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29th april: Happy *International Dance Day* to aaaaalllll my wooooonderful amaaaaaazing dancer friends all around the world* I LOOOOOOVE AAAAAALLLLL OF YOU
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you make my life BETTER
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Thank you*

1st may: I
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Spring ... I
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Berlin ... I
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2nd may: I´m veeeery happy
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that I may be a part of Berlin´s BEST sunday night party ICKY ^^* yesterday it was veeeery MAGIC again* B I G THANKS to aaaalllll my AMAZING friends who made yesterday night thaaat much special* I LOVE YOU <3

4th may: pls listen goooooood: ^^ FREEDOM IS TO HAVE NO FEAR ^^ THX NINA
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4th may: *test* *test* ... did I mention already, that I started with dinner invitations in 2016* (no, there are not pictures from them, because I appreciate a certain privacy when eating together*). today I did a test cooking with 2 kg asparagus, Serrano jam,... the test cooking went good, but my lovely ´test guests´ are all busy. so I had to eat it by myself ... or at least as much as I was able to eat* if you belong to my close friends, art friends, collectors, lovers, ... please expect a dinner invitation in the following months* seeee you soooon
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4th may: what a week ...
what a day ... today ...
it was also a day, when I thought about a time in my life, when the whole world ... everyone around ... gave up on me.
at that time in my life ... I was the only one who didn´t give up on myself.
it was that moment, when I reached the deepest valley possible.

what a day ... today ...
when I realized that it was worth it ... not to give up.
not to give up on my life.
the only life I have.
it was worth it ... to start to climb up the next mountain again.
it was worth it ... to walk through dark and deep forrests.
it was worth it ... to climb up ... higher and higher ... not even seeing the mountaintop ... or just a little bit of sunshine.

what a day ... today ...
when ... finally ... I reached a point on that mountain of my life ... a point where it is possible to see blue sky and a bright sun. finally ... it warms me up from deep inside.
I smile and enjoy ... the sun ... that time in my life.
I can´t see the mountaintop yet, but I know ...

it was good, that I didn´t give up.

5th may: SUCCESS

is it success, that I sold more than 100 paintings, but at the same time either my mother nor my father own one of my paintings

is it success, that since 13 years I life in the city of my dreams, but never I had enough money to leave that city just for one time to go somewhere else for holidays

is it success, that I may life in a queer paradise, where I´m continuously surrounded by hundreds of beautiful men, but I can´t name one for being my partner

is it success, that I still have my dreams in the age of 42 ... and still hope that one day my dreams will become true ... and finally I will have SUCCESS

6th may: one of my BIGGEST models for my work as painter ... is ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER ^^ OMG I LOVE HIS WORK <3

7th may: I loooove my Aaaaamazing Open Studio Guests
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aaaaand the new lovely mysterious graffiti
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under my balcony^^* :*

8th may: heart emoticon
Happy Mother´s Day
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I love my mom <3

8th may: it´s my mother who teached me walking
it´s my mother who teached me to stand up again when I felt on the ground
it´s my mother who teached me that I can go everywhere where I want to go
it´s my mother who teached me that love is the most important thing in life
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she is my mom <3

9th may: 1984, 1988, 1996, ... , 2016


yes, I´m absolutly aware of the importance of that phrase above. estimated in 70 % countries of our world it is not possilbe to paint whatever someone wants to paint. and also if I look back in German history, then my paintings would be "Entartete Kunst" (degenerated art). but TODAY I´m free, so painted a plain green painting with the color named ´Maigrün´ (green of may) and a little green freak. I did those paintings because I felt to do it. because I wanted to create them.


some postings which I created on facebook 25th march 2016 - 27th april 2016
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25th march: *WHHHOUUUIIII* more than 10 000 clicks on my little blog website* I´m really happy about it
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and BIG THX to eeeeveryone <3
( www.thisismyartlife.com )

26th march: fetish easter in Berlin ... Respect!

they are here again
some thousands of them
those fetish people running around in full leather and full rubber
some are wearing kinky pig masks
some are running around handcuffed

I know those people since two decades
they are from all around the world
America, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, ...
I know that many of them pay about 200 euro per night for a central located room / hotel
I see their big cars ... Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, ...
I know that some of their handmade leather outfits cost about 15 000 euro and more
I know that many of them are very well educated and have leading positions in economy
I know that they treat EVERYONE with full respect, are always friendly and YES! are even funny*

and then I hear non-stop other people talking about those fetish people ... laughing about them and saying shady things and do shady postings here on facebook.
most of those people who are laughing about the fetish world don´t even know how to do their own tax declaration.

fetish people know what they do, when they are travelling to Berlin and running around in their leather outfits.
so please show them ... our guests ... Respect!

27th march: the dream is O V E R: leading gay politicans in Germany

it was like a ´dream became reality´ ... those years between 2001 and 2013 ... when openly gay politicans could have been found eeeverywhere in Germany: as mayor of Berlin, as mayor of Hamburg, ... and even as minister of foreign affairs in the cabinet of Angela Merkel.

they made me feel good ... of being gay in Germany. Klaus Wowereit, the mayor of Berlin, was even the reason that I hurried up that much fast to move to Berlin in 2003.

I met them and they made me feel ... ( ... even when I don´t like to use that word, but ... ) ... they made me feel ´proud´ of being gay and living in Germany.
those years between 2001 and 2013 seemed veeery colorful and free to me. the ´problems´ have been if the mayor drank champagne of a woman´s shoe or not. pls let me say it that way: we didn´t have ´real´ problems.

those years are gone and they stopped in tragic ways:

one more time and last time ... I want to say THANK YOU to four people, who made my life in Germany ... just B E T T E R :

Klaus Wowereit: mayor of Berlin between 2001 - 2014 and alternate director of SPD. resignation on 11th dec. 2014 after some years of heavy troubels with the unfinished airport Berlin Brandenburg.

Ole von Beust: mayor of Hamburg between 2001 - 2010. resignation on 18th july 2010. because of whatever: was it because of political stuff or because of his private stuff and relationship with a some decades younger boyfriend.

Volker Beck: one of the leading politicans of the political party ´Die Grünen´ between 2002 - 2016. resignation on 2nd march 2016 after they found some dr*gs (it´s is said, that it was Cry_st*l M*th) having with him.

and last but not least:

Guido Westerwelle: one of the leading politicans of Germany and minister of foreign affairs from 2009 - 2013. on 18th march 2016 he died because of blood cancer.

27th march: ... aaaaand since today ... *BÄÄÄÄÄM* ... my ... or pls let´s say better: OUR balcony is open
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with table and chairs and and and
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... and on my plate today: *myuuuummmyyy* pasta with ham and tomatoes
tongue emoticon
*Happy Easter <3

28th march: *WHHHOUUUIIIII* that was nice: one of the best and most successful galerists of Berlin ... just called me, because he wanted to let me know, that he is completly phascinated about my paintings and my paintings are great for him. ... and he wants to visit me in my studio in the next weeks. ^^*

30th march: my today´s painting is dedicated to one of the most important words of my life: NOW

2nd april: I love her a loooooot* it is always amazing to meet her and to spend some hours with her* she is such an awesome inspiration* I
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5th april: The POWER OF ART grows and grows and grows ... inside of me*

The whole monday I spent with an street graffiti artist from Athens. he told me about the situation in Athens and Greece. and he told me about his creative reaction to that drama in his country. he even created a painting in my studio.

In the past years I talked also with street graffiti artists from Vilnius, Berlin, ... I talked with famous artists such as Isa Genzken, Bruce LaBruce, Rosa von Praunheim, Rainer Fetting,... I talked with amazing talented artists such as Pascual Jordan, Musk Ming, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, Gio BlackPeter ... I talked with almost everyone ... students, cab drivers, politicians, street hustlers, royals, ... with almost eeeeeeveryone ABOUT ART. at the PORK / ICKY parties every sunday where creative people from all around the world meet eachother . at my weekly Open Studio.

Never I read a book about art, never I read a biography about an artist, and I haven´t been at art school/university (<= because I didn´t have the possiblity.)

During those conversations and discussions ... I looked into people´s eyes ... I watched their gestures and mimic ... I realized their outfits ... and looked at their mouths while we talked about art.
All that input ... all that knowledge and wisdom ... found a place in my ears, my brain, my heart, my soul, ... I bring it non-stop together ... which is the basis for the art, which I create.

... and more and more ... I realize how powerful art can be and is.

last but not least: also about 90 percent of my facebook friends are artists, art friends and supporters. I read your postings and watch your videos. I learn a loooot from you too ... and want to thank you for that <3

6th april: heart emoticon
like butterflies around a cherry tree
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today I painted a painting based on a photography, where both guys seen on it ... left our world far too soon. they have been far too young. one guy wears a sign with written on it * Just Married *. perhaps they are now married ... as butterflies ... flying around in a forrest ... and looking for a wonderful cherry tree <3

11th april: Bravo Böhmermann !^^*

13th april: so viel Presse hatte Erdogan wohl noch nie in Deutschland *LOL*

... und JA! Ich bin GEGEN Präsidenten, welche Menschenrechte, Frauenrechte und queere Rechte mit Füßen treten !

15th april: Grand Hotel Vienna ... between the age of 22 and 25 I worked in that hotel at the bar. I had a great time there ^^ and even met stars such as Pavarotti, Spice Girls, Dalai Lama, ... BUT now I´m a painter and the next time I go there, then I go there as guest :)

16th april: +++ ATTENTION PLS +++ today the Open Studio starts at around 6 p.m. ^^ in the afternoon I´m not at home, because I will support the CSD BERLIN e.V. with the photoshooting*

18th april: 467 paintings in oil on canvas <= that many I created in the past 5 years. and there is no end in sight. and YES! I´m in a hurry, because I want to paint as many paintings (which are inspired from photographies which I took) as possible. I want that the world gets reminded of the glamorous years of Berlin (2003 - now). the world should get reminded how FREEDOM looks like.

21st april: ^^ WOW ^^ *applause* *applause* what an AWESOME evening with Gülây Akin and Wolfgang Tillmans at the event *Meeting place* THANK YOU* pls join the next event (next thursday ... discussion will be in english) and find more information at the Between Bridges website http://www.betweenbridges.net/

21st april: (nothing compares 2 U) THANK YOU for one of the most important songs of my life* that song which will aaaalways remind me to my first love of my life Roman
heart emoticon
R.I.P. Prince <3

22nd april: and sometimes ... I need to calm down ... to relax.
sometimes I need to empty myself ... that much empty ... that the universe is able to fill me up with energy ... with that energy, which one I need to create paintings.

22nd april: Patrick´s inner monolgues:

" question: do I really need to know more about Gaius Julius Caesar?
answer: Yes! Isa Genzken teached me to know as much as possible about him.

and now I´m watching non-stop movies, documentaries about Julius. "

23rd april: Patrick´s inner monolgues:

" question: do I really need to know more about Leonardo Da Vinci?
answer: Yes! Isa Genzken teached me to know as much as possible about him.

and now I´m watching non-stop movies, documentaries about Leonardo. "

24th april: B I G THX to eeeeveryone
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for that PHANTASTIC Open Studio Caesar Special Party
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heart emoticon

27th april: 4 reasons why you should visit "Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio" at the Berlin Gallery Weekend:

1st: it´s 100 percent political work to see. paintings show and express the FREEDOM which does exist in Berlin since 2003

2nd: it´s almost unique that a photographer changed into a painter for oil on canvas

3rd: it´s the PRIVATE HOME of the artist what you will see and experience

4th: there is always fresh cake to eat
tongue emoticon

about 300 (of about 500 in total) paintings are here. see you soon <3


Vitium 18th march 2016
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one of the highlights of the month was the presentation of Matt Lambert´s & Jannis Birsner´s new book VITIUM

GREAT dj´s such as Terror Twink, NYYN, Lotic and Herrensauna (on the pic above)

I was invited to do the door and say ´hi´ to eeeeveryone <3 and for that I created that t-shirt and outfit for that glamorous night.

it was the first time since Brian´s death that I did wear that mask in public.

and here: with my woooooonderful friend since yeeeeaaars: Nicolas <3



Thanksgiving 26th november 2015
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OH, look what I found on my phone: some wonderful pictures of Thanksgiving 2015 with my lovely Berlin family <3 LOVE ALL OF YOU <3



some postings which I created on facebook 13th march 2016 - 24th march 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

13th march: I <3 Connection Club* a place where I feel being at home* BIG THX to Bork <3 and team <3

15th march: "Schwule gehören verbrannt." ... "Schwule sind für mich keine Menschen." ... usw. Jetzt habe ich doch tatsächlich über 2 Stunden Kommentare unter diesem neuen, viel diskutierten Video durchgelesen. ?

16th march: the meaning of my new painting serie "Years":

age is a good thing. there is no reason to give yourself a younger age. it is good when you are born in the year 1981 or 1969 or 1926. life is beautiful and every year counts.

the second meaning of those paintings is: I count my own years of life. this is why I started the serie with the year "1974". since that time ... each year was different ... as each one of those paintings is.

those paintings are veeery personal ... for you
heart emoticon
and for me <3

17th march: I would like to answer the question: "what means ´Master Patrick´ with that black mask?"
answer: between 2005 and 2014 I did wear a black ( and later a golden) leather mask. I started with that as solidarity with a guy in Paris who burned his head after he had an accident with a bike. he needed to wear a black leather mask in public. and I wanted to know how it feels.
at that time I had a big public interest for that ´performance´ and got many invitations ... such as for Berlinale, Lifeball, openings, concerts, parties, ...
I had always my camera with me and was able to photograph people such as Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, and and and from a short distance. those photographies are now the basis for my paintings in oil on canvas.

17th march: the only way to grow is ... to train your thing (almost) every day. I´m very lucky that I found the most important thing for me: my own style. now it´s just about: growing within my own style by practicing it (almost) every day.

