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ICKYparty @ FICKEN3000

"are you still doing the party at Ficken?" "how is the new party?" "what means ICKY?"


for sure those belong to the most asked questions of the past months which people are asking me. pls here some answers:

Brian was PORKparty and with his death he took the party with him. Brian was unique and his party too! there is no way to copy Brian and PORKparty. Brian and PORKparty are history and there are people around which take care about it that it will never be forgotten!

NOW with ICKYparty a new chapter has started^^ Brian´s looooooong time friend Jared (on the pic above) runs the party. Jared is THE BEST one to do it! he takes as much care for the PORKparty guests (which still come here) as he takes care for the NEW guests. it is as it is: EVERYONE feels comfortable at the new party*

of course it´s a DIFFERENT PARTY! I realize it as:

... and YES! kind of a new FAMILY is growing there

the DJ´s and the music are PHANTASTIC

when you come there, then pls take some time ... mostly the party´s peak happens between 2 a.m and 3 a.m.

the adress: FICKEN3000 in Urbanstr. 70 (near Hermannplatz). for more information pls find the ICKY page on facebook

... and I am sure: Brian would join the party <3


with wonderful Jason <3




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