drag shows ...
about fetish and romantic ...
about royals and prostitutes ...
about parties and endless love ...
about art and politics ...
the book will just fit in one genre ... and this is: "BERLIN"

2nd nov: *whooooiiii* ... and the 100th follower on my instagram ... is a wonderful lady <3 ... who got attracted by my latest homemade cake picture* <3 life is good <3

5th nov: MY <3 MOM <3 COMES TOMORROW at 10 a.m. to visit me <3 she asked me what she should bring. and I answered "some homemade dumplings "austrian style" and a new pot" (she knows the story that one of my pots got burnt when I felt asleep) I love my mom <3 and I know that she loves me too <3 I haven´t seen her since more than 2 1/2 years ...

6th nov: my <3 mom <3 with her first painting ... created by her son* ... "1974" has been a veeeery special year* ... for both of us <3 ... and ^^WOW^^ she looks amazing for being 71*

7th nov: mygoal: being another person tomorrow ... then the one I´ve been yesterday* "nomoreexcuses" ... now in the 6th week of doing exercises on a daily basis at home* ... and that little belly is a very good sign* because it shows that I started eating too again* ... mygoals

7th nov: this world needs mooooore artists and YES! female artists <3 I know what it means to have his first exhibition* when you are in Vienna pls go THERE ^^ I know that lovely wooooonderful woman Annemarie p'Art since about 28 years and I´m sure that her art is worth it to look at <3

9th nov: just woke up* did I miss something?

9th nov: ... and what else happened today: I did bake an body exercise supporting cake with joghurt and a looooot of Pitaya =P

10th nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... most asked question right now: "when is the book finished?" ... original Berlin BER airport style answer: "first I thought it´s done in september ... then it should be done in november ... and now I think it´s done in february" ... original Berlin style :*

11th nov: btw: COPYRIGHT doesn´t exist for my paintings. that means: you can copy/past ... share ... use them for your own purpose ... and whatever ... ... as much as you want.

12th nov: homeless kids in Berlin

it´s f*cking cold outside ... and yes, we discuss about presidents in America ... about legends who died ... about supermoon

and every day and every night ... when I look outside of my windows on the street ... then I see them ... uncountable homeless kids ... most of them between age 14 till age 25. they have nothing more than the cloths they wear ... the same cloths every day and every night. jackets which are made for summer and autumn ... and not for temperatures around minus 3 degree. do you have any idea how cold minus 3 degree can be, when you need to stand for hours in that coldness? and shoes? ... the same: they wear thin sneakers, which let them freeze their feet non-stop. most of those homeless kids spend those hours as couples: boy with girlfriend, boy with best male friend ... and some are alone ... always. they need to be here. is it here the only place where they can get sometimes some cents or one or two euros from someone. and sometimes they sell their bodies for 20 euros and perhaps once a week it happens that someone pays 50 euros. and yes! sometimes they steal phones from drunken tourists, which they sell for 15 euro. they need that money ... to buy that little bit of food what they eat. they don´t eat a lot ... just sometimes ... something.
it is very difficult to help them, because almost all of them are addicted into dr*gs ... cristal ... and other cheap bad dr*gs from the street. some of them are also addicted in playing machines ... they need more money that much hard, that they believe that if they put the only 10 euros they have ... into those machines ... that they will win. but almost always they loose. how they loose their lives ... especially in hard cold nights as tonite ... and winter has not even started yet

13th nov: okokok* another <3 Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 story for you: before I met Brian, almost I never talked english. also in school I was one the worst students in our english lessons.
Brian worked as english teacher in Istanbul before he came to Berlin.
when we met eachother in 2007 then he was literally my english teacher. he teached me how to talk english. I used the same phrases and words as he did, because I knew no others in the beginning. for example: I just knew "good" and "great". all other words Brian teached to me: "fabulous" "awesome" "fierce" ....
some months before his death I said to him, that I need a new word to use. when I said that, then he looked straight forward thinking, how a teacher does it. and after some seconds he turned his face in my direction and said to me ... while he pronounced it in his very special way ... : "glitzy"
it was the last word which Brian teached to me ... and everytime when I use that word, then I think about him <3 ... and I love to use it <3
*glitzy* *glitzy* *glitzy* :*

14th nov: now in the 7th week doing exercises on a daily basis at home* ... and: NEVER SKIP LEG DAY =P

14th nov: +++ WARNING +++ pls only continue reading, when you are into spiritual and meditativ stuff:

it´s supermoon and for a hardcore spiritual person as I am ... this is a very special day. I grew up in the middle of the black forrest and like every other person with a lot of nature around ... I believe and know about the power of natural things.
my day today was like this: taking a long sun bath to fill up my body and soul with energy. (in Berlin we had a cloudless sky today). in the late afternoon I took a long bath for about one hour. that moon is moving our oceans ... and he is moving the water in our bathtubes too! some candles, some cafe del mar music, a natural sponge (oh yes, those sponges have absolutly incredible power. the science is just at the beginng with research about natural sponges.) and perfect is the situation to go into a deeeeep meditation. I thought about eight or nine different things and let all the dirt in the water. not just my body ... also my soul felt clean after that bath.
and now I´m burning some things on a hot coal. I have about 80 different roots, leaves, resins, balms,... here. (if you know the power of a j*int, then you should try those things! not just Cleopatra was in love with that stuff <3 ) today I burn Elemi (a resin against bad energies), amber (some luxury for that supermoon night) and Patchouly (you may know it from parfums. and yes! it is for an erotic purpose, but also to bring the body and soul back on the ground/earth). normally I wanted also burn Himalaya cedar (for power), but I can´t find it*
then I will cut my nails on my fingers and toes. it would also be a good day to cut or shave hairs. let yourself go into a new period of your life ... after that full-moon night.

if you have questions, pls ask me. best on an open studio wednesday. you can talk with me always about art, but about spiritual stuff too ... and OH! of course also about cooking and baking cakes =P

enjoy supermoon ... feel it ... and take it <3 LOVE <3

15th nov: THANK YOU for being the first four of the serie "100 portraits in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style*" LOVE YOU 4ever <3 Nathan <3 Krista <3 Mario <3 John <3

16th nov: THANK YOU for being in the serie "100 portraits in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style" love you forever <3 Matt <3 Johnny <3 Florian <3

18th nov: <3 one painting in oil on canvas Patrick Bartsch style FOR FREE for eeeeveryone <3

in numbers: in my beginner years I produced more than 500 paintings in oil on canvas. 120 got sold. and now I want to give away as present about 200. if you missed the text I posted yesterday ... I put it again here in the comments*
you can also bring friends here <3 please help me to empty my storage ... to have space for my new paintings which I plan to create in 2017* :*

18th nov: buuuuuusy checking out latest SADO OPERA videos on youtube* WHAT A GLAMOROUS GLITZY BAAAAAND <3 :* :* :*

19th nov: ^^ 200 paintings for free ^^

so far ONE friend came here to pick up his "early christmas present". I´m very happy that he came here <3 and at the same time I´m wondering why no one else came here so far* ... are my early paintings thaaaat much bad :( ... if no one comes here to pick them up till end of december ... then ... then ... theeeeen I WILL EAT THEM =D

19th nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... just brought 765 ... seven hundred sixty five ... photograhies in the right size. ... and now I put them in the right chapter. and YES! I let them aaaaaaallllll in the book. it´s not a printed book ... it will be a book in the internet and HERE is enough space for 765 photographies of Berlin of the years 2003 - 2014* <3

19th nov: Patrick´s inner monolgues: a life to the extreme ... that´s the life I´ve chosen and that´s the life I want to life.
exactly one year ago I spent every moment possible in Berlin´s most infamous bar "BULL". between october 2015 and september 2016 I named that bar my living room ... up to four times a week ... up to 20 hours non-stop. I did those things there, which people do there ... I took those dr*gs there, which people take there. It felt like diving in the pinkest cloud ever. I enjoyed every moment and was aware about the danger too.
in september 2016, when almost I burnt down my flat ... I decided to change my life. since that time I haven´t been at BULL once ... didn´t drink one drop of alcohol ... and no dr*gs too. I became that again ... what is a huge part of nature: a workaholic. being busy makes me happy and gives me the possibility not to think about things ... things I don´t want to think about.
I feel good and healthy. I´m happy that I "survived" those months of being out of control. I wanted to know it. I wanted to know what it means to party hard on the edge. and now I know it.
it´s saturday night ... exactly 10.41 p.m. I will go to bed soon ... so I´m able to wake up early tomorrow ... and continue working.

20th nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... it´s not thaaaat much easy to handle 765 photographies and 22 chapters* love them aaaaalllll <3 :* <3

21st nov: now in the 8th week doing workout at home on a daily basis* ... and yes! I have fun while doing it :)

21st nov: okokok* caaaaaan´t hide the news* someone <3 veeeeery special woooonderful <3 wants to have ... in any case ... the book "the story of Master Patrick" as PRINTED version in english and german. ... and he´s doing everything to make that happen! ISN´T THAT WONDERFUL <3 :* <3

22nd nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... wonderful Rosa von Praunheim <3 belongs to the first people who believed in me as artist ... when I came new to Berlin ... we worked together in different projects and he allowed me to portrait him <3

23rd nov: so far ... aaaaaaalll of the christmas cockies which I made today got burned *hmmmpppfff* ... I hope I can make some not burned ones till 3 p.m. when the open studio starts ... *ggrmmmllllhpffs*

but the burned ones tastes delicious* ... I will eat them

24th nov: <3 Happy Thanksgiving <3

I´m thankful for being healthy*
I´m thankful that my parents support my way*
I´m thankful that I may life in Berlin*
I´m thankful to be sober since about two months*
I´m thankful for every little step to go*
I´m thankful that yesterday a professional bodybuilder visited me and helped me how to do workouts right at home*
I´m thankful that I may work on those two projects: the book and the 100 portraits*
I´m thankful that I may life a life as artist*
I´m thankful to be a painter*

<3 Happy Thanksgiving to eeeeeveryone <3

24th nov: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... I did eeeeeverything for money ... when I came new to Berlin* ... at the long nights of the museums ... in the gay museum ... body painting by Alexander von Agoston <3 ... I think that was in 2005 ... and YES! in the book there will be the uncensored version* :*

25th nov: ^^ Null Prozent Zinsen ^^

WAS habe ich da heute im Fernsehen gesehen? Null Prozent Zinsen auf Bargeldguthaben bei Deutschen Banken!
Das macht bei einer geschätzten Vierprozentigen Inflation ein garantiertes Minusgeschäft. Wie sagte der Moderator treffend "Jedermanns Geld wird aufgefressen ohne das man etwas dafür tut."
... und zu diesem Zeitpunkt möchte ich als Alternative AUCH die Investition in Kunst ins Spiel bringen. Also die Gewinnerwartungen in meinem Fall sind auf jeden Fall gegeben. So wie ich Kunst präsentiere ... auf eine schrille, aggressive Art (weil mir das so einfach Spaß macht), wird man garnicht darum herumkommen ... um vor allem nach meinem Tod (wann auch immer das sein mag) ... daß der Kunstwelt klar wird was ich da eigentlich in Berlin getrieben habe UND dazu (geplante) mehrere tausend (mittlerweile bin ich bei über 500) Gemälde in Öl auf Leinwand hinterlassen habe. Die Gesellschaft (und besonders die Inhaber von meinen Gemälden) werden sich über Geschichten wie, daß ich "200 Gemälde zum Verschenken angeboten hatte und so gut wie niemand eines abholte..." ... krumm lachen. Ja, das werden die Geschichten sein welche dafür verantwortlich sein werden daß meine Gemälde in Zukunft ... vermutlich garantiert ... um einiges mehr wert sein werden als die 30 bis 40 euro (für die meisten), welche ich heute ... dieser Tage ... dafür verlange. Somit bekommt man wohl (höchstwahrscheinlich) für meine Kunst mehr Zinsen als auf der Bank ...