18th march: ... aaaaand THE CENTER OF THE WORLD *BÄÄÄM* will be in Schöneberg tonite ^^ see you later
kiss emoticon
heart emoticon
Matt Lambert
heart emoticon
and his new book
heart emoticon

18th march: Tina Turner vs Madonna

thoughts: at Tina Turner´s ´Private Dancer Tour´ I have been 12 years old. Tina was my ultimative idol. I collected every little picture from magazines. today I thought about it, what it was, what did phascinate me about her. and I realized: it was the powerful EXPRESSION OF HER FACE and her ultra strong voice. in the age of 12 I had to fight against homophobia at school. I got beaten up there and one time even smashed with my head on a floor made of stone. there was no internet in 1986 and no one who could have saved me. Tina Turner´s hard life ... with a husband who beat her up for years ... that life got reflected in her face. she had a face of surviving. and I was one of her biggest fans.
the age difference between me as 12 year old kid and Tina Turner is somehow similar as the age difference between a 12 year old kid today and Madonna. but when today 12 year old kids see Madonna, then they see a Botox face ... impossible to create any expressions.
I think as kid today ... Madonna wouldn´t be my idol ...

20th march: just another sunday morning ... ... and done: 2 more new paintings* *Happy Sunday to eeeeveryone <3

21st march: *WOW* what an phantastic artist: SYLVESTER STALLONE
heart emoticon
Rocky and Rambo belong to my all time most favorite movies. I know that Sylvester Stallone creates paintings, but today it was the first time, that I watched him talking about it. that interview is in any case STUNNING and worth to watch*

23rd march: WOW ^^ up to 17 degree this sunday in Berlin =D

23rd march: most important for my paintings is: to make them alive. to give them a soul.

23rd march: 42

the magic age

being in between
25 years difference to someone 17 years old
25 years difference to someone 67 years old

my young years are gone.
those years when most people have just been interessted in my young and innocent body.
everybody has a beautiful body in the age of 19.
42 is my reality now.
today people are interessted in my spoken words.
today people are interessted in things which I create with my hands.
it is very difficult to create beautiful things with my mouth and with my hands ... things which are able to be in competition with my 19 years old body.
with 42 I am in the middle of my life
I find bridges to reach young people
I find bridges to reach old people
and I find bridges to reach people in the same age as me.
I life a magic age today.

it is said that an old person has that face, which he deserves.
I like that saying. it motivates me being good in the next years of my life. I want to have a loooot of long and deep wrinkels in my face. I want to have them next to my eyes, because of laughing a lot. I want to have a deeply lined forehead, because of thinking a lot.

42 is my reality now
and I love it


24th march: today I feel veeeery similar
grin emoticon
and sure* YES! I created an INVISIBLE PAINTING too ... in 2015 ... painting number 42 of the serie ´My Life ... 100 paintings within 100 days´ ... is an invisible painting. sometimes to be ´invisible´ is part of my life* AND it is even possible to buy

24th march: no words are able to describe that feeling
smile emoticon
the first time in 2016 ... sitting on my balcony in full sunshine :)


*Herrumbre* german state ballet at Schiller theatre 28th february 2016
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what an AWESOME invitation*

Big THX to the cast of the german state ballet at the Schiller theater. I loved watching the refugee themed performance "Herrumbre". it was AMAZING^^. Those moments of best culture belong to the highlights in my life. Love you <3



some postings which I created on facebook 23rd january 2016 - 13th march 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

24th jan: a painter´s sunday maths

Picasso created about 4000 paintings
van Gogh left about 800 paintings to his daughter
I created about 400 paintings so far (more than 100 of them are sold)
and each months I create about 10 new paintings

OOOH it looks like that I will be busy the next years of my life
grin emoticon

and I LOVE IT <3

26th jan: eine Hummersuppe am Morgen vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen :)

26th jan: I´m healthy
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have enough money to life
but sometimes ... I don´t care
my body is well grown and I have arms and legs
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I life in a rich country where every luxury exists
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have a wonderful family and amazing friends
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I´m a good painter and I have success
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I have a flat to live in
but sometimes ... I don´t care
I don´t know what war means
but sometimes ... I don´t care

I should care
I should care about everything

grin emoticon
my todays painting looks as if the painter has been completly drunk while painting XoP (it´s noon: I´m sober. but the painting is GREAT that way

28th jan: today I felt to paint A STATEMENT^^ ... in oil on canvas <= what means to me FOREVER ^^

29th jan: +++ IMPORTANT message to all QUEER ARTISTS IN BERLIN +++

the lesbian gay streetparty with about 600 000 visitors will happen again this year! as every summer.
there is a kind of ´new situation´ in Berlin and Germany. and I think that it is VEEEERY IMPORTANT to be visible as queer artist!
I had an own booth at that lesbian gay streetparty for maaaany years ( I think about 7 times I was there ). as artist you get AWESOME good conditions! so please queer artists: BE PRESENT WITH YOUR ART AT THAT EVENT! do it alone or with friends together! SHOW YOUR ART AND YOUR MESSAGE! GET IN CONTACT WITH THE ORGANIZERS! they are veeeery nice there
heart emoticon

you can reach them (normally) on monday, wednesday & friday between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. (they are located in the middle of Schöneberg: Fuggerstraße 7 (pls see the contact info in the comments here)
hope to see you this year! ^^* either as artist
heart emoticon
or as guest
heart emoticon

grin emoticon
kiss emoticon

let´s make a sign!

29th jan: "but for some mega rich people ... the expensive art collection is more important than their own family" <= OMG this is just what they said in a documentary about billionaires ...

31st jan: do you know that feeling, when you watch a plant day by day and after 6 months the plant looks completly different?
do you know that feeling, when you watch how the daylight shines longer every day after winter and after 6 months you have sunshine almost all day long?
do you know that feeling, when you watch your life day by day and after 6 months your life looks completly different?
do you know that feeling when every day seems to be the same, but it isn´t?

2nd feb: * THE BOOK OF LIFE * chapter 7: Dead Friends

loosing close friends belongs to the most difficult things happening in someone´s life. <= this is what I realized in the past months.
within some months (nov. 2013 - june 2015) three of my closest friends died unexpected (my mentor Gunther age 67 from a heavy illness. the biggest love of my life Brian age 33 in a tragic ´accident´. and my wonderful artdealer Alexander age 43 got murdered).
since that time I´m ´working´ on ... to find a way back to a new life. my old life doesn´t exist anymore without them being alive. sometimes I thought, that I just need to find ´new´ close friends. but it´s not working that way. I realized that it is not possible to pick up new best friends the way you buy a new t-shirt.
that fact makes me act weird. since some months I´m not able to communicate with people ... in a ´normal´ way. everything I do is kind of ´too much´. either I´m too silent or I´m too offensive. it´s a result of feeling lonely and lost.
I´m walking on thin ice right now and little things keep me alive and give me the strength to look forward ... and not too much looking back on things which are not possible to change anymore.
right now I´m watching every day how the daylight lasts longer. I have the feeling that I need more light ... I need spring and summer. I need it to survive. to calm down.
nothing will bring back my friends.

5th feb: most of the time, when I´ve finished a painting, then I look at it and think: "who did that!? how did it happen, that this painting exists right now!?" ... and most of the times I like those paintings ... and sometimes I hang up them in my flat ... and then I´m happy to have a new painting in oil on canvas on my walls.

5th feb: about 25 years ago ... when I was 16 years young ... I created fashion jewellery (made of fimo) ... I sold it also on a weekly market ... next to the river Danube in Vienna ... in a HOT summer. placed next to me was a guy from South America ... about 28 years young ... with wild, long, curly hairs ... and wild hairy bare-chested. he looked like the prototyp of a wild & free young man. he travelled around the world and sold his fashion jewellery too (I´m sure you know that kind of handmade metal ear rings ...). we became friends. eeeeeverything was magic with him. and he listened non-stop to the same music. a music which I never heard before. the music was magic as he was. I remember that I was wondering about the band name ´Earth, Wind and Fire´. the band name fit perfect to my friend too. at that time everything was magic and most of all I remember that song ... THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC R.I.P. Maurice White

5th feb: ^^ The Master Student ^^ some years ago ... magazines from Poland till America wrote about my work as artist. I think it´s time that they do it again ... with me as PAINTER ^^ ( today a friend of mine brought me that page from a magazine from the year 2008. ... to remind me since when we know eachother* )

6th feb: today I needed some FOOD P*RN
tongue emoticon
^^ Original Hungarian Pörkölt ^^ Gulyas with Pork and a loooot of onions and even mooooOOOORE GARLIC *mmmmjammmmmyyyy
tongue emoticon
and YES! I ate all of it
tongue emoticon
I was huuuuungry ... and I need to work on my daddy belly =P

7th feb: * sunday words *

those two phrases go along with me almost all my life:

" to the right person you can´t say anything wrong. "
" that one who seems to be a fool, but acts wisely. that one is really wise "

9th feb: those days, when ... THE REAL LIFE is more exciting than any fortune cookie
grin emoticon

*DAMN* what a life*

11th feb: ^^refugees ... thoughts^^ : is it perhaps possible ... that the real reason why leading German politicans ... want as much as possible refugees in Germany ... people with a looot of children ... because Germany needs SOLDIERS ... soldiers for the reason to be more active in wars all around the world ...

13th feb: just found that sculpture ... which I created in the year 2004 ... and YES! to do it that way was my own idea ... I haven´t seen it before. at that time I loved David & Bondage & Sneakers*

16th feb: ^^ refugees in Berlin ^^: and again I met 4 refugees in a gay bar in Berlin. 2 wonderful transgender girls with their beautiful boyfriends. I tried to imagine what nightmare lives they had so far. with living in a homophobic country and then that nightmare journey to Berlin. they survived. and it was possible to feel how much they enjoy it ... finally to be on a safe place ... where they can life their lives ... and feel home.
we couldn´t talk to eachother, because they just spoke arabic. but I smiled many times in their direction and all of them smiled back.
this is the reason, that I say and write and paint ... again and again and again:
heart emoticon
refugees welcome <3

16th feb: today I feel confused ... so the painting looks confused too ... ... and I´m fine with that*

17th feb: I LOOOVE traditionel german food
heart emoticon
today ^^ lentil soup with a loooot of bacon, onion, garlic, ginger, lemongras,...
tongue emoticon
served in an about 100 year old plate from my grandma <3

17th feb: today just a little bit background work* for Marlene Dietrich´s grave in Berlin and for my most favorite young french fashion designer Naco Paris and the third one for a portrait of a world famous tattoed guy* I LOVE MY MODELS
heart emoticon
and my work :*

17th feb: *thoughts about the oscars and myself* Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone,... never received an oscar. because an oscar is an award for an actor ... for an actor who played a role ... who played someone else in a perfect way.
Marilyn, James, Arnold, Sylvester, ... are unique. they are themselves. they played themselves. they never played someone else. this is the reason, why they never fit in a category for an ´actor´.
people ... actors who will play THEIR lives in a movie ... they will be able to win an oscar for their role.
Marilyn, James, Arnold, Sylvester, ... are on another level.

and they are ... and always have been MY INSPIRATION ... I always wanted to create my own life as an artist ... and never did and do an interpretation of someone else´s life and art.
I know that the world has never seen an artist as I live my life ... my style, my paintings, my work is unique ... and perhaps I will never win an award for that ... and I´m fine with that* :*

18th feb: ... and then it happens ... that moment in someone´s life ... that special moment, when a stranger ... a very beautiful stranger gives you as present a big box with delicious sushi ... that kind of present, which makes you melting ... and after some minutes that stranger leaves you again ... but you know, that it is that moment ... that sign from the universe ... which tells you that from now on ... everything in your life turns into good

( OMG those sushi have been *myummmmmy*
tongue emoticon
and okokok: to explain it more exactly: sometimes I´m working in a hotel for nightshift. and just right now a guest came here and told me, that he ordered too much sushi and that he wants to give me one big untouched box. OMG what a present from such a beautiful beautiful beauuuutiful guest ... he really touched my heart and made me smile
smile emoticon

19th feb: Was ist DEUTSCHE LEITKULTUR?

Heute Nacht hat mir ein junger in Deutschland geborener Dichter genau diese Frage gestellt. Seine Eltern stammen aus Pakistan und da er, nach eigenen Worten: "wie ein Asylant aussieht", hat er sein Leben lang mit Vorurteilen und Anfeindungen zu kämpfen. Er liebt Deutschland und es ist sein zu Hause.
Da ich ihm auf seine Frage keine rasche Antwort geben konnte, habe ich nach unserem Gespräch, "Deutsche Leitkultur" auf Wikipedia nachgelesen. Als Antwort bekam ich dort, daß es dazu (kurz ausgedrückt:) keine einheitliche Antwort gibt. es gibt "Leitkultur", "Europäische Leitkultur", und blablabla
Ich finde es jedoch wichtig, genau auf diese einfache Frage "Was ist deutsche Leitkultur?" eine einfache und verständliche Antwort geben zu können. Die hunderttausende neu zugewanderte Menschen aus Syrien, Irak, Afghanistan,... und auch Pakistan, werden UNS diese Frage stellen! Sie wollen wissen, wo sie sind ... wer wir sind ... und was von ihnen erwartet wird. Der Begriff "Deutsche Leitkultur" wird ... wie ich es heute Nacht erfahren hatte ... ohne Wertung verwendet. Aber was ist die Antwort darauf? Hat da bitte jemand eine Idee, was ich dem jungen deutschen Dichter mit pakistanischen Wurzeln antworten kann?

19th feb: * the real life *

sometimes I turn off the computer. then there is no facebook around ... no music from the laptop ... no light from the screen.
in those moments I realize my life again ... my real life.
when I moved into that flat ... about 12 years ago ... at that time I was no one and had almost nothing. at that time I found a leaf from that baobab (Affenbrotbaum) on the street. just one leaf. and since that time I care for that leaf and for my life too.
tonite with the computer turned off ... I watched that tree ... how big it grew already ... and realized again ... how big my life grew too*
I love that tree and my life.

