ICKYparty 3rd may 2014
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every sunday night I spend my time at ICKYparty in the club named ´Ficken3000´ (´Fucking3000´)

it is AWESOME there =D I LOVE IT THERE <3 the guests, the crew, the music, the light, ... <3

those wonderful people belong to my family :*


Gallery Weekend Berlin 2nd may 2015
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^^ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 ^^
* Patrick Bartsch as collector *

this weekend (1st till 3rd may) there will be the very popular Gallery Weekend in Berlin.
since about 12 years I live now in Berlin and meanwhile there exists a wonderful collection of art pieces here in my studio ... a lot of treasures from phantastic artists from all around the world. I bought some of them, I got some as present and some I traded.
I would love if you join my Open Studio next saturday (2nd may) and watch those art pieces from artits such as Salomé, Rainer Fetting, Henning Von Berg II, Rinaldo Hopf, Musk Ming, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter, Andreas Fux, Ralf König, Brian-Tennessee Claflin, George Keeling, Travis Jeppesen, Stephan White and many many more

those GREAT pieces of art are made to be shown to the world*

and YES! everybody should have a collection of art*


Patrick Bartsch ´my life´ 100 paintings within 100 days. april 2015
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Patrick Bartsch paintings ... oil on canvas

* My Life * painting number 1 ´House Of Tears´

Markus Tiarks took 100 selfies within 100 days to show his love and named it "YOU LOOK FINE".
Ralf Schlegel wrote 100 poems within 100 days to show his love too and named it "Seelenselfies".
Now I would like to create 100 paintings within the next 100 days to show love too and would like to name it "My Life"

today I started with the number one and it is a depressive painting with the title ´House of Tears´

* My Life * painting number 5 ´Berlin Subway´

of couuuuurse the Berlin subway is part of my life*

* My Life * painting number 6 ´Selfie on my balcony´

sitting in the sun of my balcony. since more than 12 years: I am sitting there and think about life ... and look for answers ... ´the answer my friend is blowing in the wind´


------------- price for each painting of this serie: between 20 euro and 500 euro --------------



Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio 18th april 2015
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today a veeeery special event did happen: the reading ´Seelenselfies´ with wonderful Ralf Schlegel. Ralf did read some of his poems ... from ´100 poems within 100 days´

about 20 people joined the awesome event*

it was G R E A T ^^


Patrick Bartsch´s Open Studio

every saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Kleiststr.37a in Berlin - if u r around pls join us*



selfies april 2015

and moooooooooore selfies:

that Caviar has been a present from an art dealer friend. and I eat it that was as an other artist friend teached me to do it: take a full portion of Caviar (with fresh lemon) and just eat it!

on a rainy day in front of my studio/flat.

sometimes I am very hungry =P

text from fb: "of course fb motivates me to cook BETTER
today: a BIG Irish Dry Aged Rumpsteak with Cognac Avocado Sauce and Baked Potatoes
that was gooooood
=P "




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