... und JA! diese kleinen Facebookgeschichten ... wie diese ... schreibe ich auch ... um die Leser in der Zukunft ... in 20 ... 40 ... 80 ... 150 Jahren zu unterhalten und ihnen Freude zu bereiten :) ... und somit geht auch ein lieber Gruß und "KUSS" an meine Leser in der Zukunft <3 :*

26th nov: ^^ PJ HARVEY ^^

live on ARTE-TV now* ... I don´t understand her music, but I´m open-minded to get her* PJ Harvey was Brian-Tennessee Claflin´s ultimative idol when it was about music. this fact makes her a part of my life. when Brian was alive I was wondering why it´s her!? and also tonite I wonder why it´s her!? I will continue listening to her music and will also go to a concert (whenever one will be somewhere) ... and I will ask myself ... perhaps forever ... why it´s her ... who made it as Brian´s ulimative idol*
I like her but I´m not able to understand her ...

<3 PJ Harvey now live on arte tv <3

26th nov: Patrick Bartsch´s wisdom:
^^ the three steps of success ^^ ... and they are ok the way they are*

first one: people laughed about me*. when I started wearing my mask in public, then a looooot of people have been laughing about me. that was ok, because they made me feel that they realize me. only with "good friends" it was a little bit painful when they laughed about me. but my most important people stood with me. ... aaand could be something more fun, than people such as wonderful Tilda Swinton laughed with me together*

second step: people ignored me*. of course not everyone, but in general I got ignored. by people around me, by media, ... this happened about the past three years. but also that was ok, because after years people laughed about me ... I enjoyed the silence which happened when getting ignored.

and now I´m reaching the third step: people fighting against me*. ... and also that step is ok, because after those years of silence ... I´m really ready for some action ... I have enough power to fight and discuss about my way of art and life. of course not everyone is fighting against me, but the first crowd is already on the start against me ... I can feel it/them already ... and actually I can´t wait for them to come* ... means to me: 2017 and probably also 2018 and even 2019 will be my years to fight and discuss.

... and when I made all those steps, then I´m finally ready for some easy relaxed and chilled success*

what I want you to tell with that story, is: every step has his reason to happen and the reason is good. don´t fear the way to success! just go! laughing is fun ... the silence after is good too ... and the fighting thing set´s all your power free which one you gained while getting ignored.

Enjoy life* Enjoy success*


27th nov: 2016: a young man is wearing a skirt and people freeeeaaaaak out^^ pls read the comments^^ my opinion is of course: <3 let everyone life as someone wants to life ( Jaden Smith )

27th nov: "Männerakte sind selten in der Kunstgeschichte. wenn sie welche haben, bitte rüberschicken. da freuen wir uns!" sagt die Monopol Chefredakteurin Elke Buhr am Ende dieses Audiovideos*

Sososo ... dann meeeeeehr Männerakte liebe Künstlerkollegen/innen

<3 :*

27th nov: REAL PUNK !?

Patrick Bartsch´s opinion about: "Joe Corré burning Punk stuff worth millions"
REAL PUNK would have been: to sell all that stuff and giving that money to homeless hungry punks.
burning stuff makes no difference! BUT giving 100 euro/pounds/dollar to a homeless hungry punk DOES!
and because almost no one does it: THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN PUNK ... REAL PUNK!

28th nov: after the visit of a professional bodybuilder ... now I know how to do workout right at home* 9th week*

28th nov: <3 Truman Capote <3 inspired me to do readings while writing the book. he did it while writing his book "In cold blood".
it will be the first reading in my life and it will be the first for my new book "the story of Master Patrick"
<3 Everyone <3 is welcomed* see you soon <3 :*

28th nov: Truman Capote loves me <3

exactly 50 years ago ... on 28th nov 1966 ... the PARTY OF THE CENTURY happened in New York City ^^ it was Truman´s party ... named "Black & White Ball" ... a party where eeeeveryone needed to wear a mask. <= some hours ago I had no idea about that fact!
I just discovered it because I will do my first reading in two days. a reading which is happening because some days ago I realized that Truman Capote gave readings before he finished his book "in cold blood". I wanted to know more about that man "TRUMAN CAPOTE". this is why I check him out since hours on youtube, wikipedia, arte,...
so far the only thing I knew about him was that he did parties with Andy Warhol at Studio54 and that he wrote "breafast at Tiffany´s".

While doing research today ... I realized why Truman is one of the most fabulous and important writers of America ... or better: the whole world!

it´s really mysterious that while discovering Truman ... I find out that he gave exactly TODAY ... 50 years ago ... the PARTY OF THE CENTURY in New York City ... and eeeeeeven the party was about everyone wearing a mask. ... and I´m working right now on a book which has as main theme: a BLACK & a GOLDEN MASK^^

perhaps you know that I´m veeeeery into mediation and universal energies stuff. all those coherencies today ... tell me one thing: that Truman Capote´s ghost and soul is veeeeeery close with me while working on that book "the story of Master Patrick" ... or perhaps he just wants me to realize: that he loves the book*

"THANX TRUMAN <3 for that awesome day with you today ... and when you have time ... then pls join the first reading I will do (because of your inspiration) in two days ... on wednesday 7.30 p.m. in my studio :* "

28th nov: Patrick´s inner monolgues:

in two days I will have the first reading in my whole life. talking in front of people has been a nightmare for me, when I needed to do that in school. I stumbled, sweat, have been unable to concentrate, ... but my years at school happened maaaaany years ago and a lot of things have changed since then.

this wednesday will be a day which I will remember my whole life. it will be a very special moment, such as I had the first time a full page story in a magazine, my face on the cover of book, my first exhibition in Berlin, my first exhibition with my paintings, the first time speaking in a microphone in front of 50 000 people, the first night sitting at the door of PORKparty, the first night in my own flat, ... ... and the first reading will belong to those highlights of my life too.
most of all I will do it for myself ... it doesn´t matter how many guests will join that event ... it´s not about a "number" ... it´s about to happen!
till wednesday I will do nothing else than preparing myself. today I relaxed and enjoyed my day with the work and life of Truman Capote. tomorrow I plan to bake some vanilla cookies. will take a looooong hot bath. will do some meditation. and nothing else. all of wednesday will belong to the reading. preparing my flat and studio. will choose the right cloths to wear. and will do eeeeeverything to be completly relaxed till 7.30 p.m. ... when the reading starts. I will film some minutes of that reading ... for the people who can´t join the reading and for myself to have a nice memory in the future*

29th nov: "morgen: Lesung ORIGINAL *Berliner Art*. in seinem privaten Künstleratelier liest der Maler Patrick Bartsch erstmals aus seinem in Arbeit befindlichen Buch "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick". Vorbild für diese Lesung während das Buch noch in Arbeit ist ... ist niemand geringerer als einer der bedeutendsten Schriftsteller des 20. Jhdts: Truman Capote, welcher ebenso den Tatsachenroman begründete und auch hiermit die Basis für Bartsch´s Buch "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick" setzte. Ein Tatsachenroman über die glamourösen Nullerjahre Berlins.
Auf jeden Fall eine Lesung welcher man beiwohnen sollte, wenn man an dem Schaffen in Berlin ansässiger Kreativer interessiert ist."

<= so oder so ähnlich sollte es in einer Berliner Zeitung stehen*

29th nov: ^^ Tatsachenroman ^^

Mein ganzes Leben lang durfte ich tun was ich wollte. Ich war immer in all meinen Entscheidungen vollkommen frei. Das bedeutete aber auch, daß ich meist äusserst unbedarft in neue Themen meines Lebens hineinschlitterte. Ich machte mir nie einen Kopf über etwas was ich neu beginnen wollte. Der typische Medikamentenbeipacktextleseverweigerer. Meist erst in meinem neuen Umfeld hatte ich damit begonnen mich mit der aktuellen Thematik auseinanderzusetzen. Somit habe ich vieles ... sehr vieles in meinem Leben begonnen ... und sehr vieles davon nach meist kurzer Zeit wieder beendet. Jedoch ein paar Dinge sind geblieben. Ich zog neu nach Berlin und wußte nichts mit dem Begriff "Preussen" anzufangen. Fing an mit Öl auf Leinwand zu malen und wußte nicht mal wie man richtig mit einem Pinsel in Farbe eintaucht. Jetzt arbeite ich an einem Buch. Schreiben tue ich schon lange. Immer wieder mal etwas. Genau genommen liegen neben "Kleinkrams" wie etwa 30 Liedtexte, unzählige Gedichte, Kurzgeschichten, ... sogar vier unveröffentlichte Buchmanuskripte in meinem Lager. Mit dem Buch "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick" werde ich einen Teil dieser Manuskripte mit dem neuen Buch, welches ich bereits als Buchskelett fertig geschrieben habe, zusammenfügen. Somit sind bereits etwa 500 Seiten quasi fertig. Nun ist es aber bedeutend komplizierter und zeitaufwendiger fünf Manuskripte schreibtechnisch ineinanderzuschieben, als vielleicht ein komplett Neues zu schreiben. Jedoch habe ich mich bereits für erstere Variante entschieden. Das Einarbeiten von über 1000 Fotos, von welchen ich 99,9 Prozent selbst fotografiert habe, erschwert die Fertigung dieses Buches.
OH! Ich bin wohl etwas vom eigentlichen Thema abgeweicht. "Tatsachenroman". Das Buch "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick" wird ein TATSACHENROMAN! Bis gestern kannte ich diesen Begriff überhaupt nicht. Bisher beschrieb ich dieses Buch immer lapidar als "ein Buch über Berlin", was es ja schließlich auch ist. Jedoch jetzt eine Kategorie gefunden zu haben, welche zu den Schwierigsten in der Literatur gehört, hat mich erstaunt. So wie ich über alles erstaunt war, welches ich lernte als ich ohne jeglicher Vorkenntnisse in eine Thematik eintauchte. Ich bin begeistert über alles was ich bisher neu über Preussen lernen durfte und über alles was mit Öl auf Leinwand zu tun hat und auf eine gewisse Weise ganz neu ... jetzt: Die Literatur.
Zu wissen, daß "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick", welches einen bedeutenden Zeitraum Berlins beschreibt, zu dem Genre der Tatsachenromane gehört, fordert mich neu heraus. Die relativ kurze Liste der Tatsachenromane auf Wikipedia hat es in sich: "Der Kampf ums Matterhorn", Capote´s "Kaltblütig", "Schindlers Liste", ... Ich bin mir dessen bewußt, daß meine Thematik die Größe besitzt um eventuell eines Tages ebenso in diese Liste der Tatsachenromane auf Wikipedia aufgenommen zu werden und ich werde alles dafür tun. ... was nichts anders bedeutet: als mein Bestes dafür zu geben. Capote arbeitete sechs Jahre an "Kaltblütig" und ich werde mir wohl auch Zeit nehmen ... müssen ... um dieses Werk ordentlich fertigzubringen. zwei bis drei Jahre ... vielleicht vier ... oder sogar mehr. Genau deshalb gebe ich bereits jetzt schon Lesungen zu meinem Buch um über den laufenden Stand zu informieren, Fragen zu beantworten und um die Wartezeit kürzer erscheinen zu lassen.