23rd feb: perhaps I would have failed eeeevery painting class ... because perhaps I´m not a painter in a traditionell way. I paint people, events,... which happened in Berlin in the past years. as today a painting of legendary Muay Thai Fighter Buakaw ( Banchamek Gym ) when he visited Berlin*

25th feb: * pure practice creates an own style * the left one is finished ... 1974 the drama started ... and the right one is background work in progress*

27th feb: today I put some varnish on some little paintings: shiny and dull. and as you can see: eeeeevery centimeter of my studio gets used* I can´t even leave the flat right now^^*

27th feb: The best person in your life is the one who comes first in your mind after reading this sentence.

(posted by wonderful Arnold Schwarzenegger. .... and YES! I got a wonderful person who came first in my mind
heart emoticon

27th feb: in that world of today ... I feel like a rebel ...
because ... I love myself
because ... I don´t judge people because of their bank account or car
because ... every human is the same to me ... no matter what skin color someone has or which birthplace
because ... I live my every day´s life without a phone and a television
because ... the name of my ´god´ ... is universe
because ... I believe in love

28th feb: Big THX to the cast of the german state ballet at the Schiller theater. I loved watching the refugee themed performance "Herrumbre". it was AMAZING^^. Those moments of best culture belong to the highlights in my life. Love you <3


2nd march: * The Flag of Romania * in Patrick Bartsch style ... on special request ... for someone ... for someone of the most important persons of the past 2 years in my life ... for someone who literally changed my life in a good way. he likes my paintings and asked me if I could paint the flag of romania in oil on canvas for his new flat for him. and *TATATATAAAA* HERE IT IS*

2nd march: ... now in the 4th year of creating paintings in oil on canvas. in general they are based on my own photographies (most of them taken between 2003 and 2015 in Berlin). my paintings have their own style and reflect the feeling of the life in Berlin within those years.

3rd march: ... und weil´s gerade passt: *tbt* Patrick Bartsch aka Master Patrick trifft Volker Beck im Jahr 2006* ... und ja! Ich mag den Hr. Beck sehr gerne ... er ist offen, direkt, ... und menschlich. <= so etwas schätze ich bei Menschen und auch bei Politikern.

3rd march: *to grow in your own style needs experiments* I like the painting below. and the 2 paintings above: YES! I´m counting my years of life in oil on canvas :)

8th march: today a little new one and perhaps it is even easy to realize who it is* ... and YES! almost all of my paintings are inspired by photographies, which I took in Berlin between 2003 till today*

9th march: thoughts about ´murder´ ´women rights´ ´turkey´: yesterday ... here on fb ... someone shared a video ... where it was to see how a woman in Saudi Arabia gets beheaded on the street. a group of men arranged it ... included a man dressed in white (the traditional outfit for the executer ... the MURDER) ... who chopped off the woman´s head.
I decided not to share that video. BUT at the same time I know that the world has to know about it!
I want to write here: that EVERY CULTURE IS JUST WRONG!!! WHERE WOMEN GETS TREATED AS ´OBJECTS´ and HAVE NO RIGHTS AT ALL. countries as Germany have to fight against countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, ... and also every ´deal´ is WRONG with a country such as Turkey ... a country which cuts down women rights more and more.
WOMEN RIGHTS ARE HUMANS RIGHTS <= and there is no discussion about it!

10th march: perhaps ... one day ... they will title me `The King of Bad Paintings´ ... and then I would be suuuuperhappy about it ... because I know how difficult it is to create a really BAD PAINTING ^^*

11th march: some people

some people just know me from wild partying ...
... they think that I´m crazy.
some people just know me from working in a hotel ...
... they think nothing really interessting is happening in my life.
some people just know me as artist ...
... they think that everything is going easy.
some people know literally nothing about me ...
... they think that I´m lazy or stupid or boring or whatever.
some people just got some gossip from some people ...
... and they believe it.
some people just are my whole world ...
... and I love all of them <3


my hood ... january 2016
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some postings which I created on facebook 23rd december 2015 - 22nd january 2016
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stories mix posted on facebook:

23rd dec: * christmas with my family ... with my family ´the street´ *

on tv ... in magazines ... I see how families celebrate christmas.
I don´t know that feeling. I never really had a family to celebrate christmas with. all those years I was my own family. I was my own father. I was my own mother. I was my own brother and sister. I was my own child to take care about and giving presents to myself.

it´s nothing about ´good´ or ´bad´ about it. I just don´t know another way of celebrating christmas. on christmas eve I usually stay at home or I go to a bar or I work somewhere ... or I just go out on the street ... and those few people on the street are my family for that evening ... just for that evening ... and I love them ... they are by themselves ... as I am.

I can´t say that I don´t like christmas ... I just don´t like the darkness.

23rd dec: booooored
... the guy I felt in love with ... ´disappeared´ since yesterday.
... I think I should go to BULLbar and prepare myself for christmas eve.
... I think, that I should go there ... RIGHT NOW
grin emoticon

*Merry Christmas to eeeeeveryone <3

28th dec: * I lost control *

since some months I´m looking for boyfriend ... for a man in my life.
I did everything to find someone. I told to more than 30 amazing men that I love them and want to share my life with them.

I lost control

meanwhile I´m in love with 3 wonderful men ... at the same time. those 3 wonderful men love me too. each one in a different way.

I lost control

one man is my favorite ... he looks and acts like the man of my dreams. I love him
heart emoticon

I lost control

never in my life ... I had a serious relationship with man on my side. I don´t know how to do it. I don´t how to handle a boyfriend. I try not to be frightened about it ... but I am.

I´m loosing control

30th dec: info for Open Studio saturdays:
*äähhhmmmmpffff* .... I just don´t know, but it seems like, that it is just possible to invite 50 ... YES! just 50! people for an event.
and if you want to invite more people, than fb suggests you to create an ad. ... BUT sorry fb!: I just don´t have money to create ads!
... whatever: all of you are INVITED!
eeeeeEEEEEVERY saturday*
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon

31st dec: and most of all: THANK YOU to eachone who bought a painting in 2015*
heart emoticon
mean eeeeverything to me, because
heart emoticon
make it possible that I´m able to buy new canvases & colors.
heart emoticon
make it possible that I may continue to create new paintings (and the sizes of the paintings will become BIGGER in 2016).
heart emoticon
make me smile
smile emoticon

heart emoticon
make me healthy
heart emoticon
let me grow
and that YOU
heart emoticon
believe in me ... that means EVERYTHING to me!
kiss emoticon

heart emoticon

5th jan: pls let me start 2016 with 2 paintings ... tribute some of my most favorite colors: emerald green and ivory white*

5th jan: sunting

that pain inside of me ...
... that pain which makes pain-ter out of me ... to create pain-tings.
but it´s not the pain which is to see and to feel on my paintings.
... it´s the light ... it´s the sun ... which is the result ... when I use beautiful colors on my canvases.
so shouldn´t it be better called sun-ter ... and the product: sun-ting?

6th jan: *my new years eve night in Berlin with refugees*

first of all: YES! when I think that someone is nice or good looking, then I go there and tell it to that person.

my new years eve night started at a wonderful AMAZING private party. I enjoyed it a lot being there. at around 3 a.m. we decided to go to Chantal´s ´House of Shame´. I haven´t been there since years and enjoyed it being there again. first I got in contact with a sexy guy from the Philippines ... he was a friend of Ismelda Marco´s grandson. it was fun with him and yes! I wanted to know eeeevery news about Ismelda and her 2000 pair of shoes collection^^.
later I saw another guy sitting there ... alone. he seemed quite shy. I sat next to him and told him how hot he is. it turned out that he was a refugee from Syria. he knew just a little bit of english and german ... just some words. immediatly I tried to help him as much as possible ... talking with hands and feet. I gave him adresses where to go in Berlin. he was litteraly here since some weeks and still lives in a refugee camp in Hoyerswerda. I realized that the most difficult thing is: to take away his fear. he told me, that being gay is illegal in Syria. I told him several times that being gay is legal in Germany and he has the right to ask for aaaaany help. after a while a ´friend´ of him came and he followed him. I hope that he is going good with his new live in Germany.
at around 6 a.m. I went to Bullbar and also there I met a guy ... OMG what sympathic sexy guy. also he was a refugee. from Iraq. his english was quite good, which made it more easier to explain him the same things which I said to the other refugee before.

I write that story here, because: whatever the news in television and the internet write and say about refugees. MY PERSONAL first contacts with refugees are AMAZING. they are wonderful lovely people and we should give them aaaaany help they need. they are coming from hell

8th jan: * In The Moment Paintings * <= actually this is the best description which I got for my work. a wonderful friend of mine said it to me while looking through my paintings. I am from that "I do what I want to do - generation" WE could do whatever we wanted to do ... and I did it in an extreme way. and now with those paintings: I paint what I want to paint and when I want to paint. and today the painting became: just gold ... with a structure in it*

9th jan: knows that he slept good, when ... Iris Apfel was in my dreams
grin emoticon
I met her in an underground station =D

9th jan: PLEAAASE *kind of URGENT* ... is there anyone (or knows anyone) who is interessted to come here and cut my hair in exchange for a painting (oil on canvas size 24x30 ... of course you can choose one by yourself) ... nothing special: just need short hair*

10th jan: when dreams become reality

when I dream ... sometimes I get sick ... because I have the feeling, that my dreams will never be more than just ´dreams´. I get sick because I can´t find answers how to make them real.

when my dreams become reality ... sometimes I get sick ... because it is very hard to handle when dreams become true. finally it is possible to see ... to touch ... to smell a dream.

when a dream becomes reality ... then it is impossible to continue to dream that dream ... because reality is always better than ´just dreaming´.

actually I never believed that dreams can become true. I thought a dream is a dream and reality is reality.

and again I was wrong: another dream became reality

10th jan: outfit change ... *Diva style*

last night I went to Bullbar ... at around 10 p.m. ... it was nice there ... as always
smile emoticon

I did wear some levi´s slimfit ... and an old t-shirt with holes in it and ´THE HUNT IS ON´ written on it ... and I had my hair half long.
at around 3.30 a.m. I felt to go home (I live on the other side of the street). ... to go home to shave my hairs on my head ... 3 milimeters.
I put on again the same trousers ... the same t-shirt ... and returned to Bullbar and stayed again till 8 a.m. in the morning.
and YES! of course I LOOOVED it how they looked at me after that outfit change *Diva style*
kiss emoticon

and obviously they loved it too
=D <3

14th jan: that moment ... when ... I was laying in bed today ... and thinking about: what if ... it really would happen, that Donald Trump becomes president *AAAARRRRGHHHHSSSSS*

15th jan: (Zeitungsartikel: "Rheinberg sagt Karnevalszug wegen Flüchtlingen ab") meine Gedanken dazu: "so etwas sehe ich als eine Art ´Supergau´. Natürlich denke ich an ´meine´ Zukunft ... an meine Zukunft als Schwulen in Deutschland. Es wäre ein Wunder wenn alle CSD in Deutschland diesen Sommer weiter zu halten sind. Wenn man es nicht schafft die Sicherheit von Frauen gewährleisten zu können ... wie sollte man dann die Sicherheit von Schwulen/Queeren gewährleisten können!? Die ´Schwule Freiheit´ ist in Gefahr. Das Lebenswerk unzähliger queerer Kämpfer der vergangenen Jahrzehnte steht vor einer Bewährungsprobe. ... ist diese ´Schwule Freiheit´ weiterhin zu halten!? ... ich mache mir Sorgen: ... um uns queere Menschen in Deutschland. ... um mich als Schwulen."

16th jan: THANK YOU for your wonderful birthday wishes* it´s OVERWHELMING how AMAZING you are to me* I LOVE YOU
heart emoticon

tomorrow (or monday) I will answer each one of your birthday wishes*
today I´m busy with partying =D

17th jan: that moment ... when you do a lonely walk in wintertime ... on a sunday morning ... through an quite and peaceful area where you life since 13 years ... where you have stories in your mind ... connected with almost every building and every corner ... and you realize how wonderful that world is where you life ... and you just feel happy
smile emoticon
*Have a wonderful sunday to eeeeveryone
heart emoticon

20th jan: * David Bowie´s Children * ... some years ago I wrote a book. about the Berlin in the zero years. the people, the parties, the city. Brian-Tennessee Claflin is the main character in that book. he knows about that book and said to me "you should have made a tranny out of me!". I´m still looking for someone to translate it and to make a tranny out of him ( hey Jason *
smile emoticon
) and of course for a publisher. the title of the book is because: almost everyone I met in Berlin got influenced by David Bowie ... this is why I took this title some years ago* *David Bowie´s children*

22nd jan: * secret erotic paintings in oil on canvas *

today I finished another ´secret painting´.
almost every successful writer publishes books with erotic content and is using another name. and almost every painter creates erotic work too, but normally they hide them. <= this is what I do too.
sometimes I create erotic paintings ... and I keep them secret. made for private secret erotic collections.
the reason why I keep them ´secret´ is: I don´t want that all my work gets reduced because of those handful TRASHY erotic paintings I did.
if you want to see them: I´m sure that I will do a little show with those paintings this summer ... during an Open Studio at my place.


some postings which I created on facebook 15th november 2015 - 22nd december 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

21st nov: tonite it´s going to be veeeeeery special* a reading here ... an hommage to Berlin ... by wonderful Ralf Schlegel
heart emoticon
the reading will be between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.* (in German) ... Patrick´s Open Studio is open now*

24th nov: mission complied: I kissed a guy and I liked it <3

24th nov: that was *mmmmyyummmmyyyy
tongue emoticon
* deer with wth rice and a loooot of onions and garlic =P

25th nov: my friend from Mosul (Iraq) said to me today: "you have no idea through which suffering those refugees are going to"

and his got right: I have no idea about it.

25th nov: "a little poem, which makes ..."

ridiculous the joy
bored by passion
colors of the city
the bar of freedom
hungry for hope

a little poem, which makes no sense.

4th dec: thoughts 4th dec. 2015:

I have been on one of the best schools in europe. I have 7 professions. I got teached into leading a business ... a company. I´m allowed to work 100 hours a week as manager or director ... and having 200 ... 2000 workers under my control.
But why should I do that!? Why should I waste my life just for getting a lot of money and success!?

maaaaany years already ... I realized that LIFE and TIME is much more worth and important than anything else.
I decided to do walks in parks ... laying on my couch ... spending time with friends ... and party with them. I decided to look in people´s eyes ... saying nice words to them ... smile at them ... and love them
heart emoticon

and to create paintings

4th dec: *** SALE ***

since today my flat is sold to someone. ... this someone is a rich lawyer. he bought several flats in that building. he is interessted to make money with those flats. he is interessted to heighten the rent as much as possible ... and to kick us out of the flats as soon as possible.