und wer es bis hierher geschafft hat diesen Text zu lesen, der/die wird sich dann bestimmt auch über das ganze Buch freuen* Danke Sehr* ... und viellecht ja bis Morgen ... zur ersten Lesung*

29th nov: Ich habe beschlossen, daß "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick" nicht nur ein Buch werden soll ... sondern ein Werk. Das ist das Mindeste an Dankeschön was ich dieser Stadt Berlin und all den wunderbaren Menschen welche mir hier seit 2003 begegnet sind und mir die Zeit meines Lebens bescherten, zurückgeben kann.

Das sind große Worte meinerseits, aber wie hat es meine erste große Liebe vor 21 Jahren so schön ausgedrückt: "Der Grund weshalb ich mich in dich verliebt hatte ... war ... weil du das tust was du sagst."

OH* ... und jetzt bin ich doch taaaaatsächlich etwas aufgeregt wegen der ersten Lesung meines Lebens ... morgen abend*

und ja! die Lesung findet in deutscher Sprache statt. Natürlich mit englischer Erklärung für etwaige rein englisch sprechende Gäste*


30th nov: Meine heutige Lesung wird einleitend mit folgendem Text beginnen:

"Mit einer leichten Sprechstörung, wessen Ursprung wohl in meiner überdimensional großen ... langen wie breiten ... Zunge zu finden war, welche sich meist unförmig im Gaumenraum bewegte, bevorzugte ich es mein Leben lang eher die Position des Zuhörers einzunehmen. Diese Jahrzehnte des Zuhörens kommen mir jetzt beim Schreiben zu gute. Weiters bin ich dazu verstärkter Legastheniker, welches bedeutet, daß ich mich beim Verzählen ... *ähmmm* ich meine natürlich "Erzählen" oft vertue und dies meist eine sprachliche Korrektur verlangt. Beim Schreiben tue ich mir mit den Korrekturen einfacher, da diese hier lediglich mir, ohne jegliche Zeugen, auffallen."

30th nov: positiver Nebeneffekt dessen, daß ich mich jetzt auch öffentlich zur Schriftstellerei bekenne ist: Das ich jetzt endlich besten Gewissens so schreiben und sprechen kann wie ich dieses möchte* ... vorbei die Schatten der Vergangenheit wie mein Deutschlehrer welcher es hasste meine ewiglangen Sätze lesen zu müssen und es mir schlichtweg untersagte lange Sätze in Aufsätzen zu schreiben. ... und ebenso die Aufforderungen mancher Gesprächspartner welche mich immer wieder ermahnten "nicht immer so geschwollen daher zu reden".
JETZT als Nebenbeischriftsteller ... darf ich das! Es gehört nun zu meinem Stil lange Sätze zu formulieren und diese dazu noch "geschwollen" zu kreieren.

Es lebe mein neues Leben! <3

30th nov: Patrick Bartsch´s Offenes Atelier ist jetzt geöffnet* Die Lesung beginnt pünktlich um 19.30 h* jede(r) ist herzlich willkommen <3

30th nov: Heute war die erste Lesung. Da ich während der Lesung so sehr beschäftigt war, daß ich zu filmen vergaß, habe ich jetzt noch schnell ein Video erstellt um die heutige Stimmung festzuhalten. Danke Sehr an alle <3

30th nov: First public reading of the book "the story of Master Patrick" Thank You a loooot to all guests <3 love you <3

1st dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 1 * <3 THOMAS <3 there were two important THOMAS in my life: both straight and with both I´ve been in love <3 one has been my best friend for about 25 years and with the other one I spent one of the best and most intense month of my life ... yes* just one ... only one month!
with both THOMAS I broke up the contact, because I loved them too much. It hurt myself. I couldn´t get out of my skin. But I´m veeeeery happy and thankful for each day and each moment I spent with them together* Thank You <3 Thomas <3

1st dec: Patrick´s Innere Monologe:
was ist bitteschön "modernisch"?
Antwort: so etwas ähnliches wie "FREAKISCH".

<= Nein! das muß man jetzt nicht verstehen! "modernisch" gehört zur Kindersprache. Ich habe es als Kind kreiert und meine Mutter erklärte mir, daß es dieses Wort nicht gibt!
... und als lebenslanger VOLLSTURANARCHIST sage ich jetzt eben "DOCH meine allerliebste Mama <3 ! modernisch gibt es! ... und zwar ab jetzt mehrfach in meinem neuen Buch "Die Geschichte des Master Patrick"! ... und dazu sogar noch "UNMODERNISCH"!

=D <3 :*

1st dec: Vielleicht die wichtigste Lektion meines Lebens, welche mir meine geliebte Mama <3 lehrte:

Ich war etwa 12 ... oder vielleicht auch nur 11 oder sogar 10 Jahre jung. Ging in einem Abstand von ein paar Metern Entfernung mit meiner Mama und meinem Stiefvater spazieren. Es war es sonniger Tag in der Stadt Graz wo nach der Trennung meiner Eltern ... meine Mama mit mir hingezogen war. Es war eigentlich immer alles in Ordnung mit meiner Mama, meinem Stiefvater und mir. An diesem Tag spazierten wir zusammen durch die Stadt ... so wie wir es manchmal anfangs taten. Es passierte auf einem breiten hellgrauen von der Sommerhitze ausgetrockneten Gehweg zwischen einer vierspurigen Hauptstraße und einem großen Autohaus. Wir spazierten relativ rasch, wobei ich es nicht versäumte immer wieder in Richtung der glänzenden Audi Neuwagen im Schaufenster zu sehen. Solche Autohäuser gab es in dem 8000 Einwohnerdorf mitten im Hochschwarzwald wo ich bis zu meinem achten Lebensjahr lebte, nicht. Ich war im Wald glücklich, aber in dieser Stadt Graz mit ihren über 260 000 Einwohnern ebenso. Ich lachte viel als Kind und sprang auch etwas herum. Aber nicht so viel wie andere Kinder, da ich eher ein ruhiges Kind war. Während dem Spazierengehen sah ich natürlich ebenso immer wieder zu meiner Mama und beobachtete wie mein Stiefvater dabei war etwas in meine Richtung zu rufen, wobei sogleich meine Mama ihn am Arm packte um ihn von seinem Vorhaben energisch abzuhalten.

*DOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG* ein schier unerträglich starker Schmerz durchfuhr meinen Schädel und ließ beinahe meinen ganzen Körper zusammensacken. Ich war gegen einen dieser riesigen viereckigen Stahlpfeiler dieses Autohauses ... schlichtweg ... gerannt! Mit schmerzverzehrtem Gesicht blickte ich in Richtung meiner Mama und sah wie diese bestimmend zu ihrem Partner sagte: "Sonst lernt er es nie!".
Die Beule welche aufzog war riiiieeeeesig und irgendwie fühle ich diesen Knall heute noch welcher seitlich auf die Stirnseite meines Schädels passierte.

Meine Mutter lehrte mir, daß ich mich durch nichts ablenken lassen darf und wenn ich die Dinge welche sich in meinem Weg befinden rechtzeitig erkenne, dann wird die Chance um ein vielfaches geringer sein, daß mir etwas passiert. Zumindest etwas welches ich mit vorausschauendem Blick in der Lage bin zu umgehen.

Meine Mama ist ein wundervolle Mama und ich Danke ihr von ganzem Herzen für ihre Erziehung, welche bis heute noch andauert.

2nd dec: Let's talk about art, baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about art
Let's talk about art
Let's talk about art
Let's talk about art

2nd dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 2 * <3 TINA <3
Truman Capote had her
Karl Lagerfeld had her ("had" because she died some years ago)
maaaaaany others have her
and I have her too*
that one female best friend since eeeeeever*
"ever" means here 28 years
literally in good and bad times
always <3 TINA <3

3rd dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 3 * <3 MATHIAS <3 there exist two important Mathias in my life* both are blond* the one is my older half brother* I saw him just two times in my life ... never talked to him ... but the day will come when we will meet eachother and talk* ... the other Mathias is a supertalented and wonderful artist friend* I´m very happy and thankful for having him in my life* <3 MATHIAS <3


how do those things fit together!?
before the internet appeared on that planet ... people have been left alone with their pain, joy, sorrows, dreams, ... It wasn´t possible to say those things loud in public ... in a bus or in a park or on the street. BUT in churches it was possible to talk about such things. My mother became mormon, when I was a teenager and she took me sometimes to the mormon church. I was phascinated about that how every church service started: everyone who wants to do it ... can go "on stage" ... and in front of all the church members and talk loudly and in public about their pain, joy, sorrows, dreams, ... . And because EVERYONE does it ... it is normal to do that. those moments bring the members of the church together on a very intense way ... and in a veeeeeeery good way.
with the internet WE ALL have now the possibility to do that too! with the internet it is possible now! for everyone! and when we all do it ... it will makes us feel better ... and for sure CHANGE THE WORLD! we just need to get used to do it! I´m kind of "trained" with that and when you read my postings sometimes and look at my art ... then you will realize exactly THAT open talking about my pain, joy, sorrows, dreams, ... I do that because I believe in the good thing about that and want to motivate other people to do it the same way.
we don´t need a building of a church to love eachother! we should see the whole world as our church and the internet as a new tool to make that world better <3

today I mentioned the name of my doctor, which is <3 Heiko <3 he does a wonderful job with me since more than 10 years ... and I´m not easy to handle as patient ... with all my ups and downs.
This year I create an advent calender where I will paint each day a name of someone who made my life better* and I want to thank those people and want other to know that wonderful peopel exist ... by telling their names <3 ... 20 more names to follow till 24th of december <3

4th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 4 * <3 HEIKO <3 YES! my doctor since more than 10 years in Berlin* of course Heiko belongs to the most important names in my life* ... and he does a GREAT job^^ THANK YOU <3 HEIKO <3

5th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 5 * <3 PATRICK <3 my ex boyfriend :* he showed me what glamour in Paris means: private castles, private luxury boats, ... and even a ride with a Rolls Royce in Paris* he was 23 y.o. and I was 19 y.o. * GLAM <3 PATRICK <3 my ex :*

5th dec: <3 10th week <3 doing workout at home on a daily basis* "it´s just a ride" :*

5th dec: " Ich kann Kunst. " ^^WHOOOUUUIOIIIII^^Geistesblitz^^ ... ist mir doch soeben meine neue Philosophie in den Kopf geschossen^^ ... "Ich kann Kunst." gefällt mir ja besser als "Kunst liebt." (welche ich seit 13 Jahren bisher hatte). "Kunst liebt." klingt ja doch sehr allgemein ... aber "Ich kann Kunst." hat einfach etwas seeeeehr persönliches. und JA! ich finde diese neue Philosophie passt zu mir*
"Ich kann Kunst."

wie ich darauf gekommen bin? : ganz einfach: nachdem ich die ganze Nacht gearbeitet hatte, jetzt noch etwas Sport, ein kleines Gemälde und ein Selbstportrait erstellt habe, ... hatte ich mich gerade ins Bett gelegt und mir die Frage gestellt, was ich denn eigentlich kann!? nach ein paar Minuten Verzweiflung, weil mir nichts eingefallen ist, was ich wirklich kann ... ist mir auf einmal "Ich kann Kunst!" als Gedankenblitz in den Kopf geschossen ...

5th dec: "Was ist Kunst?"

... und weil´s gerade so schön ist, ist mir doch auch gleich die Antwort auf die Frage aller Fragen eingefallen: "Was ist Kunst?"

Antwort: Im Moment in sich selbst und in/im anderen das Beste zu erkennen und diese Erkenntnis wahrnehmbar (sichtbar/hörbar/fühlbar/riechbar/schmeckbar/...) umzusetzen.
Das ist Kunst.

"Ich kann Kunst."

5th dec: <3 christmas stories <3 part one*

tomorrow I will visit an older straight couple original Berlin style* they are poor, but they like to smoke a looooot ... chain smoking* it´s always veeeery smoky in their living room. they are very nice and make me laugh many times. I will bring them a little painting as christmas present and will tell them that on the painting they see the ocean, blue sky and some flowers growing on a stone.
But in reality it is a painting of a grey Berlin street, where some flowers grew out of a hole and in the back there is a blue wall.
My paintings are not always about reality ... sometimes they are about dreams. and I want that couple to look at that little painting and makes them dream ... dream of something ... perhaps they will never see in reality in their whole life.

6th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 6 * <3 KERSTIN <3 I had some girlfriends and with Kerstin I have been together longest ... for about six months* she was 30 y.o. and I was 19 y.o. ... she looked like a fat woman jumped out of a Rubens painting. we had sex almost every day* she was awesome <3 KERSTIN <3

6th dec: <3 christmas stories <3 part two*

today I brought 23 of my paintings to my doctors Dr. Heiko and Dr. Arne Jessen and the whole team <3
they take care about my health since 12 years. and I wasn´t always easy to handle. it´s the minimum ... to give them some of my paintings as present. that´s my way to say THANK YOU to my wonderful doctors

6th dec: my paintings look perfect to me, when ... I´m able to imagine appearing them in a Luchino Visconti movie*

7th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 7 * <3 GUNTHER <3 my mentor <3 literally he picked me up from the street at the age of 19. he was part of the Austrian high society. friend of Falco, Luchino Visconti, ... he teached me that the basis for everything is: STYLE^^ he teached me how to talk, to dress, to eat, to organize dinner invitations, create parties, ... and to believe in myself by knowing my own worth. Gunther died three years ago, but he continues living in me ... by creating a big part of me* <3

7th dec: art is: "At the moment, seeing the best in oneself and in others, and translating these insights into something perceptible (visual, audible or palpable), that is art."

*whoooouuuuiiiii* I love that quote which one I created yesterday* I want to get remembered by words like those*
THANK YOU Jason Harrell <3 for that peeeeerfect english translation* love it <3

7th dec: yes, it´s true ... I´m on my way to create a brandnew person out of me^^ that means:
the way I talk will be different
the way I look like will be different
the way I dress myself will be different
the places I go out will be different
the style of my art will be different
my paintings will look different
my flat will look different
people who met me before will not recognize me ...
... even I will not recognize myself.

8th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 8 * <3 INGE <3 my lovely aunt <3 may she rest in peace <3 she made things happening for me ... which my parents couldn´t afford. when my aunt took me in a restaurant, then I was allowed to order a steak or a second piece of cake. in those moments she gave me the feeling of being "special" as human being. I´m very glad that I had her in my life <3 INGE <3

8th dec: chicken soup, drinking a lot of tea, whole day laying in bed and couch, cancelled appointments, not able to meet my beautiful lover, ... OH* it seems that I got sick :(

9th dec: "Berghain doesn´t fit to Berlin" <= yes, that´s my personal opinion. A place which JUDGES people by their faces! by their bodies! by their outfits!
That´s exactly the opposite of that what my art is teaching. Everybody deserves to be loved! Everybody deserves that their dreams become true! Everybody deserves to get treated as everyone else!
always ... I was and always I will be ... against actions which ones part of it is that some people are "not good enough".
Berlin is the city of love and Berghain is teaching the opposite.
"Berghain doesn´t fit to Berlin"

9th dec: btw did I mention aaaalready that my new moooost favorite song ... which I listen several times eeeeevery day ... is <3 Molly Nilsson´s <3 new song "Think Pink" :* LOVE IT <3

9th dec: Love Parade vs. Berghain

this is just my opinion: Love Parade turned Berlin into the ultimative city of love <3 when Love Parade left Berlin in 2003. Berlin got left in a state of shock. that was the moment for Berghain to grow and make itself the ultimative club of Berlin ... in the world. Berghain did profit by that what the Love Parade built up. But at the same time Berghain has been the complete opposite of everything what the Love Parade ever meant.
it´s time to bring the LOVE back the Berlin <3
<3 LOVE <3 the real reason why I moved to Berlin in october 2003. now we are soon in 2017 and it´s time that the sun of love rises again over Berlin <3

9th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 9 * <3 ALEXANDER <3 OOOOOH* I met a bunch of wonderful Alexanders in my life* pls let me mention those two perfect beautiful sexy Alexanders from my time at school. and that wonderful artdealer Alexander who believed in my art as almost no one did it when I started to paint in oil on canvas (he died in 2015. may he rest in peace <3 ) Alexanders have many faces ... and I love aaaaall of them <3 :* <3 ALEXANDER <3

10th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 10 * <3 ROMAN <3 the first BIG LOVE of my life <3 I will aaaaalways love him <3 ROMAN <3

10th dec: my reaction about my BERGHAIN posting from yesterday ( I made two, and now I´m talking about the one titled "Berghain doesn´t fit to Berlin" ): I CAN´T BELIEVE IT, THAT ... IN BERLIN ... I REALLY HAVE TO DISCUSS ABOUT IT, WHEN IT IS ABOUT <3 L O V E <3 pls read the comments there! ... but I´m very happy that most my friends understand me and know what I´m talking about <3 Thank You <3 :* <3

10th dec: con.troll.ed yo.utu.be ... finally I understand it!

some years ago ... when I was around with my black leather mask ... I created videos on yo.utu.be. I had one video where I was sitting in my bathtube, wearing my black leather mask. it got watched about 20000 times within some days. not even my butt was to see there. but the video disappeared ... got deleted by yo.utu.be. I never really understood why, but accepted it. in the past years I heard many such stories from other people who had fast growing videos there as well and they got deleted too.
all facts show, that yo.utu.be controls WHO has success there. they control WHO becomes popular there. obviously I did belong to those people, they didn´t want to reach a bigger audience there.
I forgot about that story ... but today it came to my minds again and it made me realize how it works ... when we are con.troll.ed ...

11th dec: * I got broken *

I got broken that many times in my life ... that meanwhile ... almost ...I don´t feel it anymore when something/someone breaks me.
I got broken by society, by public and private media, by best friends, by famous and rich people, by poor people, by my own family, by my own life, by my fate, ...
But nothing has been able to stop me ... to continue going my way, believing in my dreams, continue working on my art.

(.... and I think this is because I´m a stubbern capricorn born one =D )

11th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 11 * <3 ODO <3 born almost at the same time ... our parents have been neighbours ... they layed us laughing babies together and photographed us: he red haired with very white skin and me dark haired with kind of brown skin. we grew up together, but our lives became that much different as we optically looked like. he lives a life as someone lives it as a straight man in a village in a forrest. and live a life how a freaky queer gay does it in a big city. but something will connect us forever <3 ODO <3

12th dec: 11th week ... the past 3 days I had a cold, therefore I did a break, but since today I continue again with my workouts on a daily basis at home*

12th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 12 * <3 RENÉ <3 the moooost important person during the age 14 - 19 ... YES! PUBERTY! ... within those years I lived in a college ... the whole week. not to talk about being gay was a nightmare, but if I would have talked about it my life there would have been HELL! René was in my class and we have been best friends. he was gay too and in similar situation as I was. we kept eachother strong and supported eachother to finish the college. the first three years have been the hardest. I remember how René thought about it to quite the college. but together we made till the graduation. he will aaaalways be in my heart <3 RENÉ <3

12th dec: :* did I mention already how much it makes me happy ... to see ... how my paintings travel ... they are non stop on a journey ... and I loooooove it <3 ... Los Angeles, New York, London, Prague, Vienna, ... and those are just some of the destinations I know about ... my paintings are like birds in the sky ... they are free <3

Thank You a lot <3

13th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 13 * <3 BRIAN <3 ... in 2007 ... 2008 ... in those years I was praying for a wonder to happen ... a wonder which should change my life. this wonder came and happened when Brian appeared in my life. in 2014 he died. may he rest is peace. my love <3 BRIAN <3

14th dec: *advent calendar 2016 in oil on canvas* * 14 * <3 PASCUAL <3 I knew almost nothing about art before I met him. and without him ... perhaps ... I would have never started to paint with oil on canvas. Thank You Forever <3 PASCUAL <3



Instagram 2016
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just in the past weeks I started to learn how to use a mobile phone with touchscreen ...