´they´ came here in our area ... in our city ... because of US! WE created those areas in Berlin ... YES! WE CREATED BERLIN
heart emoticon
... the queers, the creative people, the open minded people, the working class turkish families, ... WE CREATED THAT CITY
heart emoticon

we made that city that much interessting, that people from all around the world are interessted to come to that city. ... and now: they kick us out from here! they put us down the toilet ... like a used condom.

´they´ don´t realize that WE MADE BERLIN
heart emoticon

they will never understand

12th dec: ^^ * Hollidays at BULL BAR * ^^

some people spend 3 weeks in Bali or Paris or wherever during the christmas season. ... and I will spend those weeks at BULL BAR
grin emoticon
tongue emoticon
kiss emoticon

I mean, I created more than 140 paintings this year. I worked a lot in 2015.
and NOW ... in december I do nothing ... only the things really necessary. aaaaAAAAaand I will spend as much time as possible at BULL BAR
heart emoticon

I like it there
kiss emoticon
in morning
heart emoticon
... in the afternoon
tongue emoticon
... at night
kiss emoticon

see you
smile emoticon

and YES! even on New Years Eve at midnight I plan to be there =D

13th dec: there is nothing better than a homemade duck with apple and rice
tongue emoticon
OH! and this time my hunger for it was bigger than taking a picture of it
grin emoticon
*** HAPPY 3rd ADVENT to eeeeeveryone <3

14th dec: *** yellow eyes ***

yesterday it was the first time in my life that I saw someone with eye color YELLOW ^^
it was a refugee, who is in Berlin just since about 3 months.
he was that much beautiful
heart emoticon
... I felt immediatly in love with him ... and his yellow eyes <3

16th dec: *DONE* ´ufff´ just before christmas
wink emoticon
... putting all my paintings in oil on canvas on my website* ... that´s a lot of work ... to do almost eeeeverything by myself ... but that means: that website is veeeery similar to the Sagrada Familia ... it´s a non-stop W.I.P. (work in progress
smile emoticon
) and almost neeeever finished* but whatever: pls enjoy to take a look at those paintings on that website :*

17th dec: I don´t like shops
I don´t like money
I don´t like commercials
I don´t like credit cards
always I was interessted in everything which is not able to buy with money.

19th dec: there is ... ^^ NO OPEN STUDIO TODAY ^^

the reason is simple: I met a wooooonderful guy and want to spend the weekend juuuuuust with him
heart emoticon

... pls let me describe it that way: this weekend is a little liiiiiittle christmas present to myself*

thank you all for understanding*
and thank you Santa Claus for sending him to me ... juuuuuust before christmas*

:* <3

19th dec: today there is NO ´Patrick´s Open Studio´ ... BUT I will be here all day long ... if you are interessted to get a painting for christmas.
we can go to the studio area, but not into the living room area, because my wonderful guest is here and I want to accept his privacy. (even he could be a piece of art in Louvre
smile emoticon

21st dec: *boyfriend*

all the time ... I thought, that it has to be ´love at first sight´.
I thought it has to be perfect from the very first moment when two people meet eachother.
but I was wrong.
not one Walt Disney love movie would exist, if everything would have been perfect from the start. ... troubles, difficulties, .... make a movie and stand on every beginning of a love story.
all the time ... I thought, that it has to be ... I have to be: perfect.
but I was wrong.
I am not perfect and this fact makes me human. ... and being human is perfect.

I am in love with that guy ... with that 40 year old guy with muscles and hairs on his body. I am in love with his smile and attitude. and I love to hear his heartbeat <3


my hood ... october 2015
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some postings which I created on facebook 23rd october 2015 - 14th november 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

23rd oct: bald is´s soweit* und ich freue mich jetzt schon auf Ralf Schlegel´s ´Szenen Berlins´ - poetische Beobachtungen

23rd oct: what a beautiful heartbreaking picture
heart emoticon
... everyone who knows X-Japan, Yoshiki, Hide, Visual Kei, ... will understand that* ... and to everyone else: GET THOSE STORIES ^^ it´s worth it*

23rd oct: I love the magic of an unfinished painting ... watching just the background*

24th oct: .... aaaaand for today: *** BIENENSTICH *** ... I don´t know the english word for that cake ... perhaps cream cake with honey =P

25th oct: most of my paintings are not created for a decorative purpose. my paintings tell stories ... real stories which happened in Berlin in the past 12 years.
there exist enough designers which create art as kind of decoration. and I want to do something different. I love Berlin and live here since 2003. those colorful glamorous years should be always remembered: Berlinale, parties, concerts, CSD, openings, people, animals and buildings.
I started as photographer, which carved my way in that direction.
Manet, van Gogh, Nolde, Warhol, ... they all worked as witness of a time period ... and I want to be with them in a row ... (not more and not less. ... I know that I have BIIIIIIG GOALS ... but I only live once*)

26th oct: the creation of magic backgrounds continues ... ^^* the size of the canvases are constantly growing ... meanwhile I feel comfortable working with size 120 x 100

28th oct: wednesday 28th october ... full moon:
at the moment I work on paintings not every day. I reached my goal for that year already ... to create every months minimum 10 paintings ... this year there exist more than 140 new paintings already.
I will go to bed now and prepare myself to continue on paintings tomorrow. I need to be relaxed for that action. working on portraits is the most intimate process, which I ever realized. I´m literally touching every centimeter of someone´s body. with the brush ... I touch ... I create someone´s eyes ... someone´s nose ... someone´s lips ... someone´s hands ... someone´s feet ... someone´s skin.
this intimate process needs every energy possible, which I´m able to screw out of myself.
I love everyone created on my paintings*
heart emoticon
have a good night everyone <3

29th oct: the magic of working on background continues* BTW: when you know how to paint and/or draw ... and you are interested in teaching that to me .... PLS DO IT! :*

29th oct: Patrick´s vision for the near future:

okokok, at the moment, when we watch the news, then it´s all about ´Islam against Christianity´ and ´Germans against Refugees´ and ´Bavarians against the rest of Germany´ and and and . it´s obviously, that some serious crashes will happen in Germany in near future. But what is it for?
Answer: first of all: we should be busy enough, for not thinking about fighting against the Elite. because they have some plans for us: right now: no one is talking about those little micro chips which exist and can be put under everyone´s skin.
when the disaster is big enough in Germany, then they will offer us those micro chips as solution. with those micro chips under everyone´s skin, everyone can be hold ´under control´. then it makes no difference if there live 90 mio people in Germany or 150 mio or 200 mio or more. from economic view: the more people are here to ´work´ ... the better it is. I mean: China allows now, that families can have 2 children. <= that means that Europe really has to think about it, how stay in any competition with China and other areas, such as India, America, ...
those millions refugees are needed in Europe, BUT everyone has to be under control. we are not useful for the economy, when we ´slaughter´ eachother. we have to work ... and those micro chips in combination with all that other stuff, such as cameras everywhere, of course internet with facebook, and and and . What I mean is: BE PREPARED!

the future will be soon our every day´s reality ... and I will be part of that.

30th nov: (Renate Künast) okokok ... kann passieren, daß man Lincoln mit Washington verwechselt! aaaaaaber in ihrem Falle, geht das GARNICHT °° ... und JA! ich habe 300 der über 1500 Kommentare gelesen und dabei gelacht
grin emoticon
... und demnächst lasse ich mich auch mal vor VAN GOGH´S MONA LISA fotografieren
grin emoticon
grin emoticon

1st nov: almost finished: the double painting portrait ... titled ´DON´T FUCK WITH ME´ ... and YES! it´s already sold*

2nd nov: that moment, when the FIRST LOVE of your life (actually the BIGGEST LOVE of my life) is P O K I N G here on facebook after 20 !!! years ...

2nd nov: Karin

since about 7 years every sunday evening I take the underground at the same time from Nollendorfplatz in direction Hermannplatz ... to go to the club named ´Ficken3000´

about 4 years ago I realized that also a woman is waiting for the same underground every sunday evening. a beautiful woman with blond hairs, green eyes and age 70.

I started talking with her. she was working in a shop at Nollendorfplatz and was on her way home ... every sunday evening. in all those years we celebrated our very special underground friendship. we laughed together, we discussed, we appreciated eachother. she told me stories about her childhood, her family, the Berlin 50 years ago, ... I looked in her wonderful smiling eyes, when she told me, that she becomes grandma for the very first time. she told stories about the birth of that baby. she showed me pictures and short movies on her phone. she told about her garden ... in winter ... in sping ... in summer and in autumn.

I enjoyed it ... spending about 30 minutes with her in the underground. ... before I entered the wild nightlife in Ficken3000.

yesterday she told me, the it will be the last time, that we spend time together in the underground, because she stops working at Nollendorfplatz. I was very sad about those news and realized, that we never introduced eachother and that I even never knew her name. before we said good-bye ... we told eachother our names ... for the very first time. her name was Karin

3rd nov: Berlin Schöneberg 3rd november 2015

today it was the first time, that I saw how 2 police men pointed their guns on someone. that ´someone´ was a young guy ... perhaps 20 years young. he was high on dr*gs since some days&nights. I saw him several times, when I looked out of my windows.
today in the afternoon: I heard him screaming around on the street for about 20 minutes ... he was looking for fights with some of his ´friends´. suddenly one police car came and 3 police men (acutally it were 2 police women and one police man) jumped out of the car. they stood about two meters away from that young guy and pointed their guns in direction of his body.

I was completly shocked, because I have never seen something like that before. I knew that every second could change the situation and perhaps they would have shot him ... in front of my eyes.

after some seconds they overpowered that guy. it looked like, as if he had a weapon too. this would explain the first reaction of the police.

later several more police car came and an ambulance.

I was happy that nothing ´more´ happened. but it made me realize, that times are changing and are becoming more rough

heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
he deserves eeeeevery support:
"The extreme taboo and harsh criticism of living a same-sex lifestyle, especially as an African- American male, makes it hard to be completely honest and comfortable within yourself," says Yusaf Mack.

4th nov: pls find my little ´My perfect Schöneberg weekend´ tour in the new issue of Exberliner magazine ... on page 28*

5th nov: ooooh* just need to share that, because I loooove the beauty of a naked woman
heart emoticon
... and YES! I SHOULD PAINT THEM TOO ... :* (Nu Couché)

6th nov: * booooored *

perhaps I should lay in my bed and discuss the bored situation with my pillow*

7th nov: today: *** SUPERPOWER MARZIPAN CAKE Lübeck style *** =P

7th nov: Patrick´s inner monologues:

me asking: "where would you put yourself as painter?"
me answering: "somewhere between Nitsch, van Gogh, Picasso and Monet."

8th nov: * life is a journey *

the older I become, the more I understand what THAT PHRASE means

8th nov: * being lucky *

in the past weeks ... some amazing wonderful great things happened to me.
that much beautiful ... I even didn´t dream about it before.
right now I´m in a process where I have to learn to accept that. to accept that life is good to me ... that life wants me ... that life loves me ... that life has saved some wonderful, good presents for me.
in the past I could more accept bad things. because that many bad things happened to me, that I got used to it. I could handle much better bad things happening to me, than good things. I was even afraid from good things ... and always thought, that something has to be ´wrong´ with good things happening to me.
it´s a way to go ... to realize ´good things´ as ´good things´ ... 100 percent.
it´s a way to go ... to enjoy ´good things´ and accept them without any doubts.
* being lucky * is now allowed to me*

9th nov: * Gunther my mentor *
the most important reason, why I live my life the way how I live it ... is Gunther. he teached me everything. 2 years ago ... on 9th november 2013 ... my mentor left this world.

10th nov: Brian did a loooot of collaborations with AWESOME FIERCE artists. one of those is Greta Frau. pls come and see the artwork ´The Five SenseS´. I never saw those movies before, but people who watched them already told me, that they are AAAAAAAWESOME ^^ ... I also can´t wait to see them on 27th november at SomoS*

11th nov: the ´WHATEVER´ painting

it´s a BIG honor to me, that I may support the YO! SISSY festival.
many performers and friends from that festival ... I got to know because of Brian-Tennessee Claflin . he was friends with them
heart emoticon

some of my paintings reflect American culture in Berlin. Brian used to say many times ´WHATEVER´ and ´performed´ that word while saying it.
this painting supports now the YO! SISSY festival.
pls please PLEEEEEAAAASE find the painting at that link and get the painting°°

12th nov: and again I felt in love with a guy
kiss emoticon
heart emoticon

that means:
I almost can´t sleep
I´m not interessted in eating
I think non-stop about that person


and it´s already the 4th time this year
and I´m still single *hhhmmmpppffff*

13th nov: it´s a BIG painting of Isa Genzken hanging in my display window now* ... Isa deserves that place
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
when you pass my studio/flat pls take a look at that glitzy painting*


some postings which I created on facebook 18th september 2015 - 22nd october 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

18th sept: I´M BAAAACK ^^
grin emoticon
hello LOVERS&HATERS ... I´m back* ... my holidays are over. I continued to paint again. ... today ... with some background work* ... and: it feels veeeery good to paint again* love you aaaallllll
heart emoticon

19th sept: I WARNED YOU
grin emoticon
today´s cake ingredients are TONS of BUTTER
tongue emoticon
tongue emoticon
tongue emoticon
... it´s a ´Donauwelle´ (´wave of the danube´ <= yes, that´s the name of THAT CAKE) ... COLD & FRESH out of the fridge too of course =P

19th sept: Patrick´s Open Studio is open now* today ... for the Berlin Art Week with "NOTHING SPECIAL" :*

19th sept: of course I don´t know what it means to be a refugee because of war.

but I know the desperate face of mother during an escape when she is looking in her child´s eyes.