... and since about 10 days&nights I became completely phascinated by Instagram

pls find me there on my brandnew account: www.instagram.com/patrickbartschberlin

or click just HERE



my hood ... october 2016
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it´s the area of Marlene Dietrich, Christopher Isherwood, Billy Wilder, Christiane F., David Bowie, Romy Haag, ...
I´m used to see guided tourists groups here ... with 5 to 8 people, but THAAAAT SIZE IS NEW ^^WZOOOOM^^
here he is explaining the name of the bar "Sally Bowles" ... that this was the name of Liza Minelli in the movie Cabaret

Berlin is changing ... as it always did ... and the world is still interessted in Berlin ... as it always has been



some postings which I created on facebook 17th september 2016 - 23rd october 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

18th sept: bei mir wird´s DIE LINKE ^^ ... für irgendeinen Kasperleverein muß man sich ja entscheiden *grrrrmmmllll* *hmmmpppfffff*

18th sept: Meine Birke ist weg! :(

Sie war eine sehr schöne Birke ... eine junge Birke ... bestehend aus drei Stämmen, welche jeweils einen Durchmesser von etwa 15 Centimeter hatten. Die Rinde war noch fast garnicht aufgebrochen. Das wunderschöne Weiss war ungebrochen. Sie fühlte sich sanft an und hinterließ einen leichten weissen Schimmer auf meinen Fingern.
Ich steichelte diese Birke jedesmal wenn ich vorbeiging und meist blieb ich stehen und blickte andächtig in die Höhe ... die in meine Richtung hängenden Zweige hinauf. Meine Birke kannte ich zu jeder Jahreszeit. Als ich neu in diese Wohnung in Schöneberg zog, machte ich täglich einen Spaziergang und in dieser Richtung ... in Richtung Wittenbergplatz ... KaDeWe ... wieder zurück in Richtung Viktoria-Louise-Platz ... kam ich immer an diesem wunderschönen, rötlichen, alten Gebäude vorbei. Es war eine Poststelle darin und ein kleiner Musikinstrumenteladen. Direkt daneben stand diese Birke. Ich freute mich meist schon viel früher auf sie ... lange bevor mein Weg an ihr vorbeiführte. Wir hatten eine tiefe Freundschaft ... wie man es als Mensch mit einer Pflanze haben kann. Sie tat mir gut und ich hoffentlich ihr auch.

Einige Zeit war ich schon nicht mehr an ihr vorbeigegangen. Doch heute war Wahltag in Berlin. Mittags bei Sonnenschein ging ich wählen ... in die Urania ... und beschloß danach ... nach langer Zeit wieder einmal meine Birke zu besuchen ... sie zu sehen ... sie zu berühren.
Als ich mich dem ehemaligen Postamtgebäude näherte sah ich bereits diese Eisencontainer, welche man immer bei Baustellen sieht. Das Postamtgebäude war eingezäunt und es wurde offensichtlich daran gearbeitet. Es war leer ... auch das Musikgeschäft war weg. Am Eck steht eine Infotafel welche erklärt, daß hier Wohnungen reinkommen und stolz danaben ein Sticker mit "über 70 % bereits verkauft!". Eine ältere Dame gesellte sich dazu und informierte sich ebenso an diesem Schild. Ich sagte lediglich zu ihr "überall nur noch Wohnungen", wobei sie mir lediglich entgegnete "keine Post mehr".

Auf einmal überkam mich ein mulmiges Gefühl, welches mich drängte nachzusehen, wie es meiner Birke ginge. Doch als ich ihrem Platz näher kam, sah ich, daß sie weg war. Ein großer roter Bagger stand an ihrem Platz und daneben eine riesige Baugrube. Ich war entsetzt und wurde zugleich traurig, da ich mir für einen Moment vorstellte wie sie meine wunderschöne, weiße Birke wohl abgesägt und ihre Wurzel aus der Erde gerissen hatten. Mein Herz blutete. Ich hatte einen Freund mit samtiger weisser Rinde verloren.

Es ist heute Wahl in Berlin und wer auch immer gewinnt, er/sie wird mir meine Birke nicht wieder zurückbringen ...

19th sept: <3 WANTED <3 100 models <3

the plan: 100 portraits ... in oil on canvas ... Patrick Bartsch style ... size 24 x 30 ^^ (YEAHS^^ those are 100 empty canvases next to me*)
the way: if you are interessted pls come to one of my open studios wednesdays. then I take with my camera a portrait of your face and then I will paint it (in the following weeks).

... aaaaand *äääöööhmmm* SORRY! for that weeeeiiiiird 90´s style posing on that picture =D and those soooocks =D

see you soon :* <3

20th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about heaven and hell in Berlin XoP

21st sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about my exhibition "Berlin Years" in 2009, about some other stuff and how I met wonderful Margot Köstlin <3

22nd sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about this and that and this and that ... and how I met Tilda Swinton <3 and Joe Dallesandro <3

24th sept: and this is how my life as artist really looks like:

it´s saturday evening around 8.30 p.m. ... I just took a shower and prepare myself to go to bed soon. outside I hear people who are sitting outside of bars ... how they laugh and have fun. it needs all my energy to stay in bed and fall asleep. because tomorrow sunday early morning I wake up at around 6.30 a.m. ... between 7 a.m. till 12 a.m. it´s the time when I have the most concentration ... also the street outside is veeeery quite ... then I continue writing on my new book. I do that every day and every weekend possible ... also when I work on new paintings.
in the afternoon and early evening I´m most of the time completly alone. I´m busy with my head ... the thinking in my head. I bring my mind down on a veeeeery relaxed level. only from that level I can create creative work which I´m satisfied with by myself for 100 percent.
this way of loneliness belongs to my job ... and to many other artists job. it´s the opposite of an exciting life. the exciting things are happening in my head ... and this is what I bring down when I write and create paintings in oil on canvas.

this was my goodnight story* goodnight to all my fb friends <3 and pls think about me, when you do party somewhere :* and SORRY! that it is not possilbe for me ... right now ... to be with you* ... but times are changing and another night we will party together again :* and I´m looking forward to it already :* I love you

25th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about Berghain, BlueBoyBar, ZirkusParty, ... and how I met Isa Genzken <3 and Rainer Fetting <3

26th sept: ^^ TOURISTS ALAAARM ^^

it´s the area of Marlene Dietrich, Christopher Isherwood, Billy Wilder, Christiane F., David Bowie, Romy Haag, ...
I´m used to see guided tourists groups here ... with 5 to 8 people, but THAAAAT SIZE IS NEW ^^WZOOOOM^^
here he is explaining the name of the bar "Sally Bowles" ... that this was the name of Liza Minelli in the movie Cabaret

Berlin is changing ... as it always did ... and the world is still interessted in Berlin ... as it always has been :*

26th sept: btw: my new book ^^ the story of Master Patrick ^^ will be FIRST published in ENGLISH language, because I want that my english speaking friends <3 understand what I´m talking about. further more: the book is planed to be published on one of my websites and it will be for FREE to read for everyone.

26th sept: R.I.P. Harry <3
(on the picture the man on the right side with the "2" on his sweater)

perhaps you never saw him
perhaps you never talked to him
perhaps you never met him
but Harry was there from the very beginning when the club Ficken3000 opened
Harry was there when we boarded with PORKparty and ICKYparty the club
Harry was responsible for everything in the club Ficken3000 ... for technic, ... any help needed ... any time.
I met him in the first years eeeeevery sunday night.
in the past months he lost his power and last week he died
I will miss Harry <3

27th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about "dreams become true" and the reaction of my mom <3 and my dad <3

27th sept: ... and each time when I work on my blog (and it´s a looot of work* but I like that kind of work*), then I realize, that I have a <3 GOOD LIFE <3 because of <3 YOU <3 ... all of you who spend their time with me and make my life that much wonderful <3 THANK YOU <3 I LOVE YOU <3

and as always, when I post about it, then I put... some news on my blog ...

28th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about my life with Brian-Tennessee Claflin <3 ... and the reason why I started to create paintings in oil on canvas*

29th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about work work work work work work ... and Barack Obama in Berlin in the year 2008*


give them back their CULTURE:
let them sing and dance again
let them get dressed in colorful outfits
let them do small talks about the latest fashion for haircuts
let them do movies and theatre of free choice

(comment on video about women in Saudi Arabia)

1st oct: Patrick´s inner monolgues: about Nietzsche´s "Thus spoke Zarathustra"

perhaps some of the most important words I´ve ever listened to. I found it on youtube and needed about two months to get through the whole text. Every word was worth it to understand, but it also meant to me to be sceptical about every word he said. many times I had an inner discussion with Friedrich Nietzsche. sometimes I had another opinion as he had it. I think this is very important to take that text not as ultimative wisdom. He was a human being as everyone else is. he was for sure not perfect, but it was one of the most perfect lyrics I ever got in contact with.
I think that everybody in school already should get in contact with the whole text. it is never too early and never too late to work out "Thus spoke Zarathustra". I´m 42 years old now and his text reached me at the right time. he gave me answers for questions about my life and life in general ... and new questions too. philosophical texts changed the world. there is a reason for it that Sokrates, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, ... are big names in human history and to understand the reason about it, it is absolutly necessary to get in contact with their philosophical lyrics.

my next text I plan to get in contact with, will be Nietzsches "the antichrist"
... can´t wait!

2nd oct: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about life&death ... and the reason why I changed the black leather mask in a golden leather mask*

3rd oct: okokok* how do you name that when men in their forties start to do SPORTS again!? =D it´s not a midlife-crisis *LOL* ... I just realized that I lost my physical power somewhere in the past decades* ... so I started today veeeery simple with 30 push-ups* and plan to continue on a daily basis from now on* ... and here you see picture number one* ( I know! the first picture is aaaalways the funniest =D )

4th oct: today radio show "Green Tea Berlin" with wonderful Krista Krull on 3 pm. Alex Berlin 91.0
YES! she asked me about eeeeeverything :*

4th oct: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" .... today I wrote about the reason why the weekly Open Studio started ... and how I met wonderful, beautiful ROMY HAAG <3

4th oct: Patrick Bartsch Interview on Green Tea Berlin*

5th oct: question: "tranny" or "Transe" or "what" ?

my wonderful friend Brian <3 who died about two years ago gave me as reaction, when I told him about 4 years ago, that I wrote a book about Berlin and he is also part of it: "you should have made a tranny out of me!"
now I´m writing the new book "the story of Master Patrick". it´s a story about my life with the mask and 70 percent have nothing to do with Brian, but those 30 percent where Brian is part of it. There I want to make his wish come true and will "make a tranny out of him."
BUT now my problem: the word "tranny" and in the german version of the book, the word "Transe" are not political correct. ... but in Brian´s saying the word "tranny" was what he wanted to be ...
Now pls what should I do? which words should I use for Brian? "tranny" or "transgender" and in german: "Transe" oder "Transsexuelle" ?

5th oct: ^^ THE BELL DOESN´T WORK ^^ pls write me before on fb or knock on my door or balcony window*

Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio is open now*

6th oct: when I was young, then I watched "Platoon"
and today I watched "Zwischen Welten" ... a movie about a group of German soldiers in the war in Afghanistan (year 2014)
both movies are on the same intense level.
nothing has changed in that world.
even not that, that I still watch war from the outside.

I watched the movie, because I want to understand better the people of Afghanistan who came here to Germany.

6th oct: Patrick´s inner monologues: retrospectively I realize how much I lost myself after Brians death in june 2014. with Brians death I lost all my perspective for my own life. I wasn´t able and wasn´t interessted in reaching other people, family, friends and myself. this resulted in a situation that I lived a life out of control for more than two years. I brought myself into dangerous situations and would have accepted any consequences.
about five weeks ago I woke up. For Brian I reserved a place in my heart which belongs to him forever. and I opened myself again for the life ... my life here on that planet. since five weeks I´m sober and even started to do sports. Art ... and especially to paint is the most important work in my life and if you look exactly, then you will realize that there is not really that much passion in the work I did in the past two years. the number one reason for my paintings of the past two years was: to keep myself busy for the reason that I don´t think too much. Thinking too much would have made me crazy and brought my life much more out of control.
Now the book writing has first of all a therapeutic reason. with writing I close a chapter of my life. I need that to get my mind free again.
Further more I get more and more interessted again in life ... in my life with other people, family, friends and myself. that project "100 portraits" which I started recently ... comes from the deepest bottom of my heart. It reflects my new interests in humans, society and the living on that planet.
I started to care again! I started to learn to live a life without Brian <3

7th oct: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about who bought my first painting ... and how I met wonderful Kim Dallesandro <3 and wonderful Matt Lambert <3

7th oct: "Ravel" ballet at the state theatre Schwerin ^^ that looks PHANTASTIC ^^ love the concept and the design of the show <3 (pls watch the video at the link)

7th oct: final spurt with my new book "the story of Master Patrick"

tomorrow I will write the last chapter of the book.
and then 3 more steps to do:
1st: to choose pictures which fit for the book. for that I need to check my photo archive with about 120 000 photographies of the past 13 years.
2nd: to work out the whole book again. to put the photographies together with the right text and doing corrections in the text.
3rd: to translate the book in english, because I wrote it in german language.

... and then I will put BOTH versions on my website www.berlinlosangeles.com (right now you see there the title collage of the book which I wrote in the year 2012, which was named "David Bowie´s Children" and was a book about Berlin and the international creative scene in Berlin)

... so I think in 6 weeks ... perhaps earlier, perhaps later ... the book "the story of Master Patrick" will be able to find there* ... for free :*

8th oct: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today ... in the last chapter ... I wrote about the reason why I stopped wearing the mask.

8th oct: time for a new painting* ... a painting for the female side in each one of us <3 (INTIMACY)

8th oct: is on the way to the event " The Matter of Absence " in Berghain* <3 Happy Birthday Florian Hetz <3

9th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I have chosen the first 41 photographies ... such as this one: me as "young Master Patrick" with one of my "slaves" in the year 2005*

10th oct: now it´s one week that I started doing sports at home ... every day ... something*

10th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I have chosen some more pictures ... such as this one ... one of my DVD covers: when I directed and created movies such as this one* ... running around in Berlin with a full rubber guy* (year 2004)

10th oct: *mmmjjammmmyyyy* that was gooooood =P *yellow caulifower with original ham Prague style ("Prager Schinken") =P

10th oct: question: Is Fetish/SM/Bondage a taboo topic?

*äöhhmmm* ... pls first take a deeeeep breath ... now relax ... and here is the answer: let´s make it short: since one of the most famous photographers Robert Mapplethorpe did his fetish photographies in the 80ies and 90ies. and Madonna picked up that theme with "Erotica" on 20th october 1992 ... Fetish/SM/Bondage is NOT a taboo !!!
When "Erotica" got published ... the WHOLE WORLD talked about it for the following 2 or 3 years !!! at that time I was 18 years old ... and some years later ... I just did that in real life what Madonna showed in her video and "SEX" book.
and today with the book "the story of Master Patrick" I write about it, how my journey was and how the world reacted on me. <= that much simple is it!

love you bitches :* <3

11th oct: one of my favorite buildings in Berlin is burning :( very close to my flat (Europacenter)

11th oct: ... since about 50 years the Mercedes Star on the top of the Europacenter is spinning around. now ... since 10 minutes ... it stands still.
weight of 3 tons and 10 meters diameter ...

11th oct: h34o5gf 43o

I photograph, but I´m not a photographer
I create sculptures, but I´m not a sculptor
I write, but I´m not a writer
I create fashion, but I´m not a fashion designer
I do performances, but I´m not a performer
I make movies, but I´m not a movie maker
I sing, but I´m not a singer
I paint, but I´m not a painter
I write poems, but I´m not a poet
I create art, but I´m not an artist

I´m just an h34o5gf 43o

12th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... more pics ... such as this one: Patrick Bartsch aka the young Master Patrick* at that time my slaves did wear my black leather mask*

13th oct: Patrick´s inner monologues: everyone and everything is a painting to me

my view on everyone and everything has changed. I see paintings everywhere. I see different colors. I see my surroundings in layers ... ready to paint. I see your photographies and postings on facebook ... as paintings. and I would wish to paint everyone and everything. I would wish to create 100 paintings and more ... every day. it´s an very intense feeling ... and I love it that way

14th oct: the book "the story of Master Patrick" will be about: Life Love Dreams

exactly three times I was supposed to die (as 7 months old fetus, in the age of 18 and at age 23). I stopped questioning why I´m still alive. I learned to accept death as much as life. and as wisdom I took for myself: "to care about death, when I´m dead and as long as I´m alive, I care about life."
the book will be about:
* making dreams come true.
* ... what "rise like a Phoenix" means in real life.
* living every day as it would be the last one.
* and that "love" is the greatest power for a human being.

the book will be about the life, love and dreams of one person. not more ... and not less.

14th oct: my highlight of the day =D : ^^ WOW ^^ just put my veeeeeery first photo on Instagram* <= finally I got it how it´s working*

15th oct: *sKDJFdlhfwe8* <= that much I understand SNAPCHAT so far xoP , but at least I created an account just right now with "bartschpatrick"

*hmmmmm* are you using it too?

15th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I have chosen some more pictures ... such as this one, when we did a Mona Lisa photoshooting in the Grunewald*

15th oct: *ääähmmm* if you want to see my latest FRESH paintings ... directly when they are done ... then pls follow me on instagram* because: I like instagram and want to use it more often :* <3

16th oct: busy working on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I have chosen some more pictures ... such as this one, when A M A Z I N G Ades Zabel <3 and A M A Z I N G Francesco De Nittis <3 did a photoshooting with me*

17th oct: my new passion^* now in the third week doing sports ... or better name it "fitness" ... on a daily basis ... at home* ... and it feels reeeaaallllly good*

20th oct: I know that it sounds stupid, but: "rich people who celebrate their wealth with driving Rolls Royce or/and Ferrari" are veeeeery similar to me. as artist and since five years as painter ... I celebrate it being poor. I celebrate it to struggle with my financial situation and non-stop thinking about how to continue as working artist and to paint. <= this feeling puts me in a situation almost all my role models had to life their lifes too (Van Gogh, Caravaggio, ... and YES! I love Ernst Ludwig Kirchner <3 ). Being hungry and being creative about how to continue working is one of the basis of my work.
but of course ... being poor doesn´t need to continue all my life. I mean I have also another role model: Picasso the first self-made artist millionaire*

(in the article which I put in the comments, their is written about how Ernst Ludwig Kirchner used for several paintings the same stretcher frame (because he had no money to buy stuff for new stretcher frames). and this is why recently they discovered another painting under an already known painting.


I have never heard that name before. today someone showed me a documentary about that extraordinairy artist. ... and while watching it ... I realized that I used one of his drawings ... 25 years ago ... when at school we needed to create a drink menu ... and for the cover ... I decided to do an interpretation of a drawing I´ve seen in a magazine. all my life ... till today I was wondering who the artist was ... and since today I know his name: <3 RENEE GRUAU <3

21st oct: it was a long dream. in the first part of the dream I was around with some dangerous people. (a situation which I don´t want to discribe now, because it would be veeeery complicated to discribe it). later in that dream I was in a big rustical house with a loooot of wonderful people. it was a kind of private party. I had a good time there. Brian was there too and when our ways crossed at the party, then we hugged eachother for a long time. happy to see eachother. it was clear that we both do miss eachother. without that he asked me, I wishpered in his ear "I have to stay here (with "here" I meant "on that planet") a little bit longer, because I have some work to do." he looked at me that way, where just his eyes talked and meant "I know.". He was on that party for real. it was just me knowing about his magical power and that he was dead. to everyone else he seemed to be alive. we had fun being together. I showed him some photographies which I took while he wasn´t here. on one photography there were to see two people and inbetween of them there was some empty space left. when he saw that picture, then he touched the photography and in that moment his finger reached it, then a hologram of him appeared on the photography. he smiled and said "look here I am on that picture too". I laughed, was happy about it and looked around that no one else sees the magic, because only I knew about his magic. then ... later I asked him if he wants to drink something too. He wanted a beer, but in that moment someone else gave him a beer which someone drank before. Brian took it and was happy about it and gave me a sign that I don´t need to bring a beer for him now. later in that dream I was laying in a bed in a big room and it was that much dark that I could see almost nothing. normally I never stand up in that room. but this time I felt that Brian is in the room and wants me to follow him. So I stood up and walked around in that dark room, just following Brian, whom I couldn´t see too. we went in another room which one was dark too. I told him, that I never walk around there, because it is dark and I can´t see anything. but I trust Brian and when we have been in the other room, then I realized, that someone else came in the room and went to that place where I was laying some minutes before. that person planed to do something bad to me. in that moment I realized, that Brian saved me from a dangerous situtation...

and then I woke up ...
dreams like that .... dreams with Brian-Tennessee Claflin ... I have many times ... and all of them are beautiful <3 we are always happy to meet eachother in my dreams <3 normally he doesn´t want that I talk about those dreams, but tonite ... after some discussions ... he was fine with that, that I write the dream here on facebook

22nd oct: of course no imitate ... it´s the REAL 24 CARAT GOLD which I use for the "100 portraits" paintings in oil on canvas* ... you know that I love you <3

22nd oct: to describe my paintings with my own words: they are colorful sketches in oil on canvas ... of a sense of life which exists in Berlin*

22nd oct: also ich muss das jetzt nochmal für mich in deutsch festhalten! letztendlich verstehe ich deutsch auch besser*
meine heutige Erkenntnis: Meine Gemälde sind nichts anderes als SKIZZEN ... Skizzen wie man diese früher mit dem Kugelschreiber während dem Telefonieren machte! ... und meine Skizzen stellen ganz einfach das Leben in Berlin dar ... und diese Skizzen erstelle ich mit Öl auf Leinwand.