I was 8 years young when my mother said to me, that we are going for holidays to Austria. it was just me and my little, fragile mother. we carried as much as it was possible. we took the train and had to change the train in Zurich. I remember when I realized that my fingers changed into colors blue, red and yellow. I showed my little hands into direction of my mother ...
I will never forget the expression in the face of my mom looking at her loved child suffering from pain.

... it wasn´t for holidays. we run away from my violent dad and never returned into the little village in the black forrest. Graz in Austria became our new home.

and today: I feel those refugees when I look into their faces.

20th sept: I think I should just eat some white Magnum icecream right now and then go to bed ... good night everyone <3

20th sept: for many years I met Brian almost every sunday ... those outfits on that picture have been our outfits for the whole night at that time.
He was mormon and my mother is mormon too. that means, that we talked about everything: our mothers, our families, our childhood, our youth, our dreams, ... everything ... we did trust eachother
Brian left that world on 5th june 2014
Brian is part of my heart&soul and every sunday I think a little bit more about him <3

20th sept: more background work today* meanwhile I feel very comfortable with bigger size paintings* 100 x 120 is the size I am talking about ... as contrast: you see my slippers next to it*

24th sept: I LOVE MEAT

... I never wanted to be holy

grin emoticon
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon


26th sept: actually that´s the perfect bodybuilder cake
kiss emoticon
... with all that quark in it ^^ the german name is "Käsesahnetorte" ... and with raisins in it because it was a friend´s wish to put them inside =P

28th sept: I love those afterhours ... ending at a punks place ... and everywhere in the flat stuff of Prada, Chanel, KaDeWe, ... can be found
grin emoticon

thank you HOT STRAIGHT b*tch
heart emoticon
I really enjoyed your afterhour party which you made for us
kiss emoticon
(no, not just me and him ... we have been 5 people there
smile emoticon

1st oct: I realize more and more how much I was focused on Brian
heart emoticon
... literally Brian was the center of my life ... for about 7 years. I was interessted in almost nothing else and no one else.
meanwhile I learn to live without him. I have to learn it. it´s a process. and it´s not easy.

2nd oct: of course I would wish to have more space ... especially now that I work on bigger size paintings ... I would love to work on 20 or 30 paintings simultaneously ... ... OH did I just ask for more space IN BERLIN !? I know, I know, I know ... there is no space in Berlin right now. and I can be happy that I have at least that little room to work*

2nd oct: *** sweet spicy Indian curry rice with raisins *** OH I LOVE HOT RAISINS
tongue emoticon
if you make it: it´s simple: just put TONS of spices in there ... and aaaaalways olive oil =P

3rd oct: I
heart emoticon
to live in Berlin WITHOUT WALL ^^ ... one of the most important reasons why I moved to Berlin was: east german people have always been more beautiful to me ... and I wanted to be closer to them
heart emoticon
and share my life with them
heart emoticon
... I am from west Germany and there the most important first question was always "what is your job?" ... and when you gave the ´wrong´ answer, then people immediatly stopped talking with you. I GOT BORED BY THAT! people from east Germany (east Europe) have always been interessted in me as human being and their first question has always been "what is your name?"

6th oct: *** welcome autumn depression ***

since 41 years I try to build up a life ... my life.
and it didn´t work at all.

I life in a flat which belongs to others and those ´others´ want to kick me out of here. that´s annoying. normally in my age: to be serious: I should really own a flat!

I work as artist and I am not successful with it. ... I mean: that´s the truth so far! okok, there were some little highlights in the past years, but that´s it. not one serious art magazine even mentioned my name.

my private life is a disaster. I mean: nothing! ... I couldn´t manage it to find someone. I was never with someone ... a "couple"!

and my financial situation: *äääöööhmmmm* forget it! a mess!


*** welcome autumn depression ***

10th oct: *** F*CKED UP LIFE *** listening to ´Best of Otis Redding´ ... baking cake ... taking a bath for 1 hour ... being non-stop online on facebook *** F*CKED UP LIFE *** ... or I´m just getting old*

11th oct: doesn´t it look sad, when someone is eating alone
frown emoticon
... since today my balcony table is inside of the flat again* ... sitting next to my paintings* ... Isa Genzken is watching me ... eating * wild hog with sweet chestnuts and bread dumplings *

14th oct: * punk shoes *

perhaps I was the first person, which said to that 23 year old punk guy, that he is beautiful and a good guy.
we spent the whole day together ... he showed me ´his´ music and what Berlin means to him.
obviously he had a rough life. he accepted me as someone who could be his father. he cried sometimes and I let him cry.
he asked me about my shoe size ... 45 does fit him. he took my yellow Adidas shoes limited edtition. when I saw his shoes, then it wasn´t about my ´limited edition´ shoes anymore. I just knew, that I have 2 pairs of sneakers, and that guy needs one of those.
he asked me for a winter jacket too, because he had almost nothing to wear.
I have just one winter jacket and felt very sad, that I wasn´t able to give him a warm winter jacket.
he left at around 6 p.m. ... it was already dark outside and the temperature was close to zero ...

18th oct: Ja, lieber Ralf Schlegel* danke sehr für die Songnominierung^^* jeden Tag eines meiner Lieblingslieder posten, das werde ich wohl nicht machen. ... ich überfordere so und so schon so manchen mit meinen viiiieeeeelen Postings jeden Tag
wink emoticon
... aber eines meiner immerwieder aaaabsoluten Lieblingslieder poste ich jetzt somit stellvertretend für alle meine Lieblingslieder^^* ... und JA! BITTE GAAAAANZ LAUT HÖREN
grin emoticon
Mr. Fahrenheit is screaming
grin emoticon
DON´T STOP ME NOW ^^ ... wäre ich Boxer, dann würde ich wohl dieses Lied zu meiner Ringhymne machen <3

19th oct: info for all my collectors: as you know, you get all my paintings directly from me. this is the reason because they are that much cheap.
but meanwhile I´m really looking for a gallery or even much more: for an art dealer.
and it looks that way, that I will find that right person for that job veeeeery soon.
then I´m able to focus on creating new paintings much more. <= that´s what I really want.
and then: every art deal goes via ´that´ art dealer.
but it also means, that the prices will be higher.
what I want to say is: when you want to get my paintings veeeeeeery veeeeery cheap and directly from the artist, then you should get one soon.

20th oct: *happiness*

what means *happiness*?
everyone needs something else to reach *happiness*.
I like it simple:
sitting on my own couch ...
... eating homemade cake with fresh whipped cream ...
... and watching Adriano Celentano singing *AZZURO*
all that together gives me the feeling of being satisfied,
creates a smile on my face
smile emoticon

and proves that I life *happiness*

( Gaby
heart emoticon
and YES! I thought about you while listening to that song* )

20th oct: some of the people I know here in Berlin ... they are veeeeery deep in my heart* ... and FAB Matt (Lambert)
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon

20th oct: just using Grindr for the almost very first time* ... I am sure, that I do eeeeevery mistake possible, what a beginner is able to do =D

21st oct: but actually ... this is how the man of my dreams looks like*^^ I
heart emoticon
David (Lurs)

21st oct: I know that winter is coming soon, when: I cook the first time beef soup ´Austrian style´ with bone marrow (Knochenmark)* ... already the Austrian Emperor ... Sissy´s husband ... liked to eat it that way =P

22nd oct: btw: when you own one (or more) of my paintings, and when you want to get it cleaned. because of dust or whatever. then pls bring it here and I will clean it and put a new varnish on it


22nd oct: * DON´T FUCK WITH ME * today it isn´t my day ... so far. and YES! those are the days when paintings get realized, where in golden letters ´DON´T FUCK WITH ME´ is written on it ... *AAARRRGGHHHHSSSS*
tongue emoticon
( I think they look nice* those 2 paintings got all my energy ... and now I feel relaxed
smile emoticon

22nd oct: okokok ... and then we have living on our planet earth:
heart emoticon
JAY (Alvarrez) & ALEXIS
heart emoticon
... if you neeever heard about them: YOU SHOULD
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon
( I posted one of their GLAM videos in the comment ) ... and the question is right now: DO WE NEED THEM HERE IN BERLIN !? =D



my hood ... august 2015
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"Into The Flat" by Mathias Lempart july 2015
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it´s a book ... IT´S A BOOOOK ... *WOW* a REAL HANDMADE BEST QUALITY 48pages BOOK ... named ´Into The Flat´ about the life and work of the artist Patrick Bartsch ... a book created by stunning artist Mathias Lempart ... for the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe)



some postings which I created on facebook 1st september 2015 - 17th september 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

8th sept: * little Damascus in Berlin *

actually I can´t wait having a sort of * little Damascus in Berlin * with about 1 mio Syrian people living here ^^*

I remember when I was a child ... about 35 years ago (now I am 41). at that time Damascus was a city far far away ... for me ... too far away to reach. BUT those stories about that woooonderful, colorful, mystic city ... always reached me ...

and today: they have "Chinatown in L.A." ... sort of "India city in London" ... sort of "arabic world in Paris" ... and and and

YES! I would LOOOOVE to have a *little Damascus in Berlin* ... and they should teach me, what they are AWESOME about: creating art ... cooking food ... and and and

and ... perhaps perhaps perhaps they will help us to rebuild Berlin again ... as much beautiful as it was before it got destroyed in WWII.

9th sept: btw: when you are around here in my area and when you want to visit me, then pls aaalways write me before here on fb or call me. I NEVER react when someone knocks at my window or rings the bell and I don´t know who is it out there.

but: YES! I appreciate always some nice suprise visits
:* <3

10th sept: 10th september 2015: soon I will start to paint again ^^* I needed those some weeks off. ... I checked out my photo archive (with about 140 000 photographies which I took in the past years) and found 39 photographies (such as the photogaphy below) which I plan to paint in oil on canvas ... soon ... very soon*

11th sept: okokok his greatuncle is John F. Kennedy and his father is Arnold Schwarzenegger ^^ Patrick Schwarzenegger is one of the REAL KINGS in our world =P

12th sept: * don´t fear the Islam in Germany *

tonite I thought about ´the Islam in Germany´ . most people NEED religions ... something to believe in. even my own mother is mormon. a religion as radical as Islam. it doesn´t matter if someone names himself as ´Christ´ or ´Muslim´ or ´Mormon´ or ´whatever´
as it is realized in America: let everyone practice his own religion!
it´s about to accept it!
AND when someone does a criminal act, then judge this person. it doesn´t matter which religion he belongs to. PUT A CRIMINAL PERSON BEHIND BARS! and when someone needs to hide behind a religion and use religion to practice a criminal act, then punish this person even more.

... and when Saudi Arabia offered Germany to pay for 200 new mosques for the refugees, then let Saudi Arabia do it. Saudi Arabia which takes NO REFUGEES in their own country just shows one more time, that Islam as religion is not working at all. it fits in one row with THE EXISTENCE OF BANGLADESH (which did belong to Pakistan ... and if the Islam would work, than Bangladesh would still belong to Pakistan).

whatever: don´t fear Islam in Germany and pls accept voices from leading political people who say, that ´Islam belongs to Germany´, because he does as much as EVERY OTHER RELIGION.

17th sept: today I was in the mood for some mixed lunch *** French escargots and garlic baguette and Russian mini pumpkins and Black Forrest ham *** =P

17th sept: watch him to become one of THE BIGGEST STARS IN BODYBUILDING ^^ just 20 years old AAAAAAWESOME ATTILA ^^ ... and I am sure: in some weeks his fanpage will hit the one million fan mark* and YES! I am his BIG fan already <3



some postings which I created on facebook 6th august 2015 - 31st august 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

10th august: just woke up* ... and thinking ... *WOW* what a PERFECT NIGHT it has been again at Berlin´s BEST PARTY ... ICKY ^^ ... that maaaaaaany wonderful beautiful fierce people* ... you all make my life perfect
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
... aaaaand: oooooh Christa did you put those stamps all over my body !? =D :*

11th august: knows what he is doing this week: WATCHING AAAAALL EPISODES OF ^^ BREAKING BAD ^^
grin emoticon

I had no idea that serie exists ... and yesterday night I discovered it
grin emoticon

... now I am at episode 1 part 4
WHAT A F*CKING HELL GLITZY SERIE ^^* ... I am prepared for my couch
grin emoticon
... what a perfect summer *LOL* =D =D =D

grin emoticon
... there is so much of everything in it ... Trainspotting´ ... ´Priscilla Queen of the desert´ ... and and and
I can´t stop watching it
grin emoticon

now I am at serie 2 episode 11 ^^
serie 3 - 5 are waiting for me for the next days & nights
grin emoticon

heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
<3 :*

13th august: now: at around 1 a.m. on 13th august 2015:
I am in my flat ... I lay on my couch ... the windows are open ... I listen to the sound of the street ... voices ... music of bars ... I am online on facebook ... at the same time I am watching one episode after the other episode of ´Breaking Bad´ ... a thriller about family, friendship, money & dr*gs ... the walls of my studio are crowded with my own paintings ... I live the life of an artist ... a life much more thriller than any movie can be ... a friend of mine got murdered some days ago ... what is real? what is fantasy? ... I know what reality is ... I wanted that life ... a life full of action ... but those actions went out of control ... sometimes I wish to hide myself ... perhaps in a forrest ... somewhere in the mountains ... being alone ... but is that a solution? ... I have to live my life ... and today ... right now it happens here in front of my laptop, while sitting on my couch and listen to the sound of Berlin´s night.

14th august: yeah, I know it´s hot and summer in Berlin and eeeeeveryone should be somewhere outside ...
buuuuut I am laying on my couch and continue watching ´Breaking Bad´
grin emoticon

I like that question in serie 3 episode 9 ... when Jesse got asked ´what would you do if you would have enough money?´
... my answer for such a question would be: ´creating paintings and bake cakes´*

smile emoticon
grin emoticon

14th august: and the BEST food is always some food which reminds you to your childhood* ... ^^lecsó with sausages^^ ... as teenager I have been in schools, where I needed to life there ... the whole week ... and this is some food those kids got there to eat* IT´S MMMYUMMMY =D

15th august: this is not a story for facebook:
okokok ... tonite ...
... I met that guy again ...
... what a hoooot sexy guy ...
... I like him very much ...
... and ...
... he likes me too ...
... he´s giving me aaalways more than I expect ...
... he´s a dream come true ...
... he is my favorite guy ...
... I pay him 40 bucks ...

16th august: ´my mom´s words´

yesterday ... late evening ... I did a long telephone call with my mom ... I called her, because I needed to talk with someone who knows me.
it was good to hear her voice ... her tender, loving mom´s voice.
it is very rare that we are in contact ... and when we have contact, then usually we are having fights. but not yesterday.
those days I feel very exhausted ... in my head ... in my soul ... and the summer heat takes away the energy of my body too.
yesterday night I was looking for answers ... again.
perhaps the most important question of my mom was "where are the roots? ... when did start the drama in your life?"
... my life is a BIG DRAMA to my mom. ... and perhaps somehow she´s got right ...

I thought about it ... and realized that a big drama has been the seperation of my first love. I loved him that much as someone just loves his ´first love´. I never really handled it when our relationship failed. 18 years ago.

16th august: I LOOOOOVE Breaking Bad
grin emoticon
it´s like looking at Leonardo´s Mona Lisa or watching the Titanic movie or listen to the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra or *WOW*
... just finished watching serie 4.
now I prepare to go to GLAM ICKYparty ^^
... and tomorrow I will watch serie 5 with 16 !!! *WOW* SIXTEEN episodes ^^
caaaaan´t waaaaaait =D

19th august: ´ Breaking Bad ´ was AWESOME ^^ I needed one week to watch the whole serie*
more than 10 000 000 likes on facebook <= that is for a reason!
one of the best things I´ve ever seen
grin emoticon

... and now I should start to paint again*

23rd august: ... I miss ... the feeling that ...
heart emoticon
heart emoticon

I remember ... when I was a child, than the music charts have been PACKED with songs ... which celebrate the world ... and all Germans did sing those songs. such as: "spanish guitars" (Spaniens Gitarren), "greek wine" (Griechischer Wein), "Fiesta Mexicana", "Moskau Moskau Russia is a beautiful country" (Moskau Moskau Russland ist ein schönes Land) and and and
Where are such songs today, which celebrate the people and the country of Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan, ... and YES! again Greece and Spain too

WE NEED such songs ... music ... positive energetic music did always bring the people and the world together <3

26th august: I was a very happy person when Brian was part of my life ...
... I would wish that he would knock at my door ... again ...

26th august: R.I.P. Peter Kern
heart emoticon
Peter Kern was an extraordinary legendary director from Austria. I met him several times ... we laughed a lot together
smile emoticon
Peter Kern one of the GREATEST Austrian artists* R.I.P.

27th august: the world is changing and we all need to accept that.
we have to learn again ... how to live together.
yesterday doesn´t exist anymore. it is TODAY what counts.
my personal wish is:
let everyone live wherever she/he wants to live.
let everyone live in Berlin who wants to live here.
and pls let the queer community BE A COMMUNITY
strong enough to keep Berlin a safe place for future queer generations too.

27th august: ^^ F E A R ^^

right now: people in Germany have fear ...
almost every reaction is caused because of ... fear ...
BUT: there is no reason to have fear at all !!!
it was always a dream, that Berlin is in one row with New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, ... btw: there are living about 10 !!! mio people in Tokyo

PLS GIVE EEEEVERYONE A *WARMLY HEARTFELT WELCOME IN BERLIN* who is coming from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, ...
let Berlin grow to a city with up to 6 or 8 million people !!!
PLS TRUST in that, that good times are waiting for us here in future*
can you imagine the new dimensions of the art scene, fashion scene, and and and of a Berlin with a population size like that!? ... I am able to imagine that!

pls have LOVE in your hearts and in your words and in your hands, when you reach them in the direction of our new friends ... our new friends:
heart emoticon
the refugees <3

28th august: to all CAPRICORNS:

I heard, that this weekend we will get the answers what the REASONS OF OUR LIVES are.
I mean: that sounds veeeeery weird. but I always listen to that astrology stuff *ARGHS*

okokok: again: after THAT WEEKEND I will know what are the reasons ... is the meaning of my life *THATISWEIRD* =oX

and btw: I was born on 16th january* same day as Kate Moss
=D :*

29th august: I LOVE TO EAT
tongue emoticon
pasta with hash beef on my plat ... some plum cake in the oven
tongue emoticon
all my live I was veeeery skinny ... but those years are over ... obviously :)

30th august: that super full moon is veeeeery heavy XoP it makes me feel that I want to be everywhere at the same time and that I want to do all at once XoP
it´s veeery powerfull and it feels good :)


some postings which I created on facebook 7th july 2015 - 5th august 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

7th july: my hood
heart emoticon
isn´t it beautiful here ... in the middle of Berlin ... oooooh, and yes, it belongs to the most dangerous places in Berlin ...

9th july: <3
Brian inside of me
heart emoticon

I went out yesterday ... visiting my neighbours in the redlight area ... and somehow I was frightened that someone could steal the money out of my pockets (as it happened already twice) ...
... while thinking about where to put my money ... somehow I heard Brian´s voice inside of me ... saying "put the money in your socks ... there where I always did hide my money"
... and I did it that way
smile emoticon
... and at the same time being happy to realize that Brian is always there for me when I need him and his advice

heart emoticon
Brian my love forever <3

11th july: Patrick loves
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
in Berlin * ... if there is anyone named ´a modern Mozart´ ... then it is him: YOSHIKI ^^ what a life ^^ what an artist ^^ what a genius ^^ I
heart emoticon

11th july: .... aaaand this is Roman ... THE FIRST LOVE OF MY LIFE ... it happened about 20 years ago ... HE IS STILL HOT
tongue emoticon
heart emoticon

12th july: find the mistake:

european politicians earning more than 16 000 euro a month ... tell people in Greece (and not just there!) that they have to life with about 250 euro a month

.... aaaaaaaand pleeeaaaase don´t try to argue with: that policitians work more ...

12th july: ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon

just bringing myself in the right mood for tooooonite´s GLAM ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon
with MILVA and the song ´I AM THE MAN WHO LOVES YOU
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon

see you laaaater :*

14th july: (zum Kulturschutzgesetzesentwurf) ... dumm ... dümmer ... am dümmsten ... ... dieser Gesetzesentwurf spiegelt das Verantwortungslose Egoistische Weltfremde Handeln der Deutschen Bundesregierung wieder! OH BUNDESREGIERUNG ICH HABE DICH SOWAS ... ABER AUCH SOOOOWAS VON SATT !!!

15th july: OMG O M G FOODPORN *** Veal Escalope with mushrooms, onions and baked potatoes *** OH YES! it makes a different: the BIG veal escalope fresh from the market ... he said: it´s bio and it costs 10 euro´
I could neeever afford to eat that in a restaurant ... but sometimes I need to feel ´special´
smile emoticon
... and that is the reason, that I cook such stuff ... just for myself*
grin emoticon

15th july: the technic of paintings of Patrick Bartsch look similar to the paintings of Gerhard Richter, BUT it´s actually complete different, because Richter works on the colors ... and I go UNDER the colors ...

15th july: Happy Birthday
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
... I was 15 years young when I was standing in front of that painting ... it seemed to me as a door to ´another world´ ... a door I wanted to pace too* ... a world I wanted to be part of it*

16th july: today I reached painting number 82 ... this project ´100 paintings within 100 days´ is my way of ´running a marathon´ ... I learn ... I practice ... I feel joy ... and most of all: I am thankful to those collectors who bought and reserved paintings from that serie ... you tell me to continue ... to run ... to paint ... till the goal is reached *THANK YOU*

17th july: you haven´t watched it yet!? ... YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT VIDEO ! ... I watched it already twice and it still makes me learn ... learn to appreciate life ... learn to love
heart emoticon

18th july: anyone who is coming here today ... pls could bring a package of Marlboro for me* ... Thank You
heart emoticon :*

18th july: I think I think I think ... thaaat I found SOMEONE
heart emoticon
... in the past months I saw him sometimes ... aaaand yesterday we talked to eachother for the first time ... and he likes me TOO *WHOOOOHOOOO* ... he is a BEAUTY ... a HOTTIE from Lithuania ... we will meet eachother again
heart emoticon
and again
smile emoticon
and again
grin emoticon
and again
kiss emoticon
... it looks like that I found that someone I was looking for since the past weeks :)

21st july: Patrick´s inner monologues: ´ ... it was the expression in his (my new boyfriend´s) eyes, which fascinated me, when he looked at my wall full of paintings and saying no word. obviously he didn´t expect that ... and obviously he liked what he saw.

and yesterday night when he was here, then we talked to eachother again. he told me about his life ... when he lived as graffiti artist in the streets of Riga/Latvia

we found something more which connects us.´


21st july: it´s a book ... IT´S A BOOOOK ... *WOW* a REAL HANDMADE BEST QUALITY 48pages BOOK ... named ´Into The Flat´ about the life and work of the artist Patrick Bartsch ... a book created by stunning artist Mati Lempart ... for the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe)

23rd july: * Artists in Berlin * ... OH look to whom I did run in today* ... at Hermannplatz in Neukölln ... Patrick loves
heart emoticon
Janne Räisänen <3

23rd july: falling in love ... again

it is here again ...
... the feeling of ... that I found someone ´special´ in that 7,125 billion people world.
it is here again ...
... that time ... when I wait for someone.
I am not in a hurry anymore ... I stopped being in a hurry 18 years ago. I lost my first love because of that: ... being in a hurry too much ... putting someone under pressure. I promised to myself that I would never do it again.
it is here again ...
... that time when I stay relaxed at home. laying in bed and just dreaming. there is no need anymore to run from bar to bar, from party to party, getting out of control, just because of being in search for someone.
it is here again ...
that natural smile in my face :)

25th july: ´anonymous warning´

yesterday I found a letter in my post office box: a warning concerning a person in my milieu. an ´anonymous warning´

´Thank You´ to that person who did all that work for sending me that letter ... I really appreciate your worry about me*

but I just can write and say: people warned me non-stop because of other people in my milieu ... especially about those successful and/or famous and/or rich people in my milieu

I never took care about those warnings ... I have just no time for such things

when I meet people then I want to get to know them ... and to warn me about someone makes that person even more interessting to me.

but whatever: the today´s painting number 90 from the serie ´My Life´ is dedicated to you ... to you ´Mr. Anonymous´ ^^*

27th july: btw: the last 10 paintings of the serie ´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days´ will be a countdown ...
... yesterday the countdown startet with ´ten´ ... today the spiritual meaning of the number 9 is ´whatever´ ... tomorrow there will be the infinity sign for ´8´ ... and the last 7 days will be a surprise ^^* pls enjoy it :)

28th july: ooooh today´s painting became ugly ...
... sometimes I like to create ugly bad paintings :)

28th july: *inner monolgue*
it´s about making it! ... it is a very hard and very difficult project. I expected it that way!
with projects I was always good to start, but never good with finishing something. and this is the point where I am right now. I feel as if can´t do it anymore ... I feel as if I need a break. it´s a fight with my psychologic conditions.
right now it´s just about ´surviving´ the project ... to bring those 100 paintings within 100 days to an end.
it´s a fight ... it´s my fight ... a symbolic fight, which is symbolising ´My Life´

29th july: *** the N E W Berlin *** means: yesterday someone offered me ´some 10 000 euros´ cash, when I go out of my flat.
it was a serious offer ... I know that millionaire guy since many years.

29th july: luxury babe Patrick needed some *** Wild White Halibut with baked potatoes *** THAT WAS GOOOOOOD ^^ that white fish from KaDeWe (I paid 14 euro) *MMMMYUUMMMYYYY =P

30th july: I´m hungry ... I´m veeeery hungry ... those days°° today *** beefsteak with russian chanterelles (Pfifferlinge) and kraut and baked potatoes ***

30th july: R.I.P. ALEXANDER TIBURTIUS +++ OMG WHAT A SHOCK !!! Alexander was an AMAZING FRIEND AND SUPPORTER of me and my art. he was ´my art dealer´ ... how I always named him in a tender way. I will always remember you as who you were
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
R.I.P. Alex

2nd august: TONITE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ICKYparty ^^
grin emoticon
THANK YOU Jared Abbott for giving to us those AAAAAAWESOME sunday nights
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
grin emoticon
see you aaaaaalllll tonite <3

2nd august: R.I.P. Alexander Tiburtius
heart emoticon
... my friend and ´my art dealer´ ... I miss you

3rd august: it´s done*
my first painting marathon*
a lot happened in 100 days ... good days and bad days ... ups and downs.
of course I used that serie as kind of ´trainings camp´ ... I checked out different techniques ... different color combinations ... did practice with ´how to paint bodies´ ... ´how to paint nature´ ... ´how to use symbols and letters´ ...

now I feel as if I need some days off, but I also can´t wait to work on new paintings ... to use the experience from the past 100 days

4th august: 7 paintings found new owners already ... and some other paintings are reserved. that means 93 paintings are here for the exhibition ´My Life ... 100 paintings within 100 days´ ... so pls join the show this saturday here at the Open Studio ^^*
the exhibition looks veeeeery good ... it´s an early works exhibition (I mean: I do that kind of paintings with oil on canvas ... just since 2 1/2 years ... I am still a beginner*)
see you on saturday
heart emoticon :*

4th august: Patrick´s inner monologues
´like a circle in a spirale´

I was young ... about 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 years old. my mom worked at home as tailor ... and I was sitting on the floor and did drawings ... drawings of pirate ships, animals, ...
with colored pencils and sheets of paper ... I was completly happy and satisfied.

I grew up ... went to school ... played with fire (literally) ... left my home to move to Paris ... and Vienna ... and Cologne. I worked in Bars ... sold Jeans at GAP ... and tried to work as model. I loved parties .... and dr*gs ... and women and men ... and black and golden masks.

and now in the age of 41 ... after a looooong journey ... I realized again that I need just some brushes and canvas ... for being completly happy and satisfied

5th august: the new Roland Emmerich movie " Stonewall" ... aaaaaand btw: we would and still do it: fight again and fight again ... and fight again for OUR RIGHTS !