So einfach sind meine Gemälde zu beschreiben!

... lange, lange, laaaaaange habe ich nach einer passenden Beschreibung gesucht*

"Skizzen in Öl auf Leinwand über das Lebensgefühl in Berlin" <= das klingt doch passend und gut*

23rd oct: today I needed to paint again* ... a big one* ... and finally ... after 10 months ... I finished my date paintings 1974 till 2016



my hood ... august/september 2016
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*whhhoooouuuiiii* my neighbours ... the TABASCO bar celebrated 25 years *CONGRATULATIONS*
... and YES! of course I went there to eat some Bratwurst (hot sausage) and drink a beer*

and another fierce movie shooting in the street where I live* I LOVE THAT HOOD <3



*hmmmmpf* 6th september 2016
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^^ lentils with sausage ^^ after 8 hours on the stove *hmmmppppffff*

... and yes! I think that something like that happened to almost everyone of us =OP

what happened? : I felt asleep XoP


book "the story of Master Patrick" 1st september 2016
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just started with the brainstorming for my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... it´s very rare that I do journeys into the past of my life ... but when I do it ... then it´s always intense ...


some postings which I created on facebook 22nd august 2016 - 16th september 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

22nd aug: OF COURSE ... I have plans WHERE to end up with my paintings! ... THANK YOU Katya Falkóv for that AMAZING present <3 LOOOOVE YOU <3 (Kommentar zum Foto mit Hermitage Tüte)

23rd aug: .... and today for me: the ^^ LASAGNE ALL I CAN EAT ^^ party =D =P

25th aug: " the story of Master Patrick " ... today I had a wonderful talk with a very interessting guy. He told me, that I should write a book about ... how "wearing my mask" started in 2005 till the end in 2014.
I never thought about it ... but I like the idea ... and I should really do it. I have already 4 finished (unpublished, because I never looked for a publisher and also don´t know how to do it) books in my archiv. and "the story of Master Patrick" should be my fifth one ... and I know already the first 2 words*

25th aug: the book " the story of Master Patrick "

I´m already in full emotions for that book I plan to write in the first weeks of september.
when writing a book ... then the most important thing are the first words, how the book starts ... the second most important thing is the first page. then it is about to write the book in one way. <= that means, that I write on it every day till it´s finished. I start to write in the morning after I woke up and then I write some hours. in the evening I do brainstorming and notice some words ... so I know what to write about on the next day. and I do this for about 2 to 3 weeks.
I mean I´m able to type 2000 letters in 10 minutes. <= this is faster than talking. I love to write books ... because it gives me the possibility to end with a phase of my life. I wrote already a book about my time in Vienna, another one about my first years in Berlin, another one about my years as fetish/sm/bondage master, and another one about my life as artist in general (<= this one is still in work). so this book " the story of Master Patrick " should be my fifth one. but it means also, that I will be buuuuuuuuusyyyyyyy in the first weeks of september ...

26th aug: when nothing becomes everything

sometimes I do nothing ... literally nothing ... sometimes for hours ... sometimes even days & nights
while doing nothing ... something grows deep inside of me ... like a flower or a tree or a volcano
at the end it blossoms ... or explodes ... like a volcano does it.
those are the moments when I create my paintings ... and write my books

OMG I can´t wait to start writing my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... once again and for the last time in my life ... I will go through those years between 2005 and 2014 ... when I was running around in public with a black and golden leather mask ...

28th aug: " old friendships "

I´m 42 years old ... and that age made a very special moment possible: today I met a friend whom I haven´t seen for about 19 years.
at that time we lived together in a big flat in Vienna. then we lost contact and some years ago we found eachother on facebook.
Today we met eachother in Berlin and it was M A G I C ^^ ... a feeling which I never had before.
a lot of things happened in the past 19 years, but when I sat together with him today ... then I realized, that this person remembers me (and how I really am) perhaps better, than I do it by myself.
it was that much constructive and intense ... an good energy which brought me up ... and I´m sure, that this good feeling will last for a while ...

never underestimate the power of "old friendships" <3

30th aug: you have money ... I am poor .......... you go on holidays ... I stay at home and write a book

when I write "poor" (money), then I mean, that normally I have (after paying the basic bills) about 20 to 40 euros for the whole week ... for buying cloths, going on parties,... and right now I have 7 euros for the rest of the week.
it´s my very own decision that I am poor. I decided to go the way of an artist ... the hell hard stony way ... the poor way ... the solitude way ... the way where I get humiliated, ignored, hated ... BUT some of you (and you know who you are <3 :* <3 ) ... you love me ... and you are the glas of water for me ... while I am walking through the desert.

I had years while living here in Berlin, where even I didn´t have enough money to buy an underground ticket to go somewhere. that happened also during my years as "Master Patrick" when I did wear my black leather mask and got invited to some of the most fanciest parties and places in Berlin to meet some of the most fabulous people from that planet. I was fine with that life ...

today I have a regular part time job in a hotel (OH! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! yes. I have a regular job in a hotel which pays my bills and gives me enough spare time to be/live/work as artist.
and beginning on this friday I have 2 weeks holidays =D <= this is the reason, why on friday I will start to write the book "the story of Master Patrick"

pls let me write it that way: I have nothing else to do during my holidays then that what I really want to do: being creative*

1st sept: just started with the brainstorming for my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... it´s very rare that I do journeys into the past of my life ... but when I do it ... then it´s always intense ...

3rd sept: it flows easy ... writing the book "the story of Master Patrick" ... I write and write and write ... but sometimes I need a break, because I write about something very personal ... very intense ... about love, passion, dramas, darkness of the night and sunshine during the day* this picture I took of a friend of mine in 2003 when I lived in Cologne* this is where I am right now with writing the book. he is wearing the mask, which one I should wear some years later in public in Berlin ...

3rd sept: sometimes ... some flowers ... are especially beautiful ... in my garden ... *ääööhmm* I mean balcony Berlin style <3 ... those little yellow roses grow very beautiful <3 ... it´s the first time that I have roses growing in my "garden" and I love them <3 a loooot <3 when I smell them, then sometimes even they let me forget for a second that I life in a dangerous redlight district*

4th sept: today I wrote about my first year in Berlin ... in my first flat in Wedding ... and my first exhibition* at that time eeeeeeverything was new&exciting to me* ... in 2004/2005

6th sept: ach übrigens: RESPEKT!

AfD, AfD, AfD

nur mal so nebenbei: hier in Deutschland wird zur Zeit so ziemlich jeder beschimpft, welcher politisch eine andere Meinung vertritt.
Man tendiert zu Verallgemeinerungen, wie "die aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", "die Alten", usw.
und/oder man beschimpft gleich direkt: versucht Menschen mit anderen Meinungen mundtot zu machen, wobei hier ALLE rethorischen Mittel erlaubt sind! wie zum Beispiel erst kürzlich über Alice Schwarzer gelesen wie sie jemand als "nicht mehr so helles Köpfchen" beschrieb.

Ich denke mir dabei immer wieder: WAS SOLL DAS EIGENTLICH!? Diese Respektlosigkeit gegenüber Menschen welche Öffentlich ihre eigene Meinung kundtun!

... und übrigens: nicht jeder welcher am Anfang eines Postings 3mal "AfD" schreibt ist auch automatisch ein Sympathisant dieser Partei!

6th sept: ^^ lentils with sausage ^^ after 8 hours on the stove *hmmmppppffff*
pls any recommendations what I should do with that pot? should I put directly in the trash or is there any possibility to "clean" that?
... and yes! I think this happened to all of us =OP
... and how do I get that terrible smell out of my flat ????

7th sept: I know that something FIERCE is gonna happen :* <3 YhaYha x ICKY <3

8th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about my first appearance in public at TeddyAward/Berlinale 2006 ^^*

8th sept: OMG IS IT REALLY THE SCAR OF A BEAUTY SURGERY!? answer: yes, it is :* ... running around without masks makes me doing things like that :) ... and I feel gooood <3

9th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about Schöneberg in 2004 and my first Berlin friends <3 such as Pascual :* <3

9th sept: busy ... busy ... always busy* just worked out my NEW flyer* the story of my life ... and a story of Berlin*

10th sept: busy with writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about Hustlaball Berlin with Lady Bunny and Jeff Stryker, how I met Bruno Gmünder , and some other stuff*

10th sept: CALAMARI ALAAAARM *wzooom* they have been delicious =P

11th sept: BIG THX to eeeeveryone <3 it was heavenly PHANTASTIC with you <3 :* LOOOVE YOU <3 (Folsom Berlin)

12th sept: ^^ YEEAHHYEAHH ^^ just opened my INSTAGRAM account* could pls someone check if it is possible to find me there? I opened it with @patrickbartschberlin and as picture there is just the Queen painting there right now* :*

12th sept: Instagram ... and I can´t wait to use it

I´m not really a multitasking person. I like to concentrate on one thing.
I love facebook and aaaaall of you <3 , but I got annoyed by facebook itself with their changings all time and the name policy and other stuff.
I can´t wait to start ... and will start veeeery soon with my BRANDNEW Instagram account @patrickbartschberlin

of course I will post here sometimes, ... but I mean: also myspace ended once ... perhaps my time on facebook will end too ...

if you like my open-minded, crazy, lovely, okokok sometimes annoying, honest postings, then pls find me on Instagram*

it feels like ... that a new life will start with my new Instagram account <3

13th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about Lifeball, Helmut Berger, Nina Hagen, RTL and some other stuff <3 :*

14th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about Rosa von Praunheim, Brian´s reaction when he realized, that I wear a mask in public, and my veeeery first time at Ficken3000 (yes, on the pic the little black spot, that´s me with the mask in 2008 :) )

14th sept: Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio means: sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee, eating fresh cake and talking about Oskar Kokoschka and Thomas Mann* Thank You for that woooonderful afternoon <3

15th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about this and that and this and that :*

16th sept: busy writing on my new book "the story of Master Patrick" ... today I wrote about the first year at glam PORKparty and how I met fabulous Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin <3 :*

16th sept: ich weiß noch garnicht wen ich morgen wählen soll ... *hmmmppffff*

16th sept: moments ... sometimes ... change the whole life

about 3 weeks ago a guy wrote me on gayromeo (whoooiii* yes! I´m also on gayromeo =P ). I haven´t met someone from there since yeeeeaaars. but this time it was a guy who seemed to be nice AND he lives about 3 minutes walk away from my flat. I went there and it was perfect ... a perfect sexy guy ... perfect sex ... and nothing more which could have made it complicated.
on the way home I met wonderful Florian Hetz on the street and it was the first time that we talked to eachother, even I know about his existence since about 10 years. we had a wonderful talk and he gave me the idea to write a book about my years with the mask. Never before I had the idea to do that, but I felt very comfortable with that idea. ... and on the following day I started to write.

in the past months I didn´t feel very well and because of that I drank sometimes too much and took also other stuff (and too much of it). I did some months of "hard partying". about two weeks ago I felt asleep after I did party for about 30 hours, when I had a pot on my stove. when I woke up ... about 8 hours later ... everything inside the pot was burnt in and I realized, that I almost burnt down my flat. it was sign enough to stop with drinking alcohol and other stuff. ... and the best thing about it, is: that with writing the book I found something which really got me ... in a good way. I´m happy with that ... with the writing and take everything which should come (or not) after I publish it in some weeks and of course for free and I will put the link here for you on fb.
now I´m sober since almost exactly 10 days and it feels good ... I miss nothing ... because I have something new, which excites me more.
and everything started with a message on gayromeo, which made me stand up from my couch. ...