5th august: ´don´t be jealous´
grin emoticon
since today I am the owner of a personal KaDeWe customer card =D


my neighbourhood ... may and june 2015
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Eisenacher Str. corner Fuggerstr.

my new neighbours: the ´Toy Boy Bar´




at Breitscheidplatz

what is left of the legendary Beate Uhse Building





Wedding 29th may 2015
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Paul and Björn did celebrate their wedding*

it was wonderful being part of that celebration*

as present I gave them the heart painting which you can see on the pic above*


classic concert may 2015
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to the highlights of my life belong those invitations to classic concerts in the house of the Koestlin Family

today with Leonard Elschenbroich on Violoncello
Alexei Grynyuk on Piano


Frank´s Barbecue 24th may 2015
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Frank Wilde´s Barbecue was PERFECT ^^ I spent such a GREAT time there ^^ AWESOME people <3

on the pic above: Romy Haag takes pictures of Frank Wilde*

pic below: on the way to Frank ... I passed the Carneval of Cultures, which toke place close to Frank´s home*



Sarah and Laura ... may 2015
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Brian´s siblings Sarah and Laura came to visit Berlin and meet some of Brian´s nearest friends. we went in a good restaurant.

wonderful evening*



some postings which I created on facebook 4th june 2015 - 7th july 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

5th june: today: one year ago Brian-Tennessee Claflin died

the past year I was thinking about him almost every day ... as I did it when Brian was alive ... when it was possible to hear his voice ... to hug him

today I cry again ... those big hot tears running down my face

Brian was the love of my life ... the man I was waiting for ... for 33 years ... till we met eachother on my balcony and shared together 7 phantastic years

my love to Brian will never end <3

6th june: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 42 ´nothing´

today´s painting is named ´nothing´
and as you can see ... it is literally ´nothing´
pls feel it

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

7th june: Pierre Brice aka Winnetou was MY HERO when I was a little kid (around age 4 till 12) . the character Winnetou gave me a looooot ... everything what I wanted to be in that age.

Now Pierre Brice died. R.I.P.

heart emoticon
for all the wonderful moments I will remember all my life*

11th june: Patrick Bartsch´s inner monologs:

´of course I am in one row with ...

Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon ... we all decided that: to create a portrait of people follows their own rules

Vincent van Gogh ... we love our society ... and realized the phascination for common workers ... because we both belong to them too

Claude Monet ... we both create feelings of impressions when people are watching our paintings

aaaand YES! Caravaggio ... we are both phascinated by the ´gangsters´ in our society and have them as models

12th june: Patrick loves
heart emoticon
River Viiperi
heart emoticon
... I follow that guy since yeeeeeaaaaars and YES! he aaaaalways makes me a goooood time
kiss emoticon
... and YES! he is a worldwide successful topmodel too :)

14th june: THAT MOMENT ... when you join aaaawesome adventures ... everything is perfect ....... ...... and then you wake up and realize that it was A DREAM *uuughssss*

now I go to bed again and will look for those adventures to continue =D

14th june: Patrick loves
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
PLSSSSS is anyone in contact with Cody Simpson ? ... pls tell him that he should come to Berlin
grin emoticon
kiss emoticon
*ääHmmmm* I am waiting here for him <3

18th june: ´inspiration´
I know that people, artists, ... get inspired by my artwork since more than a decade ...
I know that, because people, artists, ... from all around the world wrote that to me and still do ...
I like that a lot* it makes me feel a little bit to be a kind of ´professor´ *lol* ... sorry ... I just needed to write it THAT WAY *
some years ago people, artists,... got inspired by my ´mask show´ .... which one I found in my cellar ... and today ... people, artists,... get inspired by the way how I work out my paintings in oil on canvas ... a stil which one I found in my bathroom*


19th june: the mainstage arrived ... in front of my studio ... ^^ that means: my weekend & party starts RIGHT NOW
grin emoticon

see you all tomorrow & sunday

19th june: <3 AAALL 4 U
heart emoticon

... almost finished ´Stracciatella Yoghurt Creme Cake with a looooot of *mmyyyummmyyyy* raspberries´
... now for one night in the fridge and tomorrow ... that cake is waiting FOR YOU
heart emoticon

see you aaaaallllll :*

20th june: (comment attached with a video:) my strong lovely mom said sometimes to me " I gave life to you ... in a place on that planet where you don´t need to suffer hunger and being thirsty "

21st june: <3 GROUPSHOW
heart emoticon

WHAT A SHOW <= that are the right words to discribe it^^
I am very happy being together with those 4 ... *oh* sorry! I mean ... 5 artists ... Smeeta became part of the show too since last night*


today happens the 2nd and last day of that pop-up show ... ... you should watch it today! ... in any case*

let me say already today a BIG THANK YOU to
Jason Harrell
Tommy Camerno
Mati Stache
Alexander Huber
Smeeta Narang


25th june: HOW BEAUTIFUL
heart emoticon
THE QUEEN got as present a painting ... from Germany* I am sure she loves it <3

25th june: 6 years ago Michael Jackson died ... Jacko ... my role model as young teenager ... the artist who teached me what perfection means ... I was his fan ... and still am
heart emoticon
... having been in the first row of Michael´s BAD Tour will be in my memory forever*

25th june: I share that new link and new video because the world needs to know about that.



some decades ago the germans got stopped and NOW ISIS NEEDS TO GET STOPPED!

26th june: baking those cakes ... is similar as a meditation to me ... it reminds me of being alive ... living in Berlin ... being Patrick Bartsch ...
... and YES! I could write the same thing about creating paintings in oil on canvas

the cake for tomorrow is a *strawberry blueberry quark cake* =P

26th june: ... und was machen wir jetzt in Deutschland ... mit dem "BAUCHGEFÜHL" !!!??? *AAARRGGHHHSSSS*
JA, AMERIKA ist jetzt für manche wohl auch zum "NEULAND" geworden *UUUMMMPPFFFFF*

27th june: Life Is Good <3

27th june: " I AM SOMEBODY. "

<= those touching words have been posted 21 hours ago by phantastic Harvey Fierstein (<= this is just the general info link, pls find his private facebook profile by yourself (it didn´t worked to link it here, sorry.))

here in Germany I would wish to write those words too, but Angela Merkel doesn´t allow that, because she has a ´bad gut feeling´ (<= her own words said in television some months ago) about gay marriage.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Barack Obama and America for giving me the feeling for being welcomed on that planet! FOR TREATING ME AS A HUMAN BEING!

28th june: <3 falling in love with a tourist ...
... is just not fair

he was just for 3 days in Berlin ... with a group of friends .. for a trip ´15 european cities within 45 days´
we met eachother in the lobby of a hotel ... they asked me how to get a taxi because they went to the club Felix ...
about 30 minutes later that one special guy returned to the hotel ... he was alone ... immediatly we started talking ... he said to me how interessting I am to him ... and YES! he was interessting to me too ... we just felt good ... he made me smile with words such as ´I am mexican and I am eating chili every day´ and he impressed me that he knew all names of german football players ... he explained to me what it means to life in Mexico City together with more than 22 million people ...
... and I talked about art and the reasons why I life in Berlin

it was already 5 a.m. and at 7 a.m. they had to leave Berlin to go to Amsterdam. we hugged eachother in a very wonderful way ... I touched his smooth skin ... and a last time I watched his extraordinary beautiful face and eyes

probably we will never meet eachother again ... I know just his name ´ESTEBAN´ ... no facebook page, no adress, ... nothing left ... just a memory to some heartbeating
hours ... as I didn´t had them since a loooong time

2nd july: "there is a place for us ... somewhere a place for us ... " ... ooooh I am listening to that song almost eeeeeevery day ... several times ... since maaany weeks

I am happy ... and satisfied ... but ... but ... buuuut somehow I am still looking for that place ... named "SOMEWHERE" ...

2nd july: Patrick loves
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
... since yeeeeaaars he is my NUMBER ONE Austrian Philosopher ...
heart emoticon
Hermes Phettberg a living legend <3

3rd july: btw ... I am still looking for a
heart emoticon
kiss emoticon
heart emoticon

4th july: thoughts about GREECE:


pls let me describe it that way: my generation ... my parents generation and my grandparents generations used to travel to Greece ... Greece was and still is one the Germans most favorite tourist locations. THE GREEK became our best friends and BROTHERS & SISTERS ... The Greek made us sing and dance and laughing and gave us best food and drinks ... The Greek made our Germans life WONDERFUL
heart emoticon

a feeling which is impossible to understand for people such as Angela Merkel (who grew up in east Germany)


heart emoticon
heart emoticon

aaaaand a BIG THANK YOU TO: the wonderful greek diver who took me into the sea for diving ... when I was I little kid of 9 years ... I will never forget that and how the food did taste which we cooked all together ...
heart emoticon
the Greek family with the German/Austrian family <3

6th july: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 72 ´NO´

already my parents teached me, that ... sometimes ... when it is necessary ... then I have to say ´NO´

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

6th july: " Künstler mit Depressionen " <= in diese Gruppe gehöre ich ebenfalls dazu. Falls du dich auch angesprochen fühlst: Absolut lesenswerter Artikel ^^*

7th july: Patrick´s fashion: a 20 year old original Versace t-shirt (YES! from the time when Gianni
heart emoticon
was alive) and a basecap with bronze acrylic colors on it (yes! I put those colors there)



some postings which I created on facebook 30th april 2015 - 3rd june 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

30th april: just prepared my flat/studio for the ´Gallery Weekend Berlin´ and I LOVE IT
heart emoticon
all Y O U R WONDERFUL ART looks PHANTASTIC here* it made me realize again how much LOVE I got from YOU during the past years* THANK YOU A LOT* I LOVE YOU
heart emoticon

... it starts with a CUTE drawing by Rosa von Praunheim Film , then continues with a FIERCE t-shirt by Mati Stache and will not end at the AWESOME portrait by Salomé
... aaaaaand: okokok a signed book by my mom is part of the show too
heart emoticon

you should really come here this saturday for the Open Studio and watch it by yourself*

3rd may: I don´t know how to use that touch screen thing ... I don´t know how to pic up my new phone since some weeks
frown emoticon

my dad bought me such a new Samsung phone. it´s the first time that I have something like that. but I am not into that touch screen technic
frown emoticon

when you tried to call me and I didn´t pic up the phone, then it is because I don´t know how to do it
frown emoticon

some people tried already to teach me, but it is still not working with my fingers
frown emoticon

I need help pls^^*

6th may: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 11 ´CADMIUM ORANGE´

one of the most beautiful colors I own. and the most expensive one. no fake! ... the REAL CADMIUM ORANGE ... the color which Edvard Munch used already in his Sceam painting. YES! those colors are like jewels ... there are veeeeery expensive ones.

heart emoticon

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

6th may: ... never underestimate the power of colors ...

10th may: OOOOH I have a mom TOO ^^ I didn´t call her this year on mothersday. we are fighting!

... Why?

... *äääähmmmm* just because ...

(I called her in the evening)

13th may: today I ate some ^^kangaroo steaks with baked potatoes and a fierce herbal sauce^^ and it was very delicious* ... YES, I eat meat ... YES, I eat almost every sort of meat ... and YES, I am HUNGRY ^^*

14th may: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 19 ´Isa Genzken´

they are in my head, in my heart, in my soul,... every day and every second ... those fierce artists I spent time with in the past ... and learned from them. Isa Genzken was around me for the past 8 years.

heart emoticon

(from the serie " 100 paintings within 100 days ")

14th may: OMG WHAT A NIGHT ^^ while most of you do party tonight, I got a painting flash ... and created a HUGE FIERCE portrait of Isa Genzken. I did paint it around midnight ... for the serie ´My Life´ (100 paintings within 100 days)

I am sorry, that I wasn´t able to follow any invitations ... which you gave me for tonight^^* THANK YOU* I hope you have a wonderful night too*

kiss emoticon
and love <3

14th may: ´N E W stories from Schöneberg/Berlin´

some days ago I met a guy from QATAR ... a BIIIIIG BLACK MEEEEGA MUSCLE QUEEN ( you know which type of guy I am talking about
wink emoticon
) she ... *ääähmmm* I mean HE stays somewhere around the corner of my studio ... in the middle of Schöneberg*

when I asked him, if he is here for holidays, then he looked at me on a suprised way and answered ´holidays !? ... in Qatar we don´t have holidays. we work whenever we want to work. and when we travel somewhere, then we return when we want to.´

he planed to stay here for 2 weeks and now he is already here since more than 4 weeks ^*
I can imagine, that he will stay here foreeeeever =D

14th may: I AM SO HAAAAPPY
grin emoticon
with my NEW big painting which shows Isa Genzken* it was MAGIC to paint her last night^^* I LOOOOOVE HER THAAAAT MUCH
heart emoticon
I met her frequently during the past 8 years and toke some pictures of her. and now I have her in oil on canvas* the painting shows a lot of stuff which can be recognized by people who know her in a better way. YES! it´s actually my most favorite painting *
(pls find it in the album ´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days)

15th may: today `salmon with baked potatoes´ ... aaaand YES! sure I am looking for a boyfriend who enjoys my cooking skills too =P

20th may: +++ need support +++

what a FAAABULOUS journey ... to create every day a painting in oil on canvas^^ (´My Life´ 100 paintings within 100 days)
this is one of my most important projects so far. I love that project and I learn a lot from it.

all those canvases and colors need to get paid. pls support me with buying paintings ... meanwhile there are about 350 paintings (all oil on canvas) in my archive ... means: I am sure there is some work you like or/and perhaps you need a present for someone.

as artist I need support ... that is a fact ... and I am asking you for that*

22nd may : today at Patrick´s private restaurant ... some cod filets (Kabeljau) with baked potatoes and cocktailsauce* OOOH cocktailsauce fits perfect ^^ it gives you the feeling of sitting in a fabulous club =P

22nd may: I know: I should go out more often ... but I enjoy being at home ... sitting on my balcony ... eating Proscuitto Crudo with melon ... go to bed soon ... and tomorrow morning: I plan to paint a HUGE painting of one of Berlin´s symbols: The Memorial Church ... wish you all a very wonderful spring night*

27th may: ´windmills of your minds´ ... my SONG OF THE YEAR 2015 =OD

how is it possible, that I never realized that song!?

now that I´ve discovered it ... I am listening non-stop to that song ... 30 different versions and more .... everybody did sing it ... Dusty, Barbra, Petula, Nana, Jessye, and and and

Frank since you posted that song I am ADDICTED TO IT
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
heart emoticon

that version of Neil Diamond is one of my favorite versions*

28th may: inner monologs: sometimes ... since many years ... I have that special inner monolog ...
... I feel myself before I was born ... being ´somewhere´ ... and it was my turn to go to this planet earth again ...
... I had the wish to be an artist in that life ... I had the wish to get that life of Patrick Bartsch ...
... I knew before, that this life will not be easy ... BUT I WANTED IT! ...
... and now: I am living it ... I am in the middle of Patrick Bartsch´s life.