... moments ... sometimes ... change the whole life*


some postings which I created on facebook 19th july 2016 - 21st august 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

19th july: OH* look what I found while cleaning the flat: a cd which Brian-Tennessee created for me in the year 2008* those songs have been some of his most favorite songs at that time and he played them non-stop when he startet PORKparty* I think someone of you would perhaps like to see that song list too <3

19th july: OMG that was mmjammmmy goooooood =P ^^ Schillerlocke ^^ ( strip of smoked rock salmon ) =P

20th july: Berlin CSD after afterhour at ICKY =D :* <3

24th july: ^^ no mobile phone, no television, no cd player, (almost) no laptop ... an eremite´s life ... MY eremite´s life ^^ ... and I´m not in a hurry to change that situation ...

my laptop felt on the floor ... one week ago. and now it needs to get repaired.
I have no television since 14 years, no cd player since 6 years, no mobile phone since 1 year, and now no laptop too. (just using my old laptop, which is working only about 1 hour per day, because it heats up very fast.)
and now my life feels that much "good" as I haven´t felt it since maaaaany years. I meet people on my balcony, at my weekly open studio and at the weekly Icky party.
my life feels completly relaxed: I realize more the color of the sky, the taste of the air that I breathe, I take more time for eating, ...
my senses get more and more sharpened. I realize more my surroundings ... my flat, the street, the people, ... when guests come to my flat (especially when they stay several hours), then it is a completly special situation, because we look into eachothers eyes, we listen to eachothers stories, ... <= all of that is a feeling which I had about 35 years ago, when I was a little child and there was almost no technic around me.
I´m a painter and I need sharpened senses <= I think this is part of my job and expected! ... and as you perhaps know: I want to be one of the best ... THE BEST PAINTERS
one of my best friends (since school* and btw: neeeever underestimate the power of "old" friends. I love you Martina<3 ) made me realize that most of my paintings look kind of "dark" (even when I don´t use black in my paintings). and now ... in future ... I plan to create more colorful and bright paintings. <= it´s actually the feeling I have with almost no technical things around me.

let´s see how long my eremite´s life phase will last ... I mean: other people go for that in the forrest or on an little island ... and I do that IN THE CENTER OF BERLIN =D ... and it feels goooood <3 :*

26th july: just another ... *ääääöööhmmmmm* SELF PORTRAIT =D (the DADDY painting)

27th july: my paintings are not about being "beautiful" ... my paintings are "real" ... and being "real" is "beautiful" <3

27th july: ^^ ignored ^^

not one magazine wrote about my work as painter. even not mentioned it somewhere. <= that makes me feel ... being ignored *hmmmpfffff*

I mean I do it now since about four years ... created about 500 paintings in oil on canvas. and about 120 of them found owners in many parts of that world.

I feel ignored by media ... *hmmmpppffff*

31st july: Brian teached me, that the only right answer for every ... eeeeeevery question ... is: <3 L O V E <3

5th aug: sometimes in life ... you meet someone ... someone special ... and the most important reason, why you meet that person, is ... that he is opening a new door in your life ... a door to a another level in your life

I met such a special person some days ago ... in the morning on an empty street. we know eachother since some months and on that morning we decided to spend the whole day together and have just a good time. we listened to Beethoven ... we talked and laughed together ... we did some hypnosis. ... or better to say: he did some hypnosis with me. and it was A M A Z I N G ^^ he took me literally on another level with my life.

and now ... I feel different ... somehow NEW *

5th aug: in the past weeks I wasn´t really in the mood to finish paintings. I just started with paintings. and now there are about 30 unfinished paintings in my studio ... and I should really think about it to finish them*

7th aug: just finished* ... an interpretation of a photography which I took in the year (I think it was) 2006 in Berlin of one of my moooost favorite French fashion designers ... GLAAAAM Naco Paris <3

9th aug: Brian´s words forever* ... when Brian had the feeling, that someone wants to think/say/do something "bad", then Brian always said with a very special vocal sound those words before: DON´T EVEN TRY

10th aug: ... and sometimes ... while painting ... I feel that stubborn little child inside of me ... which screams " I DON´T CARE IF SOMEONE LIKES MY PAINTINGS! I PAINT WHAT I WANT TO PAINT! " ... and I´m capricorn born ... I know what it means to be stubborn =D

11th aug: it´s " I <3 U " written on it <3

11th aug: this saturday will be THE LAST OPEN STUDIO on a saturday* ... because then the Open Studio will happen EVERY WEDNESDAY*

12th aug: Patrick Bartsch´s the last Open Studio on a saturday

solitude was the most important reason, why I started with that event about 3 1/2 years ago. before I was completly alone at home ... almost nobody came here to visit me. I felt lost in a big city.

actually I know it from old people, when they meet eachother one time a week for drinking coffee and eating cake. <= and that should have been the solution for my misery. it was an absolutly win-win situation. if someone came here then it was AWESOME and when no one came, then I had at least my flat cleaned and some fresh cake here to eat. and from those about 180 times I did that Open Studio ... perhaps just 8 times no one came here. that means: on 172 saturdays in the past 3 1/2 years ... I had AWESOME guests here. I would say about 300 people came here to visit me ... eating cake with me ... and watching the progress of my painting work.

I remember uncountable amazing saturday afternoons and evenings. most of the time we have been just a handfull of people. it started on 9th march 2013 and when great Henry de Winter was one of the first guests, then I knew that I will love those Open Studio saturdays. very important for me was also that my love Brian-Tennessee Claflin loved it ... he even shared it on his facebook wall (and that meant a loooot!). I remember fierce moments with lovely Kim Dallesandro and wonderful Jason Harrell. I remember wild party nights with Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner and their awesome friends. I remember chilled evenings with <3 Smeeta Narang ... I remember phantastic moments with people who brought their beautiful dogs here ... such as Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo and Jared Abbott. I remember that the youngest guest was a some weeks old baby and the oldest guest was 90 years old. I remember moments with <3 Friedrich Lippe and <3 Nathan Duc Koestlin and <3 Ralf Schlegel and <3 Alexander Huber and <3 Ira Kormannshaus and <3 Mati Lempart and many many maaaaaaany more <3

THANK YOU! you healed me! you healed my body and my soul! I´m not feeling lonely anymore ... here in Berlin! because of you <3 ... all of you <3

this saturday it will be the last time on a saturday, because you also invited me ... and finally it is time for me, that I follow YOUR saturday invitations^^*
... and for that reason the weekly Open Studio will now happen every wednesday.

THANK YOU <3 :* <3

13th aug: today it´s the last Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio on a saturday* the following Open Studios will happen each wednesday*
and now the Studio is OPEN <3 =D :*

13th aug: the last Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio on a saturday was again veeeery glamorous ^^* even PHANTASTIC Henry de Winter with Bobby ... who was here at the very first Open Studio about 3 1/2 years ago ... came also to the last one* THANK YOU ALL <3 I LOVE YOU <3 :* <3

16th aug: let freedom be a revolution for the whole world <3

18th aug: perfect

of course ... some of my paintings are not perfect.
normally painters destroy those paintings which seem not to be perfect to them. almost every painter did it that way.
but why should I destroy my not perfect paintings!? why should I destroy the evidence that I´m not perfect!?
nobody and nothing is perfect ... and that fact is perfect

18th aug: flags in Patrick Bartsch style:
the Austrian flag because it´s the country of my mother
the Hungarian flag because it´s the country of a friend of mine
the Czech Republic flag because it´s the country of my first love

19th aug: MY WILL
give all paintings from my studio to a queer institution in Berlin. (gay museum or whereever). They should give my paintings away as present. but just one painting per person.

I have no plans to leave that planet. but I´m realist enough to know, that every moment "something" could happen. for that case I want to prepare my family, what to do with all those canvases in my flat ...

20th aug: all my life I loved to be "underground" ... I mean ... to be on those places where everyone ... eeeeeveryone told me not to go there.
those "underground" places have always been very special to me ... many times I kept them as secret ... just for me. because I felt very comfortable at those places and wanted that they stay "underground" ... they should have stayed as places, where people don´t go. people in "underground" places are normally people who fit nowhere else ... and this is the reason why they go there ... ... as last exit.
people like me are there

20th aug: I was 2 years old ... maximum 3 years. my parents put me in my bed every day at 6 p.m. ... they thought it is good for a young child. of course I couldn´t fall asleep immediatly ... especially in summer, when the sunny days last long. the sunshine felt through little splits from the roller blind made of wood and the "broken" light created several color combinations. those rainbow colors are my very first memory in my life.

today I had a great moment in my life. everything can be a "great moment". but for me it was ... : since I started painting I thought about which color attracts me most. I couldn´t find a special color for the last several years. it really made me think if it was blue or red or pink or green or orange or ...

and today I found it: I got remembered that when I was a child ... in the age 4 ... 5 ... till perhaps 14 ... 15 ... till the puberty started ... I wasn´t attracted in just one color! I was phascinated by the color combination of blue and yellow.
I´m so happy that I realized it today, because of course I will plan a whole serie with blue and yellow ... and that´s me! those are MY COLORS! ... every big painter has "his" color and today I remembered my colors ^^

20th aug: today was perfect
and I accepted it as that ...
... a perfect day
and the new thing was ...
... that I enjoyed it

21st aug: " actually I bought that painting as a present for someone, but I think I will keep it for myself! "
" looking at that painting gives me goosebumps! "
" I would like to buy 5 of your paintings! "
" that painting is some kind of new impressionism! it´s shimmering! "
" your painting found a place in my bedroom! "
" you are the best! "
" it needed some time, but now I understand your work! "

OH! those have been some of <3 YOUR <3 reactions to my paintings! ... they are one of the reasons ... why I continue to paint for ever and ever and eeeeeever :*



Berlin for Orlando june 2016
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Berlin thinks of the victims of the terror attack in Orlando



my dad in Berlin june 2016
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my dad was in Berlin*

we were busy doing stuff in my flat: new floor in the kitchen und balcony, new parts for the bed and a new washing machine.

I love my dad <3



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