Yes, I believe in that, that everyone will be reborn that many times often, as a tree has leaves. (I think, that is a buddhist saying)

31st may: Salvador Dali used the factor ´time´ in his paintings ... aaaaand *äääähmmm* the factor ´time´ is a very important part of my paintings too*

I LOVE THAT FACT <3 yes, sure, Dali is one of my GREAT idols in history of art*

1st june: it has been exactly one year ago, that we were in contact for the very last time ... you said, that you will come to my place ... in the afternoon. but you didn´t show up here. after knowing eachother for about 7 years ... with giving to eachother all the freedom someone needs ... it was ok for me when Brian didn´t show up at my place ... I thought ´something else happened ... perhaps he met a friend ... or whatever´ I just thought ´fine, then we will meet eachother on tuesday or friday or next sunday´

we never met again

... sometimes I think about what I could have done different! perhaps I should have called him and asking where he is?


Gallery Weekend Berlin 2nd may 2015
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^^ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 ^^
* Patrick Bartsch as collector *

this weekend (1st till 3rd may) there will be the very popular Gallery Weekend in Berlin.
since about 12 years I live now in Berlin and meanwhile there exists a wonderful collection of art pieces here in my studio ... a lot of treasures from phantastic artists from all around the world. I bought some of them, I got some as present and some I traded.
I would love if you join my Open Studio next saturday (2nd may) and watch those art pieces from artits such as Salomé, Rainer Fetting, Henning Von Berg II, Rinaldo Hopf, Musk Ming, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter, Andreas Fux, Ralf König, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, George Keeling, Travis Jeppesen, Stephan White and many many more

those GREAT pieces of art are made to be shown to the world*

and YES! everybody should have a collection of art*


my neighbours 14th april 2015
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a prostitute standing at the open windows. it´s an hot-sheet hotel named ´Pension Stockholm´. they are my neighbours on the other side of the street ... means: I see them every day and every night*



my dad in Berlin ... 7th april 2015
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my dad came to visit me for some days. we walked around a loooooot. it has been a very wonderful time. I <3 MY DAD

the construction site of the new Berlin castle



some postings which I created on facebook 25th march 2015 - 29th april 2015
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stories mix posted on facebook:

29th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 4 ´supermarket´

being confused in the supermarket ... THAT painting says everything. we don´t know what we eat and drink! that´s the truth ... and we ALL should be confused about it, when we go shopping in our favorite supermarket. btw.: this one on the painting is LIDL

28th april: some days ago a very beautiful woman has been in my flat ... after some hours she said "Brian is here!"

such words mean a looooot to me. thank you*

... and yes Brian is <3

28th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 3 ´post office box´

while the first years living in Berlin ... it has been important to me for having my address secret. for that reason I took a post office box. meanwhile I go there every week to pick-up my letters ... since more than 12 years. I like the design of those post office boxes ... many times with contents ´gone with the wind´ ...

27th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

"My Life" painting number 2 ´....´ (sorry, but the title for that painting is my little secret*)
... I told you that I am gonna paint you* ... and it became a BIG size painting^^ I felt very privileged being that much close to you with my brushes*
love you <3

26th april: Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 1 ´House Of Tears´

Markus Tiarks took 100 selfies within 100 days to show his love and named it "YOU LOOK FINE".
Ralf Schlegel wrote 100 poems within 100 days to show his love too and named it "Seelenselfies".
Now I would like to create 100 paintings within the next 100 days to show love too and would like to name it "My Life"

today I started with the number one and it is a depressive painting with the title ´House of Tears´

25th april: oh it has been a while that I posted a picture of "my food and me" or "me and my food" ^^ most of the time I like it traditional simple ... ´sausage with baked potatoes and sweet Bavarian mustard and ketchup´ =oP

24th april: ^^ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 ^^
* Patrick Bartsch as collector *

next weekend (1st till 3rd may) there will be the very popular Gallery Weekend in Berlin.
since about 12 years I live now in Berlin and meanwhile there exists a wonderful collection of art pieces here in my studio ... a lot of treasures from phantastic artists from all around the world. I bought some of them, I got some as present and some I traded.
I would love if you join my Open Studio next saturday (2nd may) and watch those art pieces from artits such as Salomé, Rainer Fetting, Henning Von Berg II, Rinaldo Hopf, Musk Ming, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter, Andreas Fux, Ralf König, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, George Keeling, Travis Jeppesen, Stephan White and many many more

those GREAT pieces of art are made to be shown to the world*

and YES! everybody should have a collection of art*


some years ago I said to a famous photographer: "you are a GREAT photographer!" ... his reaction was saying: "I am not a photographer."
some months ago I said to a genius painter: "you are a GREAT painter!" ... his reaction was saying: "I am not a good painter."
some weeks ago I said to a writer: "you are a STUNNING writer!" ... his reaction was saying: "I don´t know how to write."

and now: let me tell you this: *HHHHHMMMMPPPPFFFFFFF* I WILL NOT PLAY THAAAAT OOOOOOOOOLD BOOOOORING GAME WITH YOU! ... I tell you something: ... this is what I am: one of THE GREATEST BERLIN BASED ARTISTS and PAINTERS ALIVE ! <= Take That! I mean it eeeeeexactly thaaaaaat way!

heart emoticon
love you all
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22nd april: okokok I am on my way to discover JOHN DENVER ^^ I would have never never neeeeever thought about it to listen to JOHN DENVER ... but I mean he´s got millions of fans all around the world ... and there must be a reason for that. so far: he is really good and really touches the feeling of TRAVELLING ... FAR FAR AWAY =D

21st april: ´counting the years till the own life ends too´

almost eachone of us has lost someone ... ... someone we loved more than anything else

we all have to deal with that ... ... with that: going on living ... without that someone

but let´s be honest: it is impossible to deal with that ... ... to deal with death ... when it´s about someone we loved more than anything else

´counting the years till the own life will end too´

16th april: Diesen Samstag gibt es ein gaaaaaanz besonderes Highlight zum Offenen Studio: der wunderbare Ralf Schlegel wird eine Lesung halten ... mit Auszügen aus seinen Gedichten "Seelenselfies" ... Beginn der Lesung: 19 uhr *freue mich auf euch :)

15th april: at the doctor:

Patrick: " I couldn´t eat since some days. my throat hurts as hell. I need to cough non-stop. and and and ... "
Doctor: " hmmm. I really don´t know ... all of that doesn´t fit together ... "
Patrick: " my dad was here for some days. perhaps it has some psychological reasons. ... my dad is very dominant. "
Doctor: " ah ok I understand! and where is he now?"
Patrick: " he left Berlin already."
Doctor: " you don´t need any medications. just wait some days ... relax ... and within some days you will feel better."

... and this is how it happened. I mean: I have just that one dad and I love him and I want to get to know him. even when his dominance is veeeeeeery hard to handle with. it was good, that I spend 3 days with him and it is good too, that the next time I will meet him will not be before 2017. ... whatever my dad is ... however my dad is acting ... I just have that one dad ... and I love my dad
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... and I feel already much healthier ... *uffff* it needed more than 1 week to recover from spending 3 days with him ...

15th april: since about 1 week I was very sick ... couldn´t eat for some days and had a heavy cold. step by step I feel better now. the sun is still the best healer* ... and yes: I miss to paint ... and I miss to cook

10th april: life goes on ... with new paintings*

9th april: my dad left Berlin today. ... during the past days he teached me how to walk ... AGAIN ... in a way as only a father with his son is able to do it*

8th april: * the perfect MAN *

I know that not every gay guy has a father who does accept his son as he is. the more I appreciate it, when my dad said today " it is very difficult to find a perfect MAN " ... it was the first time that he said something like that ... he said " MAN "

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... and YES! it is veeeery difficult to find the perfect man*

8th april: had a good day with my dad* and took some new photographies which I plan to paint in oil on canvas* I
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4th april: Patrick´s Open Studio is open now °° HAPPY EASTER to EEEEEVERYONE <3

4th april: * Pasta Gypsy Style * pasta with mozarella, basil and salami
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my bulgarian gypsy ex-boyfriend teached that to me: they aaaaalways eat some slices of salami with the meal ... and normally some bread and hot peppers too
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it tastes delicious and you are aaaalways full after eating that*

4th april: Austrian coffee shop ladies would say " Na Jessas, a Buttercremetort´n " ... THAT´s a cake Old Vienna Esterházy style ... for sure one of THE BEST cakes of the time from Empress Sissy
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... aaaaand I would like to thank aaaall collectors & supporters of my paintings. your believe and yes: your money makes it possible that I am able to bake such *mmmmyyyummmmyyy
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°° ... and see you later at the Open Studio*

3rd april: on monday HE is coming to Berlin* ... the Macho ... the Bastard (born in the year 1945 as son of an unknown French soldier and a German girl) ... the Car Mechanic ... my dad ... *äääähmmm* ... MY DAD *^^* it´s the third time that I meet him during the past 12 years. He always loved and supported me ... even now as artist ... I remember when he said to me " I have been one time in a museum of Picasso and I liked it. " <= that was his way to express, that he accepts me as painter*

2nd april: just finished* this painting needed about 10 months ... the painting LOVE REVOLUTION with Romy and Brian hugging eachother
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... and it´s a BIG SIZE painting ^^*

2nd april: of course fb motivates me to cook BETTER
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today: a BIG Irish Dry Aged Rumpsteak with Cognac Avocado Sauce and Baked Potatoes
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that was gooooood =P

31st march: morgen: 10. Todestag von Harald Juhnke ... er war Gast bei mir an der Hotelbar des Grand Hotel Wien . Harald war ein sehr angenehmer und sehr freundlicher Gast. Er rauchte gerne Zigarre. Als Barkeeper gehörte es zu meinen Aufgaben auch immer einen Zigarrenschneider dabei zu haben. Ich hatte einen alten ... einen sehr stumpfen Zigarrenschneider (einen Neuen zu kaufen, war mir damals zu teuer). Harald saß auf einer dieser wunderbaren Couches in der Hotellobby und fragte mich nach meinem Zigarrenschneider. Ich gab ihm diesen und ein paar Minuten später als ich wieder bei Harald vorbeikam. Gab er mir den Zigarrenschneider mit den Worten "Damit kannst du Elefantennägel schneiden!" zurück. Es klang eher lustig wie er dies zu mir sagte und ich konnte mir ein Lächeln nicht verkneifen. ... I will always remember you Harald
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29th march: ^^YEAHS^^ Yesterday I got my NEW laptop with an extra BIG screen* now I can see you aaaaaallll BIGGER & BETTER
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29th march: BIG THANK YOU* to my fierce artdealer for T H A T *mmmyyyyummmyyy* easter present
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28th march: just finished: the premier with my NEW baking pan: of course a traditional ´Guglhupf´ *ready to eat: today afternoon with fresh whipped cream and coffee
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caaaaan´t wait*

28th march: OH I missed to celebrate 2 years *Open Studio* ... it started on 9th march 2013

in those years before 2013 I was very lonley at home. almost no one came here. just a handful of people found the way in my flat.
I lived a kind of ´sick´ loneliness, even when I life directly next to the street ... groundfloor ... means I am able to handshake with people who are walking by.

I felt that I needed to change something. some months before I started to paint. it was a good reason to invite people to show those paintings in real size. ... and I knew that I am able to bake cakes*

for the 9th march 2013 I created my first invitation. we have been a small group of people and wonderful Henry de Winter was one of them. He brought a white lily ... which gave me a lot of motivation for my life at that moment. it was such a great evening, that I decided to continue with the *Open Studio*

at that time Brian-Tennessee Claflin was the most important person in my life. he encouraged me many times to continue with my paintings and the *Open Studio*. I remember beautiful evenings with Brian , Otfried Mueller, Jason Harrell with Isa Genzken on the other side of the street, with hearty Kim Dallesandro and Gaby Karstädt and maaaaaany more

the One Year Celebration I celebrated with Brian alone ... in march 2014. some months later he died. his closest friends came here to grieve ... on a saturday. Brian´s couch is still here and many other marks which he left.

it was hard to continue with the *Open Studio* without Brian.

I met new friends who started to join the *Open Studio* ... Ralf Schlegel Alexander Tiburtius Friedrich Lippe ... who helped me in those difficult months during a dark Berlin winter 2014/2015.

every week I bake some cake and put some pieces of my own heart & soul in it. I love all my guests ... from age 3 months till 89 years ... from all parts in the world.

You all made my life better* and I like to THANK YOU for that
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See you at one of the next *Open Studios* ... with some homemade cake
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... and you know: to bake the Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) is my goal =P

25th march: pls I would juuuuust like to mention it ... otherwise no one will realize it
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: I washed my curtains todayy
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I woke up at 4.45 a.m. in the morning ... washed those curtains and worked about 3 hours on my blog website* *Have A Good Day to Eeeeeveryone
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... the reason why one eye is closed: it´s red ... I got some color in my eye, because I touched it while having color on my fingers



my neighbourhood ... march 2015
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what a beautiful wheather :) on the picture above you can see the Fernsehturm on the left side and on the photography below you can even see Teufelsberg*

above: the area around Nollendorfplatz
below: I live in that white building in front of that photography